My Name Is Randy, and I support Al Franken

August 2, 2007 at 9:51 pm 2 comments

Al Franken

August 2, 2007

Well, I guess I’m announcing my support for a candidate that gets it. We really need to do something about Peak Oil other than stay at war. It’s just not working out like it was planned.

I mean, yeah – we need oil. We get it. Black gold – makes lots of money and keeps our cars on the road. Helps us grow our food – we need oil to survive. Understood!

But it doesn’t have to be that way. There are solutions available – we just need to come together as a country and muster up the strength to downsize for a while. I have met the coolest people, doing amazing things – and I tell you there is a way to grow the food we need to survive – all you really need is food, water and shelter.

I mean, if there IS a big crash, what’s the big deal? So money goes away. Ok, then what? How will everyone pay for food? I suppose we could do what they did back in the Great Depression – sharecropping and community teamwork. I suggest EVERYONE watch the movie “Our Daily Bread“.

I’m not going to go shooting neighbors to take their food. I refuse to do anything but cooperate with my local community to ensure the safety of all our citizens. I do not believe terrorists are going to come blow up my neighborhood. I believe that my community would rather work together as a cohesive unit to share food, fuel, water, shelter – and work out their issues in groups, like how the Native Americans made things work. At least their society was happy – and they didn’t have ipods.

Yep, there will be a lot of shocked people who will be traumatized by the massive depression coming – one that our ipod loving society is completely unprepared for. There will be so many deer in the headlights you won’t be able to move without seeing the zombied eyes, wondering what just hit them.

No more oil? Money collapsing in value? No food at the grocery stores? What? huh? Why not? You mean our government didn’t prepare us for this running out of oil thing? Why not? Aren’t they supposed to look out for us? After all, they have known it would happen for a long time and kept giving and getting oil company money to keep things going as they are.

That’s cool, I get it. It’s all about the Benjamins. That’s fine – lots of money has been made. Now it’s time to do something – and make even MORE money by kicking biofuel production facilities into gear right NOW. We need every city and every town to start cranking up the moonshine, because the gas crash is coming soon. Fuel shortages, food shortages, no one will be free from the impact.

Even here in a city that prides itself on being “Green”, I am ashamed at the lack of action from our city council. I consider these folks wise men, but they are dilly-dallying. We must enact the recommendations put forth in Portland’s Peak Oil Preparedness Plan. Time is a wastin’ fellas!

Let’s get some money to entrepreneurs ready to help America relocalize! There are lots of people that want to spend he time needed to fix things, but they are locked in their 9-to-5’s! Help them get the free time they need to start local businesses focused on Solar, Biofuels, Urban farming, and all sorts of cool stuff we’ve not yet even thought of!

When people wake up to the fact that we are about to experience a massive drop off in supplies of oil that we can get here to the US, they will want to do something about it! Help them get ready now so it doesn’t hurt as bad when it hits! Anything could snap the system right now and send prices higher than that Evangelical minister who banged that dude while all cranked up on meth.

It’s time, folks. Time to realize that there are solutions to our energy crisis, including slowing down on all the waste we churn out. I mean for God’s sake, KEEP the plastic utensils you use, why are you throwing them away? You won’t be able to get that stuff for free in the future! Don’t recycle it, reuse it!

And we can all start bringing Tupperware to restaurants to take our leftovers home. Why waste packaging? And while you are at it, learn about growing food at home and buy lots of books on gardening. Think of how you’ll feed yourself when food becomes too expensive, or when food is unavailable at grocery stores because the trucks that ship it there aren’t running.

For one moment, no matter who you are – just stop and THINK how much oil plays a part in your life! Do you even know? We cannot survive without it right now – and we have no backup system in place, folks. We can choose to do this now and make it a great cause for our country to come together and fix things, or face the consequences.

Ever since my brother Chris killed himself, I have realized that life is about what you make of it, and you can choose to either be happy and whistle while you work, or be miserable and die having never experienced the thrill of having a MISSION.

America, it’s now your COLLECTIVE MISSION to start preparing your local neighborhoods for the oil crash. There are lots of ideas to help you get started, there’s even a HOW TO PLAN you can tweak to meet your local needs.

And that’s why I support Al Franken for the Senate. He gets it folks, and he would like nothing more than to help America get back on track to prosperity. His track record of being RIGHT is superb, and he truly represents the desire to fix America by helping us relocalize and prepare our local communities for an exciting, opportunity-filled future without oil.

I can tell you first hand he cares more about our military people than many people in the present government.


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  • 1. Tom R  |  August 6, 2007 at 8:09 am

    I appreciate your hopefulness – that’s what it takes to participate in politics in a meaningful way.

    However I also laugh a little at your “thrill of having a MISSION”. You mean a mission you believe in AND hope that you can make a difference.

    Now I’m with you, at least I believe America’s “collective mission” now is to shoot ourselves as high in the air as we can in a cultural/technical rocket and believe on technology to give us more fuel when our fuel tanks start sputtering. We both know this is a problem.

    In order for people to move from their current fatal mission to your hopeful mission, they have to admit we have a problem that can’t be solved without abandoning 90% of what we think we want out of life and how to get it.

    I suppose I’m in the denial class myself, as long as I have a good job and some spare time to putter around.

    It is a fun question, what does it take to strengthen a community, and I think it needs serious, strategic answers. Well, a community full of people “living within their means” might be a starting point that has nothing to do with peak oil directly, but a “common ground” sensibility whatever the future timetable holds.

    Anyway, I still laugh at a “collective mission” as well, since our temporary abundance and opportunity has sent community in a million directions, including these internet blogs, taking away a lot of energy from local community, from seeing where we can really make a difference.

    I have a hard time imagining us all voluntarily “downsizing”, but I agree that’s where we need to look for solutions. Saying no to easy credit, saying no to senseless consumerism, and prioritizing how we spend our time based on our values over thrills and distractions.

    Good luck, and I’ll have to give Al Franken a more serious look next time.

  • 2. peakoilboy  |  August 6, 2007 at 8:43 am

    I agree, people need to not only know the mission, but to have a way to participate in it. When Americans were motivated to send a man to the moon, it’s not like every citizen went down to NASA and set up lawn chairs waving pom poms.

    This is different. It means finding a meaningful life based on something other than a growth model for the economy.

    While the elite are doing all their magic to hang onto the old model, mother nature, the Laws of Thermodynamics, and entropy will win the final battle.

    If we all go up in smoke and radiation because we tried to cling to the old model, then we have failed as the human experiment.

    If the elite were willing to allow humanity to survive rather than create a state of perpetual war, then we stand a chance. And I agree, so long as we are consuming without regard, capitalism will eat iself, and everything will fall apart.

    So right now would be a good time to pressure your political leaders to DO SOMETHING to ensure a stable energy future.


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