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Comedy Tells The Truth

This is Madly funny, and madly sad indeed.


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The New Pilgrims of Peak Oil

Peak Oil Pilgrims Thanksgiving

I was thinking about Thanksgiving this year, and how much it relates to our global situation in relation to Peak Oil.

The Pilgrims were a group of dissidents who came to America from England to escape religious persecution. They were at odds with the Church of England, and in the early 1600s anyone who disagreed with the church was hunted down and thrown in jail.

These folks braved treacherous ocean storms, disease, and even death to finally land on the shores of America, all in order to escape from a previous world (that’s the friendly Yankee story of our colonization, anyway). They may have dressed like wussies, but man, that kind of dedication to fixing their situation took more intestinal fortitude than our current leaders are showing.

Like it or not, the population of the world is the new Pilgrim, faced with crossing the turbulent waters of energy depletion and overpopulation. Our boat is a global Mayflower, yet enough people on board haven’t yet seemed to agree which course we should be on. Our present religious persecution comes not from a single church, but in the form of extremist religions dedicated to finishing stories they believe have a very unhappy ending.

This Thanksgiving, I am 31 years old. I understand that the US economy is doomed as long as it is pegged to a dollar dependent on oil. We just don’t have the stuff to drill anymore, and we can’t get enough of it from our many dealers around the world anymore. They just don’t want our money.

You very bad customer!”, they are saying. After our escapades to secure oil, other countries are making moves to shut us off.

Folks, if you think things are bad right now, wait until countries stop sending us oil. If the economy collapses completely, we will need to act like orderly pilgrims indeed. The cool part is that we have plenty of houses, plenty of food, and we can make enough fuel from Alcohol to get by.

Of course, everyone would need to downsize their luxury Western lifestyle, and that will take some real adjusting. As long as money exists, there will be class disparity and seemingly “unfair” distribution of things. That means there will be fighting, unless we all agree to work together and figure things out for a while.

That’s why I am so Thankful to have food, family, and friends to celebrate with tomorrow. Because experts don’t know how much longer the ship can hold together on the course the world is presently charting. Unless country leaders can come together and put together a global action plan to curb population without resorting to murder, we may not get to see many more Thanksgivings.

So when you are digging into your Turkey or Tofurkey, take time to not only think of yourself, but of the young faces sitting around the table. You have the chance to help them have a better future by changing your behaviors today.

The Portland Peak Oil Task Force has written the best Peak Oil emergency plan available. It can be tweaked to fit your local needs, just change out the variables. Most of the work has already been done, and I invite you to pass this plan along to your local government and businesses.

Happy Thanksgiving.

BONUS: Check out this Population / CO2 / Species clock!

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