Why Is The Whitehouse Afraid of Carpooling?

February 14, 2007 at 12:17 am 1 comment

Did anyone see this? It appears the White House has decided Carpooling is for pinko commies. I mean, we certainly don’t want the terrorists to win when neighbors pile into cars to go do shopping and go to work?

I thought the president said we were SUPPOSED to go shopping and work multiple jobs. Come on dudes… make up your minds!

Here is their stellar case against carpooling: Based on the latest data supplied by the White House, only about 13 percent of motorists carpooled to work in 2000. That compared with 20 percent of daily American commuters in 1980. “This trend makes it unlikely that initiatives focused on carpooling will make large strides in reducing vehicle use,” the White House said.

Gee… since gas prices shot up in the 70’s, people got the clue back in the day and learned that carpooling with neighbors and other people is fun, saves money, and is generally a cool thing to do. But once Reagan took office and struck the deals he needed with his sultry Saudi buds, oil prices fell and Americans forgot they had a future problem. So with cheap gas, they started back on their paths to “ME ME ME!” and SUVs. From the early 80’s to 2000, people forgot what an energy crisis means.

What Peak Oil means is more war, high prices for everything, and the end of convenient, modern living. The only question is how it’s all going to go down. One this that is for certain is that we have peaked, and the rates of oil’s decline are already making the markets jittery.

But there they go… the White House says a better solution would be to ‘build new highways and charge drivers fees to use them’. Say what? That’s as dumb as buying a surfboard for a trip to the desert.

This deal stinks of kickbacks and back scratches. I wonder what companies would score those lucrative road contracts? And do you know how much OIL is used to build and maintain roadways? If you have friends in the construction business, they will make boatloads of Americans’ hard earned cash from road contruction projects and payment schemes.

Mmmmmmmmmmmm. I see how well these guys suggestions work in other areas… maybe they should keep their hands out of carpooling’s cupboard.

Carpooling Is Awesome.

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  • 1. JJR  |  February 26, 2007 at 7:10 pm

    Carpooling is/will become a necessary stopgap measure; a truly humane, rational society would be pushing mass transit options out the wazzo, but that tends to not be very profitable (clue: most succesful mass-transit systems worldwide aren’t nor are they expected to be–it’s a public SERVICE supported by taxes…everyone pays in, everyone benefits; Sort of like universal health care, or public libraries), and anyway, I would never accuse contemporary American society of being either rational or humane.

    Still too many wealthy, well-connected vested interests in supporting American Car-Kultur.

    As Kunstler puts it, Americans have a rail system the Bulgarians would be ashamed of.

    Never realized I was looking not at pure fantasy but an actual possible future reality when I watched the Mad Max films as a kid–especially then 2nd one, emphasizing the world gasoline shortage.


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