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March 1, 2007 at 1:01 pm 3 comments

Well, we keep on inching closer and closer to Nuclear War 2.0. I know I keep on revisiting this, but damnit, this is *THE* topic. All roads of bitching and moaning lead back to this:

Only now it’s not just the US and Russia anymore. There are too many players at the Saloon’s poker table with their fingers on the triggers – and they all know our status as the most aggressive Cowboy. The problem is, if everyone knows how to make and use the same big gun, then it’s just a matter of time before someone uses it, right?

So why not destroy the guns instead of inevitably using them? Oh yeah, duh. We’re human. And humans are greedy – though we have the potential for peace. It would of course, have start with the world accepting that we are all doomed unless we begin to live another way. Just ask any truly reformed alcoholic.

I wish there was better news. I am getting exhausted from thinking about it all the time. But while I still drive to work, buy food from the grocery store, think about buying a new digital camera, and participate in American society in general, I am a contributor to the problem.

We are one people, one planet. As an organism at war with itself, if anyone has a real solution for world peace, I’m all ears.


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Take A Good Look At This Flag We Have Reached Peak Oil. Now What?

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  • 1. thedr9wningman  |  March 1, 2007 at 4:26 pm

    I really hate the way 80s movies portray computers… as if they can get frustrated. Gah.

    No wonder the boomers are so stymied and confused by them: in the 80s, they were super-smart… ON MOVIES.

    Change on global scales is incremental. You always seem to miss that in your anxiety-induced freak-outs.

    I’ve been reading a buddhist text, lately, and it helps. The only real change you can effect is change of your own perception.

    News is news, and you tend to look for ‘bad’ news. If the US crumbles under its own cowboy-weight, that’s going to be better for lots of people; it will just be, and we will survive and we will make due because we’re thinking ahead. That’s a survivalistic instinct. You have no faith in yourself?

    You’re not helpless. You ARE doing something about it. And if you feel disabled about something, then change that aspect of your existence to empower yourself. You are conscious enough to do that, unlike many others.

    Compassion is the solution to all of society’s ills. When you can look your ‘enemy’ in the eye and love him, he ceases to be your enemy. And when people exercise compassion and realise understanding of one another, strife disappears.

    The reason that this sort of stuff doesn’t happen is psychology, not greed. People discriminate because we’re geared to pick out differences, not same-nesses. Until people can come to the table and argue interests, rather than focus on trespasses, no one can progress as a unit. This is what Jesus taught, it is what Buddha taught, it is what every amazing prophet that no one really actually understands or pays attention to taught.

    Pay attention to that. Integrate peace and understanding in your life.

  • 2. thedr9wningman  |  March 1, 2007 at 4:47 pm


    The lowest-common-denominator factor always screws up the ‘perfect’ systems.

    Country A does away with all of its implements of violence. Country B agrees, and does the same. Country C agrees and is a liar. Country C declares war on country B and slaughters the population. Country C continues its assault on A.

    Now, what do we have left?

    All the peace-mongers are dead, and all the assholes are alive.

    What this means is that there is always a sort of just-in-case-ism having to do with international and national relations, war, etc. It even happens in business, which is why labour laws, taxation of bad things, and baseline legislation happens.

    Company A declares that it will no longer use a poison in its process, increasing its widget price by 3$. Company B follows suit. Company C doesn’t give a shit about people using its products, it is serving the ‘low-cost sector’ (*cough* Wal-Mart strategy), and continues to use the poison in its process, killing fish and farming practice in its general vicinity (and resulting in a loss of income for the community around it: Company’s response: “It isn’t really our problem”). Company C takes Company A and B’s market share because it was able to leverage a misinformation campaign in the media due to its higher volume of sales because it is 30% cheaper than its competitors. Result: the good companies go out of business, unless they can manage to lobby the public/political structure to make lasting changes.

    In all of these tales, the bad guy wins. It’s why the Dems have lost their ass the last few years as well, honestly. They’re not willing to stoop to a certain level, and that disables them. If you’re paying attention, though, you recognise the good guys and try to buy from Company A or B, but if you’re an ignoramus (or your dad was actually a fisherman that lost his job… and since he lost his job, you’re almost forced to go for the low price option), you just buy what is cheapest and even against your own best interest.

  • 3. peakoilboy  |  March 1, 2007 at 5:23 pm

    Ah, you so wise, grasshopper.

    I’ve dawdled with Buddha under the Bodi tree, I’ve skipped to-loo with Jesus, and have understood the wisdom of introspection.

    Brother, it’s the TIMEFRAME Im worried about. Literally, we are facing our own extinction and I see a greater danger and faster rollout than you do. Of course I opt for peace, both inwardly and out.

    If I accept inward peace, then it’s restfully assured peaceful acceptance of death at the doorstep. I guess I like to compete, and feel we are WAY down in the 4th quarter, know what I mean?

    If a single nuke gets dropped, then all bets are off, and you might not have the opportunity to get to the next chapter in your book. But that’s why I hope you are smarter than I am, and that everything will be A-OK.

    Yes, we are the change agents. And yes, the Bhagavad Gita brings comfort. I just don’t think the authors knew so many people would rather watch American Idol than pay attention to its message.


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