If It Comes To A Shooting War

January 8, 2007 at 11:17 am 3 comments

You know, I would much rather be watching funny videos like these Spiders on Drugs than reporting the bad news of impending war and destruction. Seriously. This whole “We want to rule the world thing” is really friggen old.

The following is a partial reprint of an article that should scare the shit out of you. Maybe this is a very realistic global military conflict scenario will show you why peace and co-existence is the ONLY answer.

You must find your own way to peace, and then take action to promote it.

If it comes to a shooting war …
By Victor N Corpus

One could call this article a worst-case (my edit: a highly probable) scenario for the new American century.

… here is the outlook for Iran and beyond. Get ready for the most turbulent time of your life.

American crossroad
As the sole superpower, the US stands at a critical crossroad. One road leads to world domination. Using its pre-eminent military war machine without equal, it can strike at any perceived threat, change foreign sovereign regimes at will, grab precious mineral resources anywhere in the world and control local economies with its host of transnational corporations. It can also sabotage the economy of up-coming rivals, or launch preventive wars to preempt prospective competitors and try to defeat them militarily while they are still weak compared to America.

Such a course of action is very tempting, especially to leaders with global ambitions of becoming “Lords of the Earth”. But such a road is full of risks and what is planned on paper, as what was done in Iraq, may not turn out as hoped. And such a path will necessarily ignite the outrage of most right-thinking people. America will earn for itself the enmity and hatred of people all over the world.

America had outlined its blueprint for world domination, by force if necessary, in the following documents:
# National Security Strategy of the United States of America, September 2001
# President George W Bush’s speech at the Graduation Ceremony at West Point, June 1, 2002
# Rebuilding America’s Defenses: Strategy, Forces and Resources for the New Century, a report of the Project for the New American Century, September 2000
# Defense Planning Guidance written by then deputy defense secretary Paul Wolfowitz in February 18, 1992

In these documents, the US outlined some of its new doctrines and policies, such as: preventive war, pre-emptive military action, unilateralism, regime change, acting as the world’s constabulary or “cavalry”, establishment of military bases and spreading US forces all over the world, control of outer space and the global commons of cyberspace and control of the world’s oil resources.

The alternate road, on the other hand, leads to world leadership. The US can choose to use its power, wealth and influence to sincerely do good for the people on this planet. It can lead in easing or obliterating the debt burden of poor nations, or in promoting the spread of quality education through distance learning in remote villages of developing countries.

It can focus in the fight against poverty, or the fight against drugs, or the effort to save the deteriorating environment of planet earth. It can lead the fight against HIV/AIDS, or malaria and other deadly diseases. The whole world is waiting for the US to lead in these important battles.

If the US chooses to focus its huge resources on the latter, I am confident that it will gain the hearts and minds of people all over the world. Then it can be a true world leader. Then it can maintain its preeminent world status. By gaining the world’s sympathy and support, terrorism directed against Americans and the US mainland will be greatly minimized. The alternate road, in fact, is the key to defeating the phenomenon of “terrorism” gripping the world today.

If the US pushes through its plan of world domination, then it should expect all the smaller and weaker countries that do not wish to be pushed around to fight back using asymmetric warfare. This is a form of warfare that allows the weak to fight and defeat a much stronger foe by “attacking the enemy’s weakness while avoiding his strengths”.

The US, for instance, may possess the most sophisticated weapons system on Earth. It may have the most modern planes, helicopters, ships, guns, precision-guided weapons, sophisticated sensors and command and control systems, but if it cannot see its adversary, if it is fighting a shadowy and “invisible” enemy (like American and British forces are experiencing in Iraq), such advanced and sophisticated weapons systems are rendered useless.

In asymmetric warfare, most of the fighting is conducted at the team level. Thousands of agile and elusive teams consisting of two to five members equipped with man-portable surface-to-air missiles, portable anti-tank guided weapons, sniper rifles, man-portable mortars, anti-tank mines, anti-personnel mines, sea mines, C4 explosives (for making car bombs, booby-traps and improvised explosive devices or IEDs) riding on bicycles and motorcycles and fast boats will make the lives of any invading or occupying forces extremely miserable.

These “invisible” agile teams merge with the population most of the time and come out only when there is a vulnerable target to strike at. Then, they disappear into the shadows. They communicate via runners bringing coded written messages, so there are no electronic signals to track down. They operate semi-autonomously, so there are no centers of gravity that can be targeted.

And since they are indigenous to the area and united with the local people, their human intelligence (humint) is far more superior to that of the invaders. They will also enjoy a tremendous advantage in psychological operations (psyops), for it is much easier to mobilize nationalist sentiments against a foreign occupier than for an aggressor to justify occupation.

Asymmetric warfare may be compared to a fierce lion invading the territory of a school of piranhas; or a king cobra encroaching into a colony of fire ants. The lion may be the king of beasts, mighty and strong, but it is no match against the tiny piranhas in their own territory. The sharp fangs and claws of the lion are rendered useless. The same is true with the cobra’s venom. The analogy applies to the French in Dien Bien Phu, the Soviets in Afghanistan and the Americans in Vietnam and now in Iraq.

Asynchronous warfare
Aside from asymmetric warfare, weak nations fighting the strong can also avail themselves of asynchronous warfare. If a strong nation invades or occupies a weak one, the weak bides its time before striking back. And it strikes at a time and place when and where the adversary least expects.

An example is Iraq. The underground resistance movement in Iraq may recruit Iraqi scientists or sympathetic scientists of other nationalities to infiltrate the US (via the Mexican border, for instance) and manufacture dirty bombs as well as chemical and biological weapons inside the US. Such weapons may be brought to Washington and detonated in or near the US Congress.

They could also hire a private plane, or buy one themselves, and use it to spread biological or chemical weapons they have manufactured in-country over New York or Washington. They can mail letters containing anthrax to key offices of vital services all over the US and paralyze utilities and other government functions nationwide.

Or they can smuggle, say, the components of a hundred portable surface-to-air missiles, assemble them in the US, and employ them simultaneously in all of the major airports in America. Or they can employ those portable surface-to-air missiles to simultaneously target American airlines taking off or landing in different international airports all over the world.

Some major powers may pass on their research on RMA (revolution in military affairs) to the Iraqi resistance to be tested inside the US. These weapons include laser weapons, ultrahigh frequency weapons, ultrasonic wave weapons, stealth weapons, high-powered microwave weapons and electromagnetic guns. They include miniature robot ants that infiltrate computers, stay dormant and then activate on the signal to destroy their hosts. The Iraqi underground could also recruit hackers to work inside and/or outside the US to hack into key US systems.

On the Middle East Front

The three(+) US aircraft carrier groups that entered the Persian Gulf to ensure the unhindered flow of Arab oil are likely to be helpless “sitting ducks” against the bottom-rising sea mines and low-flying, supersonic anti-ship cruise missiles in Iranian hands. In the process, a couple of oil tankers about to exit the Strait of Hormuz are hit with the aid of rocket-propelled sea mines, thus effectively blockading the narrow strait and stopping oil supplies from coming out of the Middle East.

A “weak” nation like China or Iran, without a single aircraft carrier in their respective navies, could thus obliterate the carrier battle groups of a superpower. Here, one can see the hidden and often unnoticed power of asymmetric warfare, which may well spell the end of “gunboat diplomacy” in the not so distant future.

The Central Asian front
On yet another major front in Central Asia, Russian troops lead the other member-countries of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO – Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan) into a major offensive against US military bases in Central Asia.

The bases are first subjected to a simultaneous barrage of missiles with fuel-air explosives and electromagnetic pulse (EMP) warheads before they are overrun and occupied by SCO coalition forces. The missile attack on the US bases is followed by a lightning attack by four mechanized armored divisions coming from the Yili Korgas pass of China’s Xinjiang province, linking up with Russia’s own armored divisions in a pincer offensive against US forces in Central Asia and the Middle East.

America crippled on three major fronts
In just a few hours (or days) after the outbreak of general hostilities, America, the world’s lone superpower, finds itself badly crippled militarily in three major regions of the world: East Asia, Central Asia and the Middle East.

Impossible? Unfortunately, the answer is no. China now has the know-how and the financial resources to mass-produce hundreds, if not thousands, of Moskit, Yakhont and Granit-type supersonic anti-ship cruise missiles and “squall”-type rocket torpedoes against which US and UK aircraft carriers and submarines have no known defense.

Iran, on the other hand, already possesses the same supersonic cruise missiles that can destroy any ship in the Persia Gulf, including aircraft carriers. Russia and China, meanwhile, are operating on familiar grounds close to their territory, compared to the US, which needs to cross the Atlantic and Pacific to replenish troops and logistics.

A geopolitical reality America has to face
An important consideration in any US-China conflict is the geopolitical reality that the US and its allies will be operating on exterior lines, while China will operate on interior lines. This gives China a huge advantage in a major war in Asia against US and allied forces.

Consider the long sea lanes of communication (10,000 kilometers) that the US alliance would be forced to cross each time its forces had to resupply and you get an idea of the huge logistics problem that the US would face in a confrontation with China.

Such lengthy sea lanes of communication (SLOC) are highly vulnerable to a gauntlet of Chinese and Russian submarines lying in ambush along the route laden with underwater sea mines. This will make transporting personnel and equipment by the US over the Pacific or the Atlantic extremely dangerous and expensive.

Compare this US handicap with troop movement by Chinese troops using heavy-lift aircraft, railways and highways within the China mainland. China’s interior lines of communication are shorter and protected, with little chance for enemy interdiction. Chinese troops can concentrate numerically superior forces rapidly at any given point to defeat invading US forces one by one with much shorter and less vulnerable lines of communication.

And in the event that the US forces and their allies are lucky enough to land on the Chinese mainland, they will be faced not only with a conventional People’s Liberation Army of more than 2 million, but also with a people’s militia conducting asymmetric warfare and a people’s war in its teeming millions. US forces and their allies will be like a raging bull charging and goring a hive of killer bees. US forces may be able to set foot in China, but it is highly doubtful if they could come out alive.

Grimmer scenarios
There is a scenario grimmer than described above, however, and that is if strategic planners belonging to that elite group called the Project for the New American Century decide to launch a nuclear “first strike” against China and Russia and risk a mutually-assured destruction: 1)In defense of Taiwan … or 2) In launching a “preventive war” to stop China from catching up economically and militarily. Or, if China decides to start an offensive against Taiwan with a one-megaton nuclear burst 40 kilometers above the center of the island. Or, if China and Russia decide to arm a number of their short and medium-range ballistic missiles and supersonic cruise missiles with tactical nuclear warheads in defending themselves against US and UK aircraft carrier battle groups.

Land-attack versions of these supersonic cruise missiles armed with nuclear warheads carried by stealthy Chinese and Russian submarines can also put American coastal cities at great risk to nuclear devastation. Strategic planners must also consider these worst-case possibilities.

We must make our choice right now, folks.

Victor N Corpus is a retired brigadier general. He has a master’s degree in public administration from the Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University. His major assignment while serving in the armed forces of the Philippines was as chief of the intelligence service.

Entry filed under: Activism, Energy Crash, Nuclear War, Personal Preparation, Police State, Religious wars.

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3 Comments Add your own

  • 1. Gerald Osborne  |  January 8, 2007 at 9:51 pm

    Our situation in these United States is not win or lose. It’s lose. There exists but few among us as citizens or citizen/soldiers who know and understand what you describe.Truth be told, all the Chinese would need to march right over us anywhere and everywhere (I’m reminded of Korea) is boots. As part of the Plan for the New American Century (in its earliest formative stages 1980 1995,its completed unveiling in 1997, its staffing and implementation in 2000), we have become an ignorant and docile nation, giving little cogent thought to a future beyond the next cheeseburger. If Democrats now in office fail this week to disarm critical elements of the black-hearted gang to-long assembled in the White House, protected by strong elements of the Pentagon, informed by what is arguably the most efficient and effective “intelligence” mechanisms ever assembled in one government, the entire human population is at risk, a whimsical risk of deranged people who can do nothing better than detest those who might disagree with what they think, want, and intend to have, which amounts to everything. No conquering warlord in history has had as a final goal the total destruction of everything and everyone. If these Black-Hearts are permitted to play nuclear war games, as they have already begun to play in Iraq, and soon in Iran, this planet will come to resemble Mars. !00 hours might count as two weeks, given recess, lunch, and cocktails timeouts. If elected Democrats fall short of their goal iterated by The Honorable Congresswoman Pelosi (may a compassionate God bless her), that cheeseburger might become the most precious commodity on our soon-to-be seared planet.We are living in a sick-to-death society that no number of twelve-step programs will heal. The problem must be dealt with head-on, if need be, with forces to be deployed as you describe. Thank you for your definition. Sounds like a plan to me.


  • 2. kabababrubarta  |  March 26, 2007 at 3:11 pm

    Nice design! kabababrubarta

  • 3. Ahmed Ibrahim  |  July 3, 2008 at 5:35 am

    This is one of the best articles I have read for long. The Americans seem to be crazy or simply put,
    very stupid ( I am sorry) that they forgot how they ran for their lives in Viet Nam. Empire building, yes,
    OK, but America must have done immediately after World War 2. Not now. We have a lot of nations which can hit back at American Cities and even obliterate them in hours as American can do to others. Logic must prevail. I remember reading many websites that say that Iran already has Atomic weapons. If cornered, they will use it the way they like it. I hope and pray that logic prevails.


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