The Devil Wears A Lot More Than Prada

January 7, 2007 at 6:16 pm 5 comments

Yep, the devil wears a lot more than Prada. Soon we’ll get to see a whole evil fashion show as the era of 50+ years of no one using a nuclear bomb against one another looks to be coming to an end. The devil also manifests himself/herself/itself in every country, and owns a lot of stock options. (I can only wonder how the markets or United Nations will react to the rising hatred… we’ll have to watch oil and stock prices this week).

But this old hatred and soon-to-be explosive violence is what happens when the selfish religions and governments of the world choose death over cooperation and co-existence. For instance, yesterday I went to see the “Quest for Immortality” exhibit at the Portland Art Museum. It certainly wasn’t the relatives of the mummies who built their tombs and pyramids. That’s Class-A slave labor, baby. Only these days we get to sit in cubicles and flip burgers while pigging out at the trough of materialism, choosing to indulge in false happiness through whatever advertisers tell us will cure our inner torments.

To other people, the Egyptian display may have been “neat, fascinating, and exciting”, but to me it just proved that regular folks like us have always been slaves to religion and government who are bent on continuing their cycle of oppression of humankind through distortions of reality and violence. (On a side note, it was interesting to watch a mother just smile and opt to not to attempt an answer when her little boy asked her what the “Netherworld” is).

I guess the reason for inaction against these injustices is because many of us feel too hooked to our mortgages and possessions to really take a stand against the insane and evil policies of religion and government. I’m still guilty of it too, so shame on me. But it’s never too late. Part of pitching in and doing our part is by looking deep inside and realizing that unless the people of earth accept one another’s cultures and learn to co-exist, we are all dead. There’s no other nice way to put it.

And for those of you cheering on or ignoring the imminent destruction of the world, we are already living on borrowed time. The timefor change was a long time ago! And yet we still don’t act to stop the madness. After all these rants, my wife told me today she’s not yet open to sharing our home as a co-op living space, but would be open to it if we lived in a place where she gets her privacy AND a shared living space. Like a commons. Of course, I think she’s too closed minded and needs to open up to the world more – and she thinks I’m nuts for moving towards giving up our living space privacy. We’re a work in progress you see.

I can understand such thinking though… self examination is the biggest challenge of anyone’s life and it takes a desire to learn and a willingness to explore more meaning in life than just ourselves. The problem is that the time is here when there will be a lot of crying as ignorance of such understanding and positive action is no longer an option. What that means is the days of hopping in your car to hit the drive through for fast food are nearing their end.

But hey, I’m just some guy with an opinion, albeit a pretty informed opinion. Where do you stand on this? Here’s a simple little “world view” test:

Once, Ghandi said he is a “Hindu, a Muslim, a Christian, A Bhuddist, and a Jew”. What is your response?

A) I understand what Ghandi is saying, and we should all heed his example and follow the path of love, tolerance, and cooperation.
B) I can’t find it in my heart to co-exist, because (insert your religion here) is the only correct religion, if someone threatens us we should strike first, and my needs are more important than the needs of the world.

If you lean more towards answer B), you need a crash course in reality, and hop to it, will ya? And kudos to whoever else figures out how to get through to people that no religion is more valid than universal and infinite love.


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A Novelty Item That Should Not Exist If It Comes To A Shooting War

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  • 1. thedr9wningman  |  January 8, 2007 at 10:53 am

    I’ve always felt that we are all people of all sects. The religious sects are a way of dividing people up into cultures and tribes. Put an Indian face on the concept so that people can identify and ‘get’ it, and you have Hinduism. The problem is when people of those sects and tribes focus on the face rather than the concept. That’s what we’re up against at this point. The whole point was to adapt concepts to cultures, using a mask, and now, people worship the idol, not the religion. Isn’t that what the Bible itself warned against?

  • 2. peakoilboy  |  January 8, 2007 at 11:11 am


    Now look what we have… nukes on their way to Iran. Scott Ritter says a US attack will most occur in March of 2007. I think it’s time to re-post “If it comes to a shooting war”.

  • 3. Christopher  |  January 17, 2007 at 8:03 pm

    Part of the problem is that the culture of the United States is based on affluence, capital, property, and accruing wealth. It has always been that way until only recently when other avenues of thought have been exposed from continental Europe and Asia. I applaud your courage at a subtle Buddhism of surrendering the ego and attempting to live a selfless life, however it also seems you may be bordering the territory towards pessimism. Your ability to think things rationally also should be applauded, but you are also suspect to falling in a traditional trap: you want to preach love and tolerance, but are you tolerant to everyone’s view, even those who do believe that their religion is correct and that Jesus is coming back in a few years so what the hell, let the world implode?

    Just because people like property, Prada, Gucci, expensive technology, and driving cars does not make them the enemy – the true culprit is how people come to value these things so highly, when the love of driving eclipses any moral regard for the dictatorships we allow our government to put into place so that companies can subsidize the price of the automobile, well then, all we can do is try to get the truth out there.

    But the main problem I tend to have is the general snobbery of the attitude that most people who identify themselves as, “progressives” have when they run into people who do not share their viewpoint, or worse, agree and try to alter one thing (perhaps commuting to work from a park and ride rather than drive all the way into work), but it seems never to be enough. Tolerance is widely touted by these so called, “progressives” but is it actually ever practiced?

  • 4. peakoilboy  |  January 18, 2007 at 12:52 pm

    Thank you for your comment Christopher.

    Your question is: “Tolerance is widely touted by these so called “progressives”, but is it actually ever practiced?”

    I would say yes, most certainly so. I hope I’m not coming across as too much of a finger-wagger. Anyone who comes around to see the error of our ways needs support and assistance from those who have seen the light. It’s a huge step for any human to admit to themselves we are in a new reality, and survival depends on casting off the old consumptive habits.

    Just last night a stranger threatened to break my nose because he was spouting off about the end of the world and calling his own flesh and blood son a parasite. Then he bit him. Then he came at me when I told him there are people willing to listen what is ailing him inside.

    At some point, some people are so angry they can’t handle the new reality, and all they see is despair. There are many, many progressives with the patience for people unwilling to settle their internal torments and join the community for moving forward.

    It basically comes down to us all keep our patience while holding guarded optimism. You can be a pragmatic pacifist and know when danger lurkes, or be pragmatic pacifist and be hurt or killed.

    Violence is on the rise, and none of us have answers that will fix everyone. Many people will resort to violence BEFORE they see the ills of their ways, including many in our society hanging on by a thread.

    They refuse love, because many have never received it. If we have a way to make sure everyone is sheltered, fed and can have relative safety… is that enough?

    I don’t know many sports buffs that can imagine living without Football, baseball, etc… when the economy collapses many aggressive people will lose meaning to life and lash out before looking inside to see if their world views, habits, and lifestyle are what causes them anguish.

    So yes, I think progressives practice it all the time, but many of them are still discovering themselves and as humans tied into a system, are in danger of losing their own way as well.

  • 5. Christopher  |  January 18, 2007 at 9:02 pm

    I concur that most progressives, I would like to think I am also one under such an umbrella, practice patience and tolerance, but I also don’t see this as the norm for much longer. I concur that the world is getting more and more violent, no greater example exists then the increase in road rage. However your quasi-Buddhist views, again while noble, do not reflect the simple fact that the world is as Hobbes arrived at, “solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short.”

    This of course, the famous fate of mankind prior to the forming of civilization, but what happens when that very civilization can no longer hold the burdening problem of “natural man?”

    I, unfortunately do not have the answers, but I have almost a religious faith that our best and brightest will arrive to some conclusions, to which the first appears to be the most simple: reverse the grip that the corporations have on this country – stop the corporate welfare to big businesses, and let the market iron out some of the kinks.

    I enjoy your blog; I too have been frightened by our government’s complete lack of concern (of course this could be a reason for starting wars in oil rich countries). However, I choose to hope for the best. Even with a complete absence of oil, in say thirty-five years, for example, I do not believe that it is the end of civilization as we know it; after all, the world existed prior to oil, it can survive after it, albeit it will cause undue panic, strife, and violence but I don’t think it is the secular apocalypse.


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