Dear President Putin,

May 23, 2007 at 11:13 am 1 comment

Dear President Putin,

I assume you will never read this message, however someone will read this. While I am an American, I am writing as a concerned human being without preference for class status, nationality, race, color, or gender.

My concern is in regards to the dire energy situation we are in as a planet, and the conflict arising in the form of increased war as nations choose to do battle over energy rather than work together for the betterment of humanity.

The US government is not listening to the will of the people, and too many Americans are distracted with simplistic entertainment shows. Since you have headline making abilities, I am writing to ask you to speak to the American people and tell them the truth about energy since our government and media refuse to do it.

Humans are not immortal animals, sir. We are self-serving, and I feel right now that most International leaders are acting to serve their own interests rather than the people of the world, which means nationalism, racism, religious bias and greed are leading to our downfall. The governments of the entire world are all guilty of the seven deadly sins, including yours.

The present American government may not agree with my positions, sir, however I believe I have the right to voice human concerns without repercussion. I understand the complications of the political and monetary system, maintaining wealth for the upper classes, and the desire to maintain the luxuries oil has provided for our living standards.

Based on the fact that oil is rapidly depleting, I truly feel that our militarily matched countries are headed for potential conflict and we must immediately work to implement a “Power down” program to shift portions of money from weapons systems to building reliable alternative localized energy and food system infrastructures.

There is too much violence and it must end at some point, sir. One step towards sustaining life on earth means taking away the big, nuclear guns. We must put them down now or we’ll all be killed, and even religious leaders must understand this.

We need everyone from all countries to do this… as humans! Unless we can work out arrangements to equally share and create life sustaining energy, stabilize populations, grow food locally, and learn to live with less… I feel we are certain to experience a nuclear destiny.

Thank you for your attention and continued efforts to keep the peace. I believe it could start with you directly addressing the American people of the world that we must change our unsustainable consumption habits.


Randy White


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