Hey America, If You Jump, You Can Fly.

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You will soon be entering a scary new world of darkness. Fear will be used to control you. But love always trumps fear, and by knowing your neighbors you can build communities that resist dark powers of control.

Times have changed, yes. But look at who has failed to protect you. Look at the people in charge who have failed to fix things, and have only made them worse as the years have past. They always find someone else to blame for their failures, and safety does not come from handing over more power to people that promise to protect you. True safety for you and your family will only come if you first admit that you are being bullied. True safety comes from action within yourself, locating the brave warrior inside each of you, and standing up against those who use fear to force you to do their bidding.

You have the right to Life, Liberty, And Happiness. That means you can refuse to obey orders you know are wrong! The people that tried to stop Hitler before it was too late were taken away as “security threats” to his corrupt government. Don’t you wish the Germans had stood up to Hitler when he was seizing power from the people?

You are in control, not those that have been elected to represent you that have betrayed you and the Constitution. You have the right to create your own government when your present government no longer represents you. You have the right to create your own local energy systems, currency systems, and food systems. We can create great paying jobs using the amazing collective ingenuity of ourselves. You have really cool people that live around you if you would only go meet them, and create ways to work together. Never give up your right to meet, gather, and talk about your feelings without feeling your neighbors are spying on you.

Most people I know want freedom, but in order to keep it, you have to fight for it. Benjamin Franklin said it best… “Those that trade Liberty for Security deserve neither.”. Don’t be a wimp. Fight for your right to live. Rally your neighbors – and know that soon you will face your greatest challenge as the systems you depend on are taken from you.

Love your neighbor, and remember that WE THE PEOPLE of AMERICA OWN our government, not the other way around. Don’t ever let them tell you otherwise, or soon you’ll forget that the AMERICAN PEOPLE are in charge, not people in Washington, not the military. If congress has let you down, and all your options have been spent, it is your duty to be a patriot.

It’s up to you to figure out how to do it, and then act on it.

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