The Role of Comedians On Communicating Energy Realities

December 16, 2006 at 2:48 pm Leave a comment

YouTube and the mutitude of other video sites on the Internet are fast changing the way communications are occurring, and media company executives are collectively wiping the drool from their dropped jaws, scrambling to either profit from or somehow harness the video revolution.

Curious to the amount of Peak Oil and energy crash videos available, this morning I was scouring YouTube. (Self flagellation moment: I even made and posted an ameteur Peak Oil video one night, and posted it using my friend’s account. Now he’s out of contact and I realize what an idiot I am for not waiting a day to think impulse thoughts through. Rest assured there is at least *one* stupid peak oil video out there!)

But the fact is, there are many, many hodgepodge videos that attempt to use boring facts and figures to make their point. These kinds of videos will sit and fester until the effects of Peak Oil personally effect the average person at the pump, grocery store, or whatever else spikes in price. They certainly won’t be missed by the American Idol crowd.

This is why the time for Energy Crash comedians like Robert Newman has come. Sure, well informed comedians have kept the masses rolling in laughter for centuries. (Like how court Jesters would poke public fun of the King’s sexual promiscuities, as the only one who could get away with it). Think Robin Williams and Bill Hicks.

These are present day heroes (Bill’s dead but lives on YouTube) who can roll history and reality into funny, digestable routines for the masses. After all, what Soccer mom REALLY has time to read and absorb the hundreds of hours of information it takes to understand all the complexities, economics, geology, and countless other variables of energy supply and demand? They have bills to pay, kids to feed, and jobs to work. Damnit, they just want to be entertained!

For those of us choosing to take on the responsibility of helping society make necessary behavior changes, our first goal is to get people to undertstand and accept reality, followed up by showing them practical solutions for self-implementation. Take a look at this video clip to see comedic effectiveness of achieving the first goal:

So if you think you’re funny and have a grasp on reality, why not take a crack at making Peak Oil awareness funny? It’s certainly an easy way to reach people in a manner they allow and prefer.

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