The Ultimate “Save The World” Web Application

October 2, 2007 at 2:58 pm Leave a comment

Eco Green Consumer Behavior Stubborn

Newsflash: The new money is in weapons systems and saving the planet. So, how do we get everyone to become a Volvo-humper with such a dichotomy of profit making methods?

Aside from all the Greenwashing that takes place with companies jockeying to be a darker shade of green, there are true ways for organizations to become sustainable if they have the desire.

Through the help of organizations such as Natural Step, Green Mind, and Good Company, any business or organization can learn the skills needed to do sustainable business on a dying planet. And there are tons upon tons of “Eco” websites and magazines on the web with all sorts of cool tips on how to live a greener lifestyle.

Here’s the biggest problem: People with purchasing power still don’t WANT to change, or haven’t felt the pain enough to be FORCED to change their living or business habits.

We can still breathe air, and cancer doesn’t make itself known right away.
We can throw stuff in the trash, and it still gets taken to a magic trash land.
We can still fill our vehicles with fuel – whether it’s gas, ethanol, or biodiesel.

But, while all the modern conveniences are still within reach, there are millions of eco-heads screaming that unless we change, the end is nigh. Yawn. That kind of messaging is too depressing for the majority of people. It’s too complex for people to go from A to B as consumers, unless they have an easy-to-use tool to help facilitate behavior change.

I guess this is where, on October 2, 2007, I announce that I have designed the ultimate save-the-planet application. Now hear me out. It has an amazing set of features, employs a fun way to change behavior, and helps everyone make money while helping save themselves and future generations of humans. Beyond such a bold and vague statement of what it does, I can’t get too detailed because the secret is in the sauce, know what I mean?

I shit you not. Facebook and Google will be kicking down the door to copy (Name of secret application) or buy it from me outright. It truly is the coolest web application in the world. Upon launch will make any investor a mega-millionaire – perhaps bazillionaire! There are already municipalities on standby ready to pilot it.

So, here’s the catch: I need about two million dollars to take it beyond the prototype currently developed. The hard architecture work is completed, but I need a team of programming, legal, and other specific homies to really get it rolling the way it needs to be. There is a non-disclosure agreement ready at the helm for any serious investors or companies that want to explore the opportunity.

And if any of you send in a ringer to steal the idea, technology, or methods – I will have to introduce you to the cool cat-like moves I’ve been learning from Guru Kurtis.

So, there it is. Calling all rich investors looking for the next social platform that takes us from Web 2.0 to Web 5.0. If anyone has Bill Gates’ number, you can reach me via invest (at)

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