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Politicians Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Save Our Children

You hear the same promise over and over, but usually in different terms.

“We need to ensure a future for our children.”
“Our children are the future.”
“We need to make sure our kids are getting a good education, so they can have a brighter future.”

Blah Blah Woof Woof. Excuse me, but many politicians’ children are getting GREAT educations already, so maybe they should be saying “YOUR children” instead. Because their kids are gonna be just fine, and the only future the children and grandchildren of many politicians will share with your kids’ future will be the one where the earth dies or humans nuke themselves to bits.

Seriously. By the time politicians get to the big decision making levels of government, they are usually so far up corporations’ asses they can’t see anything but their masters’ colons, let alone your children’s future. They are focused on serving themselves (consciously or unconsciously), and unless they can stand by the Declaration of Independence, they are not serving any children.

But, it’s business as usual, la la la. The aggression in the world will just continue as food stocks deplete, water shortages are abound, and we humans begin to swim in our own feces.

But dude, have you seen the new i-phone? I REALLY want one, but I’m fighting that whole materialism thing. And while I’m at it, I want a lot of things.

– I want humans to understand that we can’t continue any war without it escalating to global destruction.
– I want you to consider carpooling.
– I want you to know that I understand without Football, many American men would lose meaning in life.
– I want you to know Football isn’t as important as ensuring the future of children and grand children.

It’s not the politicians with kids that are grown up that will make changes happen fast enough. It’s the ones who are willing to be grown ups that implement pragmatic and real world strategies without self-reward.

But if they do a good job maybe they should get an i-phone.


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