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You Can’t Beat Mother Nature

Mother Nature

This one is pretty simple.

Rich people mad. Other rich people with better business model teaming up to fight back against mad rich people.

All money that all rich people using going *poof*.

Dumb rich people about to do something really stupid using many war toys.

Average human have no say in rich people war because rich people ignore plea of the not-rich people.

Summary: Rich people unable to learn to let go of the old world and live in agrarian society based on love will kill billions in this world and the next.

Have a nice day!


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What Do We Do With America’s Laid Off Work Force?

Falling Dollar

Things are looking more and more ominous for the average American worker. Sure, the stock market may bounce back during this expected price fluctuation. Peak Oil peeps have long predicted a volatile and rocky road in the stocks as the descent from Peak Oil’s plateau begins to quickly head downward.

Just wait until OPEC announces in September whether or not Saudi Arabia can puke out some more oil from their aging fields. If they still have spare capacity, the market traders will wet their pants and the smoke and mirrors credit economy will continue the show for a while longer. If, however, no new oil can be added to the market, then we have reached the end of cheap everything. And since Americans are living on a borrowed future, having financed our homes, cars, boats, and just about everything based on the assumption we’ll be able to make money to pay for them, here’s my question: What will people do when money runs out?

– If you work in sales, what will you do when no one is buying?
– If you create stuff, what will you do when no one is buying?
– If your paycheck depends on people’s insurance or the government, what will you do when the money pool runs dry and budgets are cut?

stock collapse

We are seeing it happen right now. Foreclosures, bankrupt people and companies, added stress levels, reduced spending…. the halting of the wheels. Sure, you may still have some credit left from that home equity mortgage, but it’s still borrowed money. Unless you are already super-rich and out of debt, in all likelihood you will be caught up in the massive economic train wreck and life as you know it will drastically change. You won’t be eating out at restaurants as much (Peanut butter goes a long way), your business will be fighting tooth and nail to cut costs and verify Return-on-Investments, and unless you are contributing to making money – you will probably be let go from your job.

What do you do with a nation full of unemployed people, especially as the price of food and transportation keeps increasing?

It’s a conundrum. Mother Nature doesn’t care about money, her economics are based on exchanged services (it’s called symbiosis). Animals and ecosystems working together to make the wheels of life turn, you know?

Humans can do the same, of course. Professionals with skills and trades can barter – hey, ‘I’ll fix your fence if you fix my daughter’s tooth’ kind of thing. No money needed.

But bankers don’t understand that kind of logic. They just understand if you can make the payment on time. At some point, these two different worlds are going to have one hell of a showdown.

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Hey America, If You Jump, You Can Fly.


You will soon be entering a scary new world of darkness. Fear will be used to control you. But love always trumps fear, and by knowing your neighbors you can build communities that resist dark powers of control.

Times have changed, yes. But look at who has failed to protect you. Look at the people in charge who have failed to fix things, and have only made them worse as the years have past. They always find someone else to blame for their failures, and safety does not come from handing over more power to people that promise to protect you. True safety for you and your family will only come if you first admit that you are being bullied. True safety comes from action within yourself, locating the brave warrior inside each of you, and standing up against those who use fear to force you to do their bidding.

You have the right to Life, Liberty, And Happiness. That means you can refuse to obey orders you know are wrong! The people that tried to stop Hitler before it was too late were taken away as “security threats” to his corrupt government. Don’t you wish the Germans had stood up to Hitler when he was seizing power from the people?

You are in control, not those that have been elected to represent you that have betrayed you and the Constitution. You have the right to create your own government when your present government no longer represents you. You have the right to create your own local energy systems, currency systems, and food systems. We can create great paying jobs using the amazing collective ingenuity of ourselves. You have really cool people that live around you if you would only go meet them, and create ways to work together. Never give up your right to meet, gather, and talk about your feelings without feeling your neighbors are spying on you.

Most people I know want freedom, but in order to keep it, you have to fight for it. Benjamin Franklin said it best… “Those that trade Liberty for Security deserve neither.”. Don’t be a wimp. Fight for your right to live. Rally your neighbors – and know that soon you will face your greatest challenge as the systems you depend on are taken from you.

Love your neighbor, and remember that WE THE PEOPLE of AMERICA OWN our government, not the other way around. Don’t ever let them tell you otherwise, or soon you’ll forget that the AMERICAN PEOPLE are in charge, not people in Washington, not the military. If congress has let you down, and all your options have been spent, it is your duty to be a patriot.

It’s up to you to figure out how to do it, and then act on it.

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My Name Is Randy, and I support Al Franken

Al Franken

August 2, 2007

Well, I guess I’m announcing my support for a candidate that gets it. We really need to do something about Peak Oil other than stay at war. It’s just not working out like it was planned.

I mean, yeah – we need oil. We get it. Black gold – makes lots of money and keeps our cars on the road. Helps us grow our food – we need oil to survive. Understood!

But it doesn’t have to be that way. There are solutions available – we just need to come together as a country and muster up the strength to downsize for a while. I have met the coolest people, doing amazing things – and I tell you there is a way to grow the food we need to survive – all you really need is food, water and shelter.

I mean, if there IS a big crash, what’s the big deal? So money goes away. Ok, then what? How will everyone pay for food? I suppose we could do what they did back in the Great Depression – sharecropping and community teamwork. I suggest EVERYONE watch the movie “Our Daily Bread“.

I’m not going to go shooting neighbors to take their food. I refuse to do anything but cooperate with my local community to ensure the safety of all our citizens. I do not believe terrorists are going to come blow up my neighborhood. I believe that my community would rather work together as a cohesive unit to share food, fuel, water, shelter – and work out their issues in groups, like how the Native Americans made things work. At least their society was happy – and they didn’t have ipods.

Yep, there will be a lot of shocked people who will be traumatized by the massive depression coming – one that our ipod loving society is completely unprepared for. There will be so many deer in the headlights you won’t be able to move without seeing the zombied eyes, wondering what just hit them.

No more oil? Money collapsing in value? No food at the grocery stores? What? huh? Why not? You mean our government didn’t prepare us for this running out of oil thing? Why not? Aren’t they supposed to look out for us? After all, they have known it would happen for a long time and kept giving and getting oil company money to keep things going as they are.

That’s cool, I get it. It’s all about the Benjamins. That’s fine – lots of money has been made. Now it’s time to do something – and make even MORE money by kicking biofuel production facilities into gear right NOW. We need every city and every town to start cranking up the moonshine, because the gas crash is coming soon. Fuel shortages, food shortages, no one will be free from the impact.

Even here in a city that prides itself on being “Green”, I am ashamed at the lack of action from our city council. I consider these folks wise men, but they are dilly-dallying. We must enact the recommendations put forth in Portland’s Peak Oil Preparedness Plan. Time is a wastin’ fellas!

Let’s get some money to entrepreneurs ready to help America relocalize! There are lots of people that want to spend he time needed to fix things, but they are locked in their 9-to-5’s! Help them get the free time they need to start local businesses focused on Solar, Biofuels, Urban farming, and all sorts of cool stuff we’ve not yet even thought of!

When people wake up to the fact that we are about to experience a massive drop off in supplies of oil that we can get here to the US, they will want to do something about it! Help them get ready now so it doesn’t hurt as bad when it hits! Anything could snap the system right now and send prices higher than that Evangelical minister who banged that dude while all cranked up on meth.

It’s time, folks. Time to realize that there are solutions to our energy crisis, including slowing down on all the waste we churn out. I mean for God’s sake, KEEP the plastic utensils you use, why are you throwing them away? You won’t be able to get that stuff for free in the future! Don’t recycle it, reuse it!

And we can all start bringing Tupperware to restaurants to take our leftovers home. Why waste packaging? And while you are at it, learn about growing food at home and buy lots of books on gardening. Think of how you’ll feed yourself when food becomes too expensive, or when food is unavailable at grocery stores because the trucks that ship it there aren’t running.

For one moment, no matter who you are – just stop and THINK how much oil plays a part in your life! Do you even know? We cannot survive without it right now – and we have no backup system in place, folks. We can choose to do this now and make it a great cause for our country to come together and fix things, or face the consequences.

Ever since my brother Chris killed himself, I have realized that life is about what you make of it, and you can choose to either be happy and whistle while you work, or be miserable and die having never experienced the thrill of having a MISSION.

America, it’s now your COLLECTIVE MISSION to start preparing your local neighborhoods for the oil crash. There are lots of ideas to help you get started, there’s even a HOW TO PLAN you can tweak to meet your local needs.

And that’s why I support Al Franken for the Senate. He gets it folks, and he would like nothing more than to help America get back on track to prosperity. His track record of being RIGHT is superb, and he truly represents the desire to fix America by helping us relocalize and prepare our local communities for an exciting, opportunity-filled future without oil.

I can tell you first hand he cares more about our military people than many people in the present government.

August 2, 2007 at 9:51 pm 2 comments

The Human Weapon – Self Defense Skills For An Unpredictable World

Guru Kurtis

I’m always trying to help my friends, and my artist buddy just showed me this new series on martial arts called “The Human Weapon“.

In the show, some dudes travel all around into deep jungles where you can witness badass locals wrestling things like water buffalo to practice their Neo-from-the-Matrix moves, stick fighting that can kill you, and high intensity warrior training. I e-mailed my other buddy Guru Kurtis about the show since I know he’s about to become a Grand-Poobah in the Phillippines. Well… Guru Kurtis responded to my e-mail and this is what he wrote about the show:

“When they were in the Philippines they were training in my teachers family. I am a Doce Pares black belt, at the end of August I am testing with Dionio’s older brother Cacoy for my 4 degree black belt. My style of kickboxing is much like the kickboxing the guys had to travel into the jungle to get, it is the old ways. They are doing a really good job showcasing these arts given what they have to work with and time constraints

I have my Kuntao teacher coming in for my summercamp the 10th through 12th of this month. I hope you feel the urge to come by and meet the real deal as his kind are old and dying off. This will be his last time in the Northwest. Here are the details:

Ancient Fighting Arts, Modern Self Defense: World Renowned Martial Artists Featured at Portland Seminar

Portland, Oregon, June 25, 2007 – Bapak Willem De Thouars, founder of Kun Tao Silat in the United States, and Master Janet Gee, 7th Degree Black Belt in Choy Li Fut Kung Fu, will share their knowledge with the public at this year’s Summer Camp seminar sponsored by A.P.I. International Combat Arts Association. The seminar will take place August 10th through 12th at API’s NE Portland studio and features these two prominent and respected martial artists and their host, Guru Kurtis Goodwin. Guru Goodwin is an advanced teacher and practitioner of Kun Tao Silat, Modern Arnis, Lao Kickboxing and Tibetan Nine Headed Snake Fist Kung Fu, and is a member of the Martial Arts Hall of Fame. Registration is open to the public.

About the Martial Artists

A living legend, Bapak Willem de Thouars is the third eldest brother of the de Thouars martial arts dynasty, a family of French and Dutch nobility and Indonesian tribal royalty. He spent his early years on the island of Java and traveled the world in the merchant marines before emigrating to the United States in the 1960s, when he began teaching his branch of the family art, Kun Tao Silat de Thouars. Willem’s style is distinctive in its richness. He practices over a dozen forms of his own art’s lineage, and counts among his own influences western boxing and fencing, and he developed some of his training methods from Charles Atlas. From all of these sources, he has distilled an art of effortless beauty and brutal effectiveness. Now in his 70s, “Uncle Bill”, as he is called by his students, will be retiring in 2008 from active martial arts instruction. This will be his last seminar in the northwest.

Sifu Janet Gee is a consummate martial artist and women’s advocate in the Bay Area. She not only holds a 7th degree black belt in Choy Li Fut Kung Fu, but also has studied extensively for over thirty years in the disciplines of Tai Chi Chuan, Aikido, Tae Kwon Do, Jujitsu, Kempo Karate, Indonesian Martial Arts and Judo, and she is a member of the Martial Arts Hall of Fame. She is a certified Alexander Technique instructor, yoga instructor, massage therapist and rape crisis counselor, and an adjunct faculty member at City College of San Francisco and San Francisco State University, where she teaches women’s studies and self defense. Sifu Gee is a brilliant martial artist who combines these approaches in her instruction to teach profound healing and empowerment.

Guru Kurtis Goodwin is the founder of A.P.I. International Combat Arts Association, and is an advanced practitioner and teacher of over nineteen styles of martial arts. He has hosted this annual Summer Camp seminar for sixteen years in Portland, Oregon.

Contact and Registration

This event is open to the public. More information and registration are available through A.P.I. International Combat Arts Association, on the web here or by phone at (503) 287-4265. Event will take place August 10 through August 12, 1007 at A.P.I. International Combat Arts Association, 5347 NE Sandy Blvd, Portland, Oregon, 97213.

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PERMACULTURE & PEAK OIL: Beyond ‘Sustainability’ (Video)

Here’s a chance to learn more important stuff today.

I completely concur with Permaculture co-founder David Holmgren that we MUST start thinking beyond sustainability. We need to think RESILIENCEand PRESERVATION. Sustaining our modern culture is no longer an option.

August 1, 2007 at 10:09 am 3 comments

The Damage We’ve Done

This is a song I sing in my head… I hear the melody, instrumentation and arrangement. Writing it here so I don’t lose the words when I record it properly.

The Damage We’ve done

It’s been a long time
And the fault is partly mine
The time for change is now
It’s all part of the design

The leaders of the world
Are in their final run
It’s time to pry them out
And fix the damage they’ve done

Singing oh, oh, oh ,oh ,oh
And fix the damage they’ve done
Singing oh, oh, oh, oh ,oh
And fix the damage they’ve done

The final hours near
But it’s not the final breath
The modern way of living
Needs to die a modern death

The people of the world
Are full of love and fun
We have to come together
And fix the damage we’ve done

Singing oh, oh, oh ,oh ,oh
And fix the damage we’ve done
Singing oh, oh, oh, oh ,oh
And fix the damage we’ve done

We won’t go without fighting
We do not fear death
Dying to save this planet
Man it feels the best

We are ready
We are ready
We are ready
We are ready

Singing oh, oh, oh ,oh ,oh
Fixing damage we’ve done
Singing oh, oh, oh, oh ,oh
Fixing the damage we’ve done

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