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No One Likes To Lose


Today we learned that tons of protesters headed to Washington to protest the war, only to have their buses turned away by the police. Apparently, you have to WALK into DC if you want to register a complaint with the establishment about the complete global poo-storm they have created for us.

And while there were many anti-war protesters that did manage to get their message across, there were also the pro-war Americans chanting “GO USA! Go USA!” as well.

You know, those are folks you want cheering for your kid’s football team. The people that will cheer on their team all the way until the end, even when the game is down to the last seconds an it’s apparent their team is losing.

Man, what SPIRIT those folks have. We gotta hand it to them.

But what we are having handed to us is our ass, on a platter, from the rest of the world. And no one likes to lose, so it’s easy to understand why there is so much anger and denial in America. We can’t lose, can we? We can’t have fucked up so bad that things will fall apart, can we? But… but… we’re America, man!

Yeah, try reading some history and you’ll see it’s not only possible, but it’s our new reality. Welcome to shock and trauma. The people in charge did not achieve whatever objectives they were trying to achieve. Frankly, I don’t care how much planning all these Washington Think Tanks did before the invasion, they apparently thought they could beat the laws of physics or something.

Doh! Looks like the invisible hand was caught in the cookie jar.

So, mature politicians around the world must start having the conversation no one thought we’d have to have… that here are just too many people on the planet to sustain the existing population with such unfair levels of national greed. In America, we use 25% of the world’s resources. We are not able to sustain an empire able to hold onto that kind of lifestyle.

And now the markets are crashing all around us, just like the Peak Oilers have said was going to happen all along. The dollar is falling, and debt-ridden Americans are lined up as lambs for the slaughter. The establishment lent out all the monopoly money and Americans thought they were “home owners” when they were merely debters. Only in this game of monopoly, when people lose, they can go cold and hungry.

So here’s what I’m hearing as concerns:

“Randy, war is raging, the planet is burning up, oil is running out, the cost of living is getting too high, there are people on the streets, – it’s just about to be general mayhem and hell out there!”

I believe we can save this place and still manage to eek out a happy living. We just need to make some serious changes:

America’s New Military
My wife is a nurse. She works several 12+ hour shifts a week, and it’s wearing on her, just as I’m sure so many jobs are wearing on other Americans. If the corporations freed/liberated the work force, we could put together a new type of military.

For instance – instead of a draft for war, we could draft people for social work. You could choose from a variety of trades, and put in your 1 – 2 years of service serving the needs of the many. After your “time” in the service, you get to take a break and have people help you out.
Basically, a not-for-profit system of caring for each and every American, and person in the world, for that matter.

Now, I’m not trying to go all commie or “We Are The World” on you, but unless we quickly build up America’s New Military to do good for the citizenry and provide for everyone, there will only be so much people can take before riots start taking place. No one wants that.

America’s New Hobby
Learning old world skills, baby. I think people had better start learning how to master some sort of plant or craft, such as becoming a “Carrot Master”, or “Sewing Master”, or whatever relevant thing you can do best. If neighbors worked together to help one another and share these skills, we can have civil cohesion.

America’s New Fuel
I’m not going to debate the whole biofuels thing here. It’s time to kick small scale, localized, multi-crop ethanol biorefineries into high gear. We CAN grow enough food and fuel for all Americans.(there are even classes!) I will tell you that there is most certainly a way to become energy independent, and David Blume is the hero to help implement the planthe plan. You’ve GOT to get his book.

All in all, I feel strongly that we are in the deepest of shit, and that if the kids with the guns don’t actually get us all blown up first, there are mature, idealistic Americans ready to make up for our fuckups and help get the country back on track to livability.


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