Take A Good Look At This Flag

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A few years ago, I saw this sticker on the back of a trailer truck, on its way up from California heading north to who knows where.

Crackity crackity CRACK!
Could the stock market hit be the last straw? The camel’s back? More like a two-by-four than a straw, really. But hey, Condi just invited Iran and Syria to talks. What’s it gonna be? “PSYCHE! Ha ha ha ha ha!” I wish I had access to the playbook, man.

But we all know how the game generally goes now, don’t we? It’s a really weird time right now. Knowing this is the look back at the peak, I mean. If you think about it, since the US peaked in oil production in 1970 / 1971, we couldn’t sell oil anymore, and we became an oil importer.

Now the whole world is peaking, and we can look back in the rear view mirror at September 11th and other events to realize that in the scheme of things, the earth is beginning its die off. Scientifically speaking, it’s fascinating to witness. Because as humans, we have the potential to overcome the complexities of life and figure out how to save ourselves.

But there are those with power and money that are the greedy ones, and I don’t think they like the idea of sharing. They are the most hungry human yeast, and there either is or isn’t a grand plan for depopulation of the earth. The point is, when society gets crazy enough because people are starving, it will be safe for no one. In America though, we do have a sense of what independence means, and all the advertising gimmicks in the world, along with all the imbicile talking heads at corporate controlled media outlets cannot hide reality any longer.

Crackity crackity CRACK!
Greenspan’s words yesterday are an amazing trigger. He aimed his verbal crosshairs and took a shot, only it sailed through Wall Street’s chest and hit China in the head. It’s going to be a calculated ride from here on out kids.

It might be time to join your local Neighborhood Emergency Team. If you don’t have one to join, maybe it’s time you start one so we can hang onto the colors in our flag, eh? A lot of people have died for the symbolism behind it, and not in vain so that greedy power players can own the world.

The American flag stands for INDEPENDENCE. Not Republicans, not Democrats, but INDEPENDENCE. You don’t need the bullshit two party system to tell you that you are free – the US Constitution still stands and if they tell you it doesn’t apply anymore… that, my friends, is tyranny. At that point we are required by our Forefathers to abolish such a government.

Interesting times indeed. The system must change right now, or it will continue to implode upon itself. If too many of us are hurting, it will get violent, and we are better than that. We the PEOPLE own this country, not corporations.

Assuming we still have a right to Free Speech here in America, we must all do our best to help people maintain their humanity during such turbulence. After all, isn’t that what the flag is supposed to stand for?


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Chick burping. Wow. Greetings, Professor Falken

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