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Can 6.5 Billion Humans Find Happiness?

Yogananda Paramhansa

I was just reading Paramahansa Yogananda‘s “How to Be Happy All The Time”. Yup, I’m a spiritual guy, and I believe we are at the point just before we head into a new period of either:

1) Harmony with one another and mother earth
2) Complete and total destruction

I’m not sure how a mix of the two would look, but I must wonder: Can 6.5 billion people be happy?

After all, the people dying every day from bombs, starvation, disease, and other assortments of unfair circumstances must not be happy. But are the people who ignore such suffering to watch the latest episode of whatever on mindless TV happy either?

When one realizes that happiness is more a state of mind rather than tally of possessions, it often is a moment of clarity allowing a person to step outside of themselves to examine the real world. There are poor people with very little that pity miserable kings with golden castles. Seriously.. don’t we have enough stuff already?

We are using up too much of the earth. The real world we live in does not care about your beliefs or mine. The real world, however, does rely on a certain set of natural rules that goes something along the lines of “Don’t shit in your own nest“.

My brothers and sisters, we have been pooping a lot, since the discovery of agriculture and locomotives. And while the capitalists of the world would very much enjoy for you to keep consuming, we have pretty much messed up the planet and overpopulated the place.

There are too many people that don’t care about enough other people. Too many selfish folks on the planet to stop the aggression – and when the news announces that we’re gearing up to attack Iran and no one even cares to protest… wow. I guess since congress told Americans to screw themselves and the current leadership is set on more military adventures… we have just given up and gone back to our TV dinners.

Just for the record, we could have tried a lot harder. “I had to take the kids to school” or “There’s nothing we can do about it” are piss poor excuses, and you should be ashamed.

Am I out of line here? Are people waking up, or is this world headed for constant warfare over oil and water, bringing on untold billions of deaths? Is anyone out there?


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