Mainstream News Outlets Reporting Peak Oil Will Potentially Cause Industrial Collapse

July 22, 2007 at 2:18 am Leave a comment

Stay Positive

It’s easy to tell myself why I can’t sleep at 3 AM these days… just look at what one of England’s major media is reporting:

“Humanity is approaching an unprecedented crisis when not enough oil and gas will be produced to keep industrial civilization running, the world’s top oilmen warned last week.

The warning – which is being hailed as a “tipping point” on both sides of the Atlantic – marks the first time that the industry has accepted that it may soon no longer be able to meet demand for its products. In Facing the Hard Truths about Energy, it gives authoritative support to concern about impending shortages, following a similar alert by the International Energy Agency less than two weeks ago.

The predictions should send a shiver down humanity’s collective spine as a shortage of oil and gas has been predicted to cause industrial collapse, market crashes, resource wars and a rise in poverty. Some forecast that fascist regimes will rise out of the chaos.”

Um… how about we all collectively agree it’s time to start growing food at home?

The best part is that I spent most of the day today in the garden, and the joy I am getting from knowing I have learned how to grow food in such a short time is immense. I mean, I grew up with grocery stores, Nintendo, and all the comforts of modern living.

This evening my wife and I rode our bikes around Portland and had an amazing date – car free. So while the news reports warn of chaos, I say it’s all in our perspective. We have time to stop, think, and fix.

Now, when the markets shit themselves as they absorb the news and stocks tank, people are gonna flip out. That’s okay, just go buy gardening equipment sooner rather than later. You can’t control the way governments flip out over things, but you can control how you choose to respond to the fact that energy is becoming scarce. It’s been an awesome ride… and the next one will be even better as we get to know our neighbors and learn to appreciate all that we have.


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