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We Can All Use An Angry Jarvis Cocker.

So I admit. I love Brit Pop. I’m a sucker for it. And Pulp frontman Jarvis Cocker is one respectable man indeed. He says what needs to be said about world leadership.

Which leads me to the point at present, where we stand before we breakout Global Nuke Threats 2.0, either in the form of life-on-earth ending nuclear missiles and bombs, or nuclear factory furnaces to replace rapidly declining energy sources. Either way, we’ll be crankin out enough Unranium and Plutonium to fry Uranus.

But whatever. We’re only talking about the end of human civilization here, right? Why we as humans can’t accept the fact that mankind either, through evolution or by the hand of a greater power (or both) is at the point we’re at today. Which is that we are fucked as a species unless we change. Like, right now.

And either way, we know we have history. A past to draw upon. That 10,000+ years ago, mankind learned how to farm, and didn’t need to chase around animals as much any more to survive. And so we settled, and started trading via Pirate ships and now we have Nintendo Wii. Only along the way, people grew differently into different colors and cultures, and *POOF!*… here we are. Chinese, American, Russian, Arab, Persion, African… the whole enchilada.

There is no reason to argue anymore. It’s a team effort or we all go bye-bye in the cosmic microwaves caused by nuclear war or global warming. Or maybe just by eating one another when mass starvation kicks in due to the collapse of economies and technology. Of course, we all possess the inner technology to stop that from happening. All we really need is global recognition of the ultimate truths… that we are all in this together. That there is no one country or race that can win in the end. That’s why I’m going to start ending each post with an idea. One, simple idea anyone can bring to their local city officials to get started on saving your own town. We have to start where where the money is if action is to get started right away.

IDEA #1: How Your City Can Make Money For Peak Oil Communications
This one is easy. Cities can sell socially conscious advertising on the sides of their garbage and recycling truck fleet. But only advertisers with a positive, sustainability message should be allowed.

This way, you could have a local nursery that sells fruit trees and vegetable starts sponsor a message like “Bob’s Nursery – For All Your Composting Needs”. You get the idea. The city can take those advertising revenues and then put them towards buying back land to start community gardens, pour it into crash programs, you name it.


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