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One Way To Consume Less Fuel

Will it take sexy women save the planet? (NOTE: Probably not safe to play this video at work!)


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Peak Oil Exposes Home Builder / Housing Market Inefficiencies

Peak Oil is causing the rise of theft and crime

Wow. No journalists in the media currently reporting on the Home Builder industry / Housing market seem to be explaining exactly what is going on. They keep blaming it all on the same culprits, from Credit woes to energy prices. While they are correct, there is much more to the story.

As an efficiency expert, I will try and give you some deeper insight into some root causes of the housing implosion. Let’s first start out with the see-saw reporting in the media:

Here is a report from October 26th:

‘Acknowledging that there is definitely downward momentum in the market at this time, with starts, sales, prices and permits off, and problems in the subprime and Alt-A mortgage markets, NAHB Chief Economist David Seiders said that housing should nevertheless begin a modest recovery next year.’
Source: NAHB

Reality, however, keeps on rearing it’s ugly head more and more every day. This new Housing report just came off the presses:

NEW YORK – U.S. home prices fell nationwide in August for the eighth consecutive month, offering little hope of a turnaround anytime soon, according to the S&P/Case-Shiller index released Tuesday. Things could get worse, said Yale economist Robert Shiller, who helped create the index.

“There is really no positive news in today’s report,” said Shiller, chief economist for MacroMarkets LLC, which collaborates with S&P on the indicator. “At both the national and metro area levels, the fall in home prices is showing no real signs of a slowdown or turnaround.”
Source: MSNBC

Hrmmmmmmmmmmmm. Anyone know when the housing market will recover, if ever? Bueller? Bueller?

There are so many variables that are being left out of these stories, journalists obviously don’t know the whole story. Sure, they know simple facts like how America’s homes gobble up 25 percent of the world’s energy and are to thank for 19 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions.

Home Builders are following the same logic they have in the past to try and fix their present problems. Right now, one of their solutions is to fire the present line of market managers in the hopes that reorganizing the company will fix things. You know, give those eager up-and-coming managers a chance at the reigns. Perhaps the advertising campaigns will be switched up, and more special pricing packages will be created.

These fixes will only work for so long.

This slump is not just about home sales and management shuffles! It’s about operational efficiencies, or rather inefficiencies of the home builder market that need to be examined. I’m not just talking about higher efficiency Energy Star certifications on fridges, microwaves, air conditioning units, heating systems and dishwashers here. You have to dig deeper.

So, all you Home Builder management types, listen up!

I know you are losing millions of dollars to theft of new appliances in freshly built homes. I know that in all likelihood, it’s an inside swindle being pulled on you by contractors, not ordinary thieves kicking in doors or breaking windows.

I know you are paying increased security costs to try and stem the losses from having to buy the same new appliances twice.

I know you are losing sales to people foregoing their deposit to re-purchase the house at a lower price as the market value of homes drops.

I know you spend a lot of money on advertising that goes to waste.

There are, of course, many more points I can nitpick at. But if you want to stop the bleeding and start making sales again, you are going to have to start paying attention and listening to experts like me that can help you return to better profitability.

There are solutions ready to go. Here’s just one idea for you, free of charge:

When one alarm goes off in the neighborhood, or a crime occurs and a neighbor wants to report it – have an opt-in neighborhood alert system set up. Every person in your branded DR Horton, Arbor , or (insert your company name here) community can become eyes and ears.

My company is called Bright Neighbor, and we have created the all-in-one tool to help secure your profits, communities, and sanity. Our solution is affordable, and will help you save millions of dollars right away.

You can get all the info you need here.

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Peak Oil And Global Warming Kicks Beer Drinkers In The Mouth

Beer Prices and Ethanol Peak Oil

Beer drinkers on high alert! Peak oil has arrived, and it is taking away your cheap beer.

Now, now – I know that Russia’s President has compared the current Missile crisis to that of the Cuban Missile Crisis, but let’s not get too bent out of shape over Nuclear Armageddon just yet. The Fucking price of BEER is going to skyrocket? What!? Are you SERIOUS?!

“I’m guessing, at a minimum, at least a 10 percent jump in beer prices for the average consumer before the end of the year,” said Terry Butler, brewmaster at central Washington’s Snipes Mountain. Fuel, aluminum and glass prices have been going up quickly over a period of several years. (Don’t let the media convince you that ethanol is to blame for food price increases either. That load of crap has been completely debunked by David Blume.)

I absolutely have had enough. No more of this. The fuel revolution must come right now. We cannot let the price of fuel continue to oppress our access to fine, tasty microbrews, or even that cheap piss-water sold to us by the Beer Barons of the world.

No siree. I have had ENOUGH. The lack of quick global action to offset the impacts of Peak Oil must end right now. SAVE OUR BEER!

October 26, 2007 at 3:44 pm 1 comment

No More Mr. Nice (Peak Oil) Guy

Mall Shoppers

That’s it. I’ve had it – no more Mr. Nice Peak Oil Guy. We don’t have time for niceties anymore. I can’t help myself, because this weekend I followed through on an experimental shopping trip to the mall. When was the last time you were at a full-blown mall? I had not ventured into such a center in years, and decided to take a field trip (I didn’t buy anything).

Pretend at this moment you can hear me breathing in deep, and calmly breathing out while slowly counting to 10.

The unbridled consumerism I witnessed this weekend is indicative of our present conundrum. After all, how are humans supposed to conserve water, oil, and effectively stop global warming if marketers constantly help corporations maximize profits from frenzied shoppers? And how are those frenzied shoppers supposed to change behaviors when there is no government leadership bold enough to implement emergency Peak Oil measures?

Let’s take a look at the present scoreboard:

World oil production has peaked.
Oil prices have surged to record levels.
The economy is tanking.
George Bush is talking about World War III
And Dick Cheney says Iran can’t have nukes, even though he’s the one who released the identity of a CIA agent trying to stop them from getting nukes.

And yet it seems shoppers in America’s malls couldn’t be more oblivious to fact that the canaries in the coal mine have stopped singing.

AM I out of touch with reality here? Is reality truly non-stop shiny endless things you can buy at retail prices? At the malls, where people seem to convene and gawk at one another while blowing the last remaining credit they have access to, all seems fine and well. I am simply in awe that with so many problems facing us as a world that business as usual is still occurring. Either the message isn’t getting out clearly – or people are choosing to ignore it because the lights are still on, the food court is hopping, and there are goods in the stores.

Granted, we each live in our own world. What’s important to us as people varies from person to person, and damnit… people don’t like thinking about big change. We all still want to shop. I get that part – but as wars increase and the ability to sustain our existence on limited energy dwindles – will those currently not paying attention be able to handle the shock to the system?

We can’t play with political words anymore – no more rhetoric about energy independence. We might be rationing gas before you know it – and all the pandering in the world won’t help politicians that don’t offer concrete action plans. There are plenty of people around the world who have been studying ways to overcome the challenges of Peak Oil – none of which are prophets or fortune tellers. This is a global movement based on science combined with critical thinking and action.

That is why as a Peak Oil activist with action plans, I am running for Portland City Council. It’s time for Peak Oil thinkers to get all Ghandi-like and be the change we want to be. As a city council member, I will serve the needs of Portlanders by implementing bold local action plans to better prepare for the radical changes being thrust upon the populace.

I urge others of you in your own local communities to do the same.

October 22, 2007 at 10:56 am 4 comments

It’s a Fact: Alcohol Fuel Can Help Offset Peak Oil

Ethanol VS Oil

Ok folks… here it is, the ultimate truth. There are people coming out right now saying that biofuels can’t offset the dangers of Peak Oil and I call BS. Lies Lies Lies to keep oil going as long as possible, and we don’t have time to mess around anymore – there is a real danger to America without smart solutions getting implemented right now. Take a look at this video of David Blume educating local news man Wayne Garcia.

Quite the brave newscaster to allow the truth to come out in the mainstream media! Expect the nay-sayers to try and convince you that we can’t overcome our challenges. See for yourself how we can do it and get Alcohol Can Be A Gas!

If you want to stop whining about rising gas prices, pick up your copy of “Alcohol Can Be A Gas” by clicking here.

October 5, 2007 at 10:15 pm 8 comments

The Ultimate “Save The World” Web Application

Eco Green Consumer Behavior Stubborn

Newsflash: The new money is in weapons systems and saving the planet. So, how do we get everyone to become a Volvo-humper with such a dichotomy of profit making methods?

Aside from all the Greenwashing that takes place with companies jockeying to be a darker shade of green, there are true ways for organizations to become sustainable if they have the desire.

Through the help of organizations such as Natural Step, Green Mind, and Good Company, any business or organization can learn the skills needed to do sustainable business on a dying planet. And there are tons upon tons of “Eco” websites and magazines on the web with all sorts of cool tips on how to live a greener lifestyle.

Here’s the biggest problem: People with purchasing power still don’t WANT to change, or haven’t felt the pain enough to be FORCED to change their living or business habits.

We can still breathe air, and cancer doesn’t make itself known right away.
We can throw stuff in the trash, and it still gets taken to a magic trash land.
We can still fill our vehicles with fuel – whether it’s gas, ethanol, or biodiesel.

But, while all the modern conveniences are still within reach, there are millions of eco-heads screaming that unless we change, the end is nigh. Yawn. That kind of messaging is too depressing for the majority of people. It’s too complex for people to go from A to B as consumers, unless they have an easy-to-use tool to help facilitate behavior change.

I guess this is where, on October 2, 2007, I announce that I have designed the ultimate save-the-planet application. Now hear me out. It has an amazing set of features, employs a fun way to change behavior, and helps everyone make money while helping save themselves and future generations of humans. Beyond such a bold and vague statement of what it does, I can’t get too detailed because the secret is in the sauce, know what I mean?

I shit you not. Facebook and Google will be kicking down the door to copy (Name of secret application) or buy it from me outright. It truly is the coolest web application in the world. Upon launch will make any investor a mega-millionaire – perhaps bazillionaire! There are already municipalities on standby ready to pilot it.

So, here’s the catch: I need about two million dollars to take it beyond the prototype currently developed. The hard architecture work is completed, but I need a team of programming, legal, and other specific homies to really get it rolling the way it needs to be. There is a non-disclosure agreement ready at the helm for any serious investors or companies that want to explore the opportunity.

And if any of you send in a ringer to steal the idea, technology, or methods – I will have to introduce you to the cool cat-like moves I’ve been learning from Guru Kurtis.

So, there it is. Calling all rich investors looking for the next social platform that takes us from Web 2.0 to Web 5.0. If anyone has Bill Gates’ number, you can reach me via invest (at)

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How Would You Spend $150 Billion Dollars?

Money for war

Our intelligent money spenders in Congress are out to spend another $150 Billion dollars of our collective hard-earned money to keep paying contractors to shoot people in the Middle East.

My question is… instead of spending that money on continued warfare, how would you spend $150 Billion?

Things to consider:

– We have the technology to free ourselves from the needs of oil.
– We could create great paying jobs used to implement the technology used to free ourselves from oil

I’m open to suggestions.

October 2, 2007 at 12:57 pm 2 comments

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