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Lawns to Gardens Gets on Mainstream TV

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Hooray for KPTV in Portland!

They decided to help people see what all the cool kids are doing these days, which is to convert your lawn into a food garden! The show “Good Day Oregon Home & Garden” paid us a visit at the “Lawns to Gardens” HQ, and put us in their show.

Sorry, there is no YouTube feed, you’ll have to see Lawns to Gardens on TV through their website.

Thanks very much to KPTV’s great reporters, they have all been stellar.

Now that oil company executives are admitting they are greedy idiots, we know for a fact peak oil is here. This isn’t a joke, folks. Planting food and learning vital survival skills are of utmost importance right now.

I highly encourage you to get active in your communities and get to know your neighbors right now. You can all help one another work over one another’s yards.

One more note (for political junkies): This TV video made me realize in order to be taken seriously, I needed a haircut and more professional clothing. Snip snip snip and now I’m clean cut. Grandma’s across the city will be proud.


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How Do We Convert Suburbia Into Earthships?

Just wonderin.

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