The United States’ Last Hurrah

April 15, 2007 at 8:42 pm 1 comment


We have associated the phrase with United States domination for so long, it seems. And now we have to deal with the fact we’re no longer king of the mountain. If you seriously gauge the national health of the United States, we peaked in the 70’s and it’s our national attachment to trying to hang on to our “Kings of the world” entitlement that is causing a whole lot of trouble throughout the globe.

But ain’t that just the way it goes with Americans, and possibly any “leading” nation??

Hugo Chavez just made headlines with the statment “We demand that the North American empire respect the Iranian people and the peoples of the world,” on “Hello President,” his TV and radio program. “The only country that has developed atomic bombs and dropped them on entire peoples is the North American empire. … They don’t have the morality to be giving anybody lessons.”

My thought on this is that energy greedy nations on top want to stay on top, to grow, to expand. It’s all energy man. We are all just different heads of the human life hydra, all connected as one species but still different competing energies are constantly vying to eat every last morsel of life sustaining systems on earth until we extinguish the ability to exist.

The problem is that we’ve never death with our collective extinction before and we don’t know how to handle it. I think you can only really learn from something when it happens at a level of the self. Think of it like this: Once you learn that binge drinking makes you yearn for death the next morning, you LEARN from it.

And in the US, we are used to the story of easy living and cheap energy. In our country, the majority of workers now live off the discretionary income of other Americans, which will of course change with higher energy prices. It basically means many more people won’t be able to afford to live, period.

Sure, most people think we are are to keep on binge drinking forever, and the morning is fast catching up with us. For our hangover, we don’t yet have a “Our country fell apart when the oil stopped flowing” or “We nuked ourselves into oblivion” story yet. The closest we have come to the oil story is the OPEC embargo of the 70’s. Considering needs beyond oil, we don’t have a “we killed all the bees and ate up all the fish” story yet. But, we have a known history that shows how a similar story goes.


And beyond America, extending to all nations – we haven’t seen our species completely humbled yet, so we’re still walking around as ignoramuses unable to learn from our colossal mistakes of unsustainable population levels and vying for domination of earth’s life systems.

And that’s where we are today as Americans. We are poised to lose control, and we are not ready. As humans, people will be scared, but as Americans, we can continue on in a world with less “stuff” to “help” our lives. For instance, clothes dryers are a huge CO2 contributor. When electricity prices shoot through the roof, people are going to think they are fucked. But, I know of a secret cool solar clothes dryer called a “clothesline” that my grandmother used to use. It worked AWESOME, all she needed to do was have some clothes pins and a sunny day to not contribute to global warming or use electricity.

And so there are lots of ways to live WITHOUT things, and it doesn’t mean the end of the world. Just that particular world, that’s all. And it doesn’t have to be a “Last Hurrah” as much as a breathe of fresh air at the challenge of jumping into something new, possibly at the level of “community survival”. So work hard to grow food at home, and have the best time you can!

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The Future Is Defective. Kick Starting Communications For A Peak Oil World

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  • 1. Captain Beyond  |  April 17, 2007 at 7:38 pm

    Great graphics and ideas. I am going out to make a clothsline. Binge drinking is a good metaphor for whats going on too . . . un fortunately


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