Pop Culture, Meet The End Of Modern Living…

May 28, 2007 at 8:47 pm 1 comment

Pop Culture

“Did you hear? Paris Hilton is sooooo, like, wanting out of jail. Seriously. And that new cell phone you just got… wow. So cool. Really.

Hey, did you hear that thing on the news about the world crashing all around us? Yeah – I’m sooooooooo not interested in that stuff. Anyway, wow, this gas is so, like expensive! I guess I’ll have to just put it on the credit card again. Want to get a Latte?”

This could be a typical conversation with so many clueless Americans. A one-way spouting of their own illusion of a secure me-me-me world, chiseled and shaped by our age-of-convenience world which rewards materialism and narcissism with zero interest purchases on new televisions, automobiles, communications devices, guns, you name it. If we have to make it ourselves, wait for it, share it, or be inconvenienced by it in any way, boy do we get pissed off!

For instance, it’s easy to make crackers at home using soaked flax seeds, some flavoring like sun dried tomatoes or whatever, and a dehydrator. But noooooooooooooooo. We want it made for us, easy to go, in a box.

Take a gander at the scientific definition of this personality type:

Narcissistic Personality: People with a narcissistic personality have a sense of superiority, a need for admiration, and a lack of empathy. They have an exaggerated belief in their own value or importance, which is what therapists call grandiosity. They may be extremely sensitive to failure, defeat, or criticism. When confronted by a failure to fulfill their high opinion of themselves, they can easily become enraged or severely depressed. Because they believe themselves to be superior in their relationships with other people, they expect to be admired and often suspect that others envy them. They believe they are entitled to having their needs met without waiting, so they exploit others, whose needs or beliefs they deem to be less important. Their behavior is usually offensive to others, who view them as being self-centered, arrogant, or selfish. This personality disorder typically occurs in high achievers, although it may also occur in people with few achievements.

Hmmmmmmmmmmm. Sound like any country you know? For all intents and purposes, it could be many, many others outside of the USA. But for our purposes here, I am calling out Americans for how we are presently viewed as around the world.

The fact is, everyone is making their final grabs on energy, water, land, etc. before someone snaps and everyone goes apeshit with their militaries. Global death and destruction are an “externality” that corporations never seem to include in their annual reports.

So the big question is, how can enough of us hyper-evolve in time to work out our differences before the present system construct collapses? After all, “Going Green” won’t matter if the system crashes and people are left to their own devices. Without coordinated community planning ahead of time, chaos the likes of Katrina ensues. Doesn’t planning for that stuff mean more to people than Lindsey Lohan’s DUI?

Sure, corporations are finally coming around. There are cool advertisement campaigns crafted to help reprogram peope’s behavior to be ‘more green’, but I don’t see any corporate sponsored campaigns aiming to slow population growth or asking religious people of the world to quickly find common ground.

One can dream, eh?

But here we are. We know we have peaked, that economies are starting to crash as others overheat, and in the end, money doesn’t matter. What matters is reality, and that means if you have access to food, water, shelter and energy, you can live.

If someone fights you for that energy and you both die during the scuffle, no one wins, except a third person who may just be sitting by watching you waste your energy so they can come is afterwords and just take what you were fighting over.

See how it works? When lions make a kill, they all sit down and share it. Sure, some of them get to eat first, but they all get their share. It’s the way nature works, and the people of the world know it. After all, most people want peace, rather than the fights our governments are engaged in. Check out this video:

It’s only one communication but the message can be told a million different ways. We are overlapping as people, and our problems are multiplying as we do. Ignorance of this fact, as well as narcissism and a me-me-me worldview will ultimately lead to collapse of some sort, be it nuclear, ecological, economic, perhaps all of the above.

If your brain is mature, you can grip this notion, recognize it for the challenge it is, and help be part of the solution. That solution is to relocalize, and to rely on as much as you can create – from local power to growing food at home, It’s biking instead of driving. It’s inviting neighbors to participate in pot-lucks and block parties so you can get to know one another. It’s whatever you can do right now to understand how to live in a world where you will not have a choice.

My garden is going great. The tomatoes are popping up, carrots are making themselves known, onions are bursting out of the ground, and garlic is standing tall. I’m watching as plums, pears, strawberries and raspberries are starting to get their colors on the fruits.

We can do this folks. Just start preparing now, grow as much food as you can at home, and learn to carpool if you can’t commute by bike.

That’s enough finger wagging. I’m not trying to act righteous here… just trying to point out the obvious and spur people into making the changes needed to survive.


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