Can Humankind Save Itself?

February 3, 2007 at 1:41 pm 3 comments

I was just reading the book “Ishmael“, and started to ponder mankind’s adventures in warfare around the world due to humans tapping out mother earth’s ability to sustain our presence.

It’s time for humans to grow up emotionally and spiritually. There are over six billion individual humans on this planet, all living at the same time. Yes, there are lots of crazy motherfuckers in the world, and we all contribute to the whole. The real fun part is that now we actually have the technology to instantly destroy ourselves, or quickly repair the only place we can inhabit.

But many people believe we are destined to have a cataclysmic ending. Whoa!!! Hold the horses! First and foremost, let’s put aside all the bullshit and immediately call a special session of the United Nations to have a collective discussion in the world of all the religions and ask ourselves, “Do we believe God rules our destiny, or do we rule our own destiny?”. Until our national leaders all attend such a world summit and assess we can choose a destiny of cooperation, we are ultimately screwed.

I believe we don’t need to destroy ourselves because a variety of religious stories with destruction as their endings are deeply held beliefs around the world. So many religions are stuck in “woe is me, we’re all gonna die, boo hoo, now I can be selfish”. Shame on every one of us that does not stress taking care of now and being loving gardeners for future generations. Frankly, we have the potential to create a happy ending, and overcome the childishness that is selfishness. But not while more people are interested in who wins the Superbowl than they are how to deal with the problems in the world. The hangover we’re about to get from this Superbowl party will be like no other, and it looks like we’re going to keep growing the war.

There’s our violence problem… muscling our way into parts of the world we need to maintain our existence through money and oil. Only now we can’t hold on… the life span of America peaked in the 70’s, and we’ve been borrowing oil ever since. And all over the world, the elite and mega wealthy live far too priveledged a life to allow the world freedom from the bonds of debt and slavery. That’s why it’s just the US posing as the villain of the moment. If it wasn’t us, it would probably be someone else playing the role. And I’m willing to bet many more countries are going to be joining the cast in a big way soon.

And that’s where we stand. Each one of us, living in such a decisive moment, right before the shit completely hits the fan. So, congrats to humanity so far for all our hard work, from evolving from hunter-gatherers to sending humans to the moon (assuming it wasn’t actually a NASA soundstage).

But now comes the choice… cause the earth and all its inhabitants to die a miserable death, or we grow up, face that we are dying in our own haste to waste, and do our best to fix this world. As far as our neighbors are concerened, whether on a micro or global level, we are now choosing to either Invite Them or Fight Them.

They say “Ignorance is Bliss”, but really now… ignorance means the death of the planet. I submit that the present story of violent death as the destiny of mankind bears the markings of poor writing, and we are the ones with the pen in our hand.

Here is the start of new story that is a HOW TO guide for making this positive change reality. I encourage you to read it and comment on it.

And then watch this funny video starring Steve Martin.


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  • 1. ggwfung  |  February 4, 2007 at 1:01 am

    The big step will be the realisation that there is no division between mankind. Not countries, not race, not wealth, just all human beings on this planet trying to get by. And once we get that drilled into our heads (sort of like getting past the notion of slavery) we can move on. No more wars, no more health inequality, just a more balanced world to live in.


  • 2. Christopher  |  February 4, 2007 at 10:18 am

    I completely agree with you. I have written such on my own website, I feel the power is within us, but we are too busy being suckered into this entertainment industry to give a shit.

    Another good book that really makes fun of Americans is David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest. I feel that the only way to wake up Americans to the oil problem is to stop having the federal government subsidize gasoline, roads, and vehicles – make people actually pay the actual costs then we have change. Of course then the question becomes, do we have change for the better? I am optimistic that our country and the world can overcome our destructive tendencies and unite to save our planet.

    This is no longer a “green” issue, it’s a moral issue and this is the time where we can either rise triumphantly or fall to disgrace.

  • 3. Ezra Niesen  |  February 4, 2007 at 2:03 pm

    I haven’t read Ishmael, but I have read The Story of B. Daniel Quinn got the beginning and the ending of the story of our species right, but unfortunately the model of human behavior he used to get from one to the other was scientifically fallacious, which it hasn’t been working.

    Luckily, some scientists have been working on that part of the story for a couple of decades, so all there was left to do was connect the dots. Now I’m making The Story of B happen in real life.

    I’m giving a spoken word show at Arizona State University next month. (I used to live in Portland but I don’t now.) I’ve got my own book for sale through my website, you can download the complete audio version there for free, you can read half the book on my website, you can download an audio lecture version for free, and you can read that there too.


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