The Challenge of Our Lives Has Arrived.

January 25, 2007 at 11:31 am 2 comments

Just take a look around. China has enhanced their Star Wars program. Dick Cheney says no one can stop their insatiable worship of warships. And all over the place, financial markets are in a slow motion collapse.

Yet Americans choose to keep on partying and remain delusional. But, reality doesn’t care what any of us thinks… it will deal with everyone pretending we are invincible consumer vampires that can indefinitely suck suck suck away at mother earth without consequences.

But again, this is all coming from a hypocrite blogger who has credit card debt, a mortgage, and student loans to pay off. And Americans just make really, really dumb decisions sometimes. I can only hope that as it all unravels, the good people of this country will put their fears to work for good, and alleviate their suffering though community cooperation rather than insanity and violence.

As layoffs continue and prices rise, there will be tensions none of us have ever witnessed before. We will need to be more inventive, patient, and get by with MUCH, MUCH less.

It’s the challenge of our lives.

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  • 1. Christopher  |  January 27, 2007 at 11:56 am

    Where you see gloom and doom I see the natural progression of history. This is not the end, merely a transition. Globalization is a precursor to global republican government.

    If we have a world economy soon we will have a world government. The UN was borne out of necessity, as will the new government order. The EU is just the start for Europe – President Bush has quietly put into place the formation of such a union for the North American countries as well. Together with Canada and Mexico, the United States would be a part of the SPP (Security and Prosperity Agreement). These in turn will most likely form a new form of representative government for the people with regard to how corporations deal with other countries in relation to trade, economics, and prosperity.

    Your pessimism naturally should lead you to even further despair. What do you think will happen if your scenario of the liberal apocalypse is true? Let us say the oil runs out in the next ten years and we have done nothing to change this. Furthermore the small communities that would band together to, “live off the land” would be the first communities to be raided by the stronger.

    The same liberals that were so concerned about the oil crisis and want to go buy large tracts of land in remote locations to farm are the same anti-gun liberals who will be unprotected from the mob mentality rule.

    Violence is always on the table when extreme catastrophic events occur. Fortunately, I take the optimistic view that the market will iron itself out as the SPP, EU, and other large multi-country governmental agencies start to work with each other to ensure free trade and market prices continue to push competition and create jobs.

  • 2. peakoilboy  |  January 27, 2007 at 2:09 pm

    Yes Christopher, I’ll have to agree on some points. While I’m a “hope for the bester”, I just don’t believe the markets will win over human nature’s collision course with desperate populations and finite energy.

    Where my pessimism and optimism have a dance off is on this whole Iran thing. I like to try and play clue, thinking I know what actions each world body will take in response to action A, B, or C that the US takes. This naturally leads to enough variable endgames to melt one’s brain.

    In the end, all we can really do is follow neti-neti, but keep things sighted in.


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