My First Frankenpost

May 21, 2007 at 9:56 pm Leave a comment

So I enjoy what some people are writing as responses on some blogs, and I think I would like to string someof them together as a Frankenpost (An original post comprised of other people’s comments on blogs and news sites.)



In a world of scarce resources and limited carrying capacity, having more than two children per pair of parents is, essentially, an act of aggression– laying a claim on resources that can only be obtained by taking them from others. Just because, with global trade, that claim-demand is spread out over many others doesn’t diminish the cumulative effect.

Thou shalt not overpopulate. This is just primordial common sense. Al Gore complains about a world that has lost its reason, but he doesn’t consider the millennia in which the world worked just fine without it. For 40,000 years the native Australians managed, in spite of a lack of indoor plumbing. All they did was teach their kids how to farm and they had a whole generation of people that could grow enough food for themselves. Indoor plumbing is nice, though.

We should retain that, and much else besides. However, we need to have a chat with our aboriginal brethern and see about blending our bright enlightened world of techno-reason with their shadowy and humid world of animist magic. We might have a future if we can rid ourselves of the delusion that we are enlightened.

Here is some enlightenment:

1) Alcohol Can Be A Gas – Hey America! Stop drinking for a couple of weeks and turn those booze companies into fuel generators! There’s enough Jack Daniels to fuel this country in case oil runs out! Just don’t freak out.

2) Help your local farmers. Go volunteer to work their land in exchange for food. It will help to learn Spanish and work with the smart people who know how to grow food. They’ll need the help and your labor.. make it a fun family thing to do together. Plus, America won’t need any more diet and exercise programs… you’ll eat healthy, live longer, and then your kids could actually have a future.

3) Watch Lawns to Gardens and these good hearted Americans from Indiana as they ponder what to do for the peak oil crash.


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