How Would You Spend $150 Billion Dollars?

October 2, 2007 at 12:57 pm 2 comments

Money for war

Our intelligent money spenders in Congress are out to spend another $150 Billion dollars of our collective hard-earned money to keep paying contractors to shoot people in the Middle East.

My question is… instead of spending that money on continued warfare, how would you spend $150 Billion?

Things to consider:

– We have the technology to free ourselves from the needs of oil.
– We could create great paying jobs used to implement the technology used to free ourselves from oil

I’m open to suggestions.


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  • 1. Saeed Tiwana  |  October 2, 2007 at 2:13 pm

    Talibans are a ghost, a shadow. All our arrows, swords, horses are set to chase these ghosts.They all look alike. Kill anyone and hes’ a Taliban. No question asked. Catch anyone in the street, put him in a car loaded with dynamite, tape the mouth and hands and we have a suicide bomber reported. Private contractors are getting paid in millions to help shoot some.Everytime the cause needs a ‘pep’ the message of Osama surfaces on Arab TV, or a blog. 1.4 trillion USD have been spent on this ‘Halooween game’.
    The real villain is Russia. It was broken up from a Soviet Union. It had to put layers of semi-independent states in its south to isolate Russia with the rest of the world. Fate has been laughing at it ever since the southern states of Azerbaijan, Dagestan, Turkomenistan and the Caspian lake have struck oil valued at 130 trillion USDs.
    Cheveron was quick to make contract with Turkomenistan. Chechens wanted oil pipe through them,and a canal to the Russian Black Sea is in the offing. Putin doesnt want to retire. He is talking of old strength. His military planners want an excuse of intervention via Iran onto Middle East.
    Total oil is 230 trillion USDs. That is total currency of the world for the next 500 years. Russia is laughing at American attrition in Iraq & Afghanistan,finds total population hostile to Americans today.
    Like Churchill, the Russians are on their knees, praying to God that US attacks Iran. Then they have an excuse of intervention. Europe is lying exposed because NATO is BUSH-HUNTING in Afghanistan. The treasures of the world are lying at the Russian feet provided they have a new constitution and a new army, Iran can have its war machine made inRussia secretly.(Russia made German warmachine after WWI)
    When America will want friends, it will see enemies from India to Lebanon. That truly is a slippery ground.
    American general Pace said that he was surprised at Iraqi reaction . He thought Iraqis will welcome his army in Iraq. That same thing can happen to America everywhere .SURPRISE & BEATING.
    Once control of oil, the Americans will have to pay more for oil than ever. Wealth will slip towards the cold continent.
    A farmer left his monkey to protect his cows. When he returned from the city, his cattle were gone, stolen. The farmer scolded his monkey. The monkey replied:” You should have seen my sword fencing when the cows were being stolen.”
    Food For Thought.

  • 2. christopher  |  November 17, 2008 at 10:50 am

    i would invest in music companies for up and coming rappers.r&b singers,country,and the cities of new jersey make the streets much safer.remodel abandon houses,buildings,fix streets that need fixing.donate to the n.j.police departments for the fine job they do protecting the find a cure for the aids virus,cancer,hep b,c,and sexual diseases.


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