The Last Breath Before The Crash

February 10, 2007 at 3:31 pm 1 comment

It’s time to call Bullshit.

It’s the last breath before the crash bang boom! You can feel it…. the lunge that money is making to hold on to power… the final dive upwards before life turns for the darker side of the moon. The peaking of life on earth, before growth can no longer hang on.

And for so long now, the US economy has been the leader of life… the most growth, the fastest and most tippity top of earth’s capacity to hold on. All has been swell for a long time, Beave! And now, we start the slide downward. Now it gets dangerous and ugly. But there is always hope for humanity. It will come when money is abolished and we all conserve and share energy and water while we quickly figure out how to get along.

But that won’t happen without violence from someone. I just can’t help feeling that enough humans are humbled yet… someone has to die first, according to the macho men running the world. That’s why this week Republicans are trying a blitz, making 4 major plays at once, and not all of them are working. They are starting to lose, realy, really bad and are getting frustrated.

“Let’s take a look at the scoreboard, Pat.” Since coming back from halftime, Democrats have taken the lead from republicans, and are leading with a good spread of 1 female speaker of the house and a 1 black guy with potential (NOTE: This is only cynicism. I do not profess sexism or racism). The Democratic combination plays have Republican Coach Dick Cheney and his star QB George Bush pretty rattled. Add in the fact the Democratic defense just sacked Bush this week with the Scooter Libby trial, and you can see why the Repubs have turned up the heat.

Well, what we have here John is a blitz run by the Republicans against democracy by simultaneously attacking National Public Radio, and Speaker of the House Nanci Pelosi, and a changing out of their offensive lineup.

You’re sure right Bob. Just looking at this offense shows how determined the Repubs are right now. Add in that their defensive tackles just blocked the Iraq War debate and we start to understand why all these hit pieces and aggressive moves are being made. Add in that we know the playbook and have a sneak peak of their upcoming big move, and you understand just how tight this game is.

“Pat, you know, these is still just the final game between our home teams, don’t forget the world chanpionships are going on at the same time and China, Russia and Iran are all formidable opponents. And no one knows just what the Wildcard team is planning over in Israel.”

All I can say this this point is that humanity had better wake up to the danger we are all in. We can handle global warming and prevent massive starvation, famine, and war. All we need to do is put down the guns and work together. If not, someone is going to die soon, if not all of us.

That’s why I’m going to go turn on some music. If aramageddon is what happens every time a society crashes, this sucker looks to be the biggest one our civilization has ever faced. You never know when it’s your last day to dance!

Today’s Idea: Introduce legislation into Congress to force credit card manufacturers to use something other than plastic. The energy we are depleting from making all the plastic used in Credit Cards is leading us to war, therefore for our own national security we should ban the use of plastic in the credit system.


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  • 1. Rathan47  |  February 12, 2007 at 2:48 pm

    Decline of the American Empire
    (repurposed comment)

    All the pieces of all the puzzles, the whispers, the innuendo, half-truths and lies, appear to me to have all been for one purpose and one purpose only…to maintain American standing with the economic and political world structure. The Oil Crisis of the 70’s, the Iran-Contra deals of the 80’s, Gulf War I, 9/11, Afghanistan, and Gulf War II have all played out because they had to, in order to maintain, and sometimes strengthen US control over money, oil and power.

    Let’s do a little thought experiment. Let’s imagine that you are the United States of America, you are the entire country. You’ve won your freedom from England and are branching out on your own in the New World. You are filled with industrious people who are conquering a brave new land. Self-reliant and hard-working, your people create a new growing country, building on the inherent resources and multiplying (we’ll leave out how the Native Americans were overrun and their land stolen for this to be achieved, or that much of the labor force consisted of displaced and enslaved Africans).

    As a country, you meet the Industrial Age head on, building a growing Manufacturing Complex and beginning to compete on the World stage. Meanwhile, across the globe, the former Empire of Britain begins to contract due to over expansion and a loss of wealth from War.

    At the turn of the 20th century, with the growing shift away from a gold based monetary system, wealthy members of your country realized the ease with which vast sums of wealth can be gained by controlling the means of the now more standard paper based system. The Federal Reserve is created to allow these people to basically create wealth from nothing, printing more money as needed. Thus freeing you as a country from being limited in your spending to only the amount of gold in your reserves.

    The World begins to shift from a coal/steam based system to an oil based system. World Wars break out and ravage most of Europe, further weakening the power base of the Old Guard and moving you further ahead. With a glut of wealth from production, War profits, and the Federal Reserve, you move to the forefront as a World Power.

    Using abundant oil imports and free flowing cash, you shift your economy over the next fifty years, slowly phasing out production and instead using your resources to import cheap goods that can be sold to a now burgeoning populace. The increase in money with a decrease in gold reserves lead to inflation that causes the poverty level to rise from $116 in 1900 to $19,066 in 1997.

    All the new cars, boats, TV’s, and stereos need oil to make, transport and power. Oil dependency grows, and with the World starting to become concerned about the stability of your Dollar, you convince OPEC to convert all their sales to US Dollars in exchange for protection from invasion or overthrow. Thus propping up your status.

    Like a now gluttonous beast, you are feeding upon yourself, continuing to spend money you don’t have, continuing to outsource your production, becoming increasingly defendant on foreign oil imports to keep the process going. Your people become more and more demanding and spoiled, consuming more and more resources. Your political and economic power are matched by your military might, which you begin to use to prop up your current World standing.

    However, you know that trouble is coming. You have consumed and consumed, indebted yourself, and devalued your currency. The oil supplies that feed you are a finite resource, and with much of it squandered, the remaining quantities are critical. Not only do you need them to survive, but their very sale in US Dollars keeps your whole economic system afloat.

    Like a severally obese animal that sees a forced diet coming, you decide to do everything you can to avoid it. You use your military to prevent the invasion of Kuwait (as you said you would when you made your deal with OPEC). You use your military and intelligence services to meddle with and overthrow other governments that would cause problems in your plans or your visions. You invade an oil rich country on the grounds that they were going to “do you harm”. You threaten another oil rich country for “interfering” with the first war.

    You are reaching out like a greedy child, wrapping your arms around all the toys and growling and stamping your feet if anyone questions. But your “toys” won’t last forever…

    No matter how this all plays out, no matter if the US invades Iran or not, no matter if the Democrats or Republicans win the 2008 Presidential Elections, whether or not 9/11 was an inside job or not, the simple fact is this:

    The US economy cannot continue in it’s current model. An oil based economy, backed by a shaky dollar, and a huge National Debt means that the US is up to it’s eyeballs in trouble. It means more Wars, more fighting, more suffering. It means more poverty, an increasing gap between rich and poor.

    It means a huge shift in every aspect of life not just in the US, but around the World, as the World Economy corrects itself for a century of overspending and borrowing against the future. And this shift won’t come without a fight against it. It won’t come easily.

    Maybe a voice of reason will come forward. Maybe the US will decide to do what Great Britain did, and let go of it’s Empire in order to save itself. Unfortunately, I don’t think that’s the case, not with the way things are now.

    But like it or not, change is coming…


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