Presidents, Politicians, And Priests: False Gods

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False Gods

Insomnia. It’s a frequency thing these days.

I just can’t help thinking about which of the people in this world with the power to end it will do so, and I’m not sure we’re gonna colonize space in time. Let’s face it – as oil, natural gas, fresh water, and farmland runs out, we are entering a deeper phase of scarcity, increased confusion, and rising violence. Throw in that global warming thing and we have ourselves a recipe for catastrophe soup.

Right now, we must choose whether as people of the world we will collectively fix this planet, or we will all perish. I mean, the system that keeps us fed, clothed, and transported is breaking, no matter where you live. It’s a global system, and we’re all in this together. Meanwhile, the United Nations has been reduced to a beacon of false hope as the big player countries are quickly making new alliances based on their geography, resources, and information awareness.

Here’s a thinking exercise for you: Imagine dividing up a classroom of students, and assigning them each the role of a country. The kids that are picked as China and Russia start huddling, pooling together their armies and create their own little cooperation agreements to take a stand against the kids representing the US, Mexico and Canada.

I don’t even know how to ponder the Middle East thing. Good luck to you leaders with that.

But one thing is for sure… we had better quickly figure out how to keep feeding ourselves as the oil crash kicks in – or some false God is going to end life on this planet. Or who knows, maybe we are supposed to do it by design. I don’t subscribe to any religion other than that all things are energy, and the Universe has defined sets of laws.

You don’t need to be the smartest monkey to figure out that there are too many people on the planet. Or as Phil Collins puts it:

Too many men
Too many people
Making too many problems
And not much love to go round
Can’t you see
This is a land of confusion.

I guess I’m just seeing too much violence in the world as some people are cheering on Armageddon. As far as I know, all religious texts tell you to mind your own business and if it does come, it’s not for you to say when.

And it’s not for some President of a nuclear armed nation to say when, either. Or a group of politicians. Or priests. Or a set of people who have a certain religious world view and are blind to any suggestions otherwise. Anyone can latch onto and internalize verses from books that have been translated many times, have had words and meaning twisted, and that contain cultural views from a long time ago.

But if you go deep, deep to the core of all of them, even the ones you read – the ultimate truths are presented clear as day. I choose to live by those truths, which means that even if you hate me for pointing out that humans have the smarts to fix the world rather than destroy it, I still love you too.

And for cryin’ out loud… start growing food at home, get to know your neighbors, and actively work for peace in this world.


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