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Corporate Media Must Do More To Communicate Peak Oil

Peak Oil Communications

Man, someone needs to make Corporations realize that we are in the deepest of shit and they must make emergency preparations. Right now, the question facing us is not whether the world will move away from fossil fuels, but how. But, Corporations see it as harming themselves to tell the world that America’s financial living standard can’t continue as it is right now. That message doesn’t go over well with advertisers.

Peak Oil advocates have long been ridiculed by the media as fringe theorists. The past Corporate mantra has been to prop up the military-industrial strategy, just trying to take the oil from elsewhere. That plan isn’t working out so well. Oops.

Now, when the mainstream media finally IS interviewing respected peak oil thought leaders, they seem more interested in ridiculing them rather than listening to the dire warning presented.

Watch this video clip from CNBC with Matthew Simmons and experience dismissive reporter attitudes and utter lack of Peak Oil market education:

What an outrage to mock those trying to implement plans to change our dependence on oil as energy. Mr. Simmons is telling the market that the global market has reached the point when price doesn’t matter, people will pay anything for oil because their current economies can’t live without it.

Our economy is pegged to the dollar (petrodollar). As that collapses, so does our economy, shutting down transportation systems and completely destroying our “Just-In-Time” way of operating our country. We have run out of time for smarmy commentary, our country has to act like the most responsible of grown ups right now.

I applaud the way this reporter treats a true visionary by doing proper media homework before the interview:

Notice the difference? Please do what you can to make the media better communicate the seriousness of peak oil. As food and fuel prices continue to rise, housing and auto prices fall, political tensions mount, and more wars likely break out – we need to brace for impact.

Peak Oil Chart

Idea: Revoke the ability to declare war – congress needs to cancel this order.

Idea: Buy David Blume’s book, “Alcohol Can Be A Gas“. It shows you all the tools you need to make it through the peak oil crisis.


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