Humans Are Stuck In Old Culture, Seth

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Uber-Marketer Seth Godin made a stab at thinking beyond profit on his blog, and wrote about humanity’s desire for more, more, more. He writes:

“More has been around for thousands of years. Kings ate more than peasants. Winning armies had more weapons than losing ones. Elizabeth Taylor had more husbands than you.

Car dealers are temples of more. The local Ford dealership lists four different models… by decreasing horsepower. Car magazines feature Bugattis, not Priuses on the cover. Restaurants usually serve more food (and more calories) than a normal person could and should eat.

Is this some sort of character flaw? A defective meme in the system of mankind? Or is it an evil plot dreamed up by marketers?
There’s no doubt that marketers amplify this desire, but I’m certain it’s been around a lot longer than Jell-O.”


He finishes with “As a marketer, my best advice is this: let’s figure out how to turn this into a battle to do more, not less. Example one: require all new cars to have, right next to the speedometer, a mileage meter. And put the same number on an LCD display on the rear bumper. Once there’s an arms race to see who can have the highest number, we’re on the right track.”

Seth Seth Seth. You gotta go a lot further than that, pal. Today for instance, I saw an article that tells us NASA knows we are on the brink of no-return from global warming’s destruction of life on the planet.

Located right next to the article is a smiling reporter chiming in on all the exciting racing action from the CO2 spewing Indie 500. So it’s not just about more, it’s about our narcissism in thinking we are above any other biological creature or process on earth.

It’s about knowing that when we toss Mother Nature out the window, she comes back in the door with a pitchfork.


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