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Google Is Giving Away $10 Million To Help Fix Peak Oil

Can you believe it? Google is set to give away Ten Million smackeroos to help fix this whole energy crisis mess. At least that’s what I take away from this video:

Ok, so maybe they didn’t exactly say they were going to dedicate it to fixing peak oil. BUT, whoever develops the coolest application in their new Android platform will get the money. I tell you, for the life of me, I can’t imagine a single more important application than mobile Peak Oil software.

You see, we are entering turbulent times when the economy can’t hide its sickness anymore. All the software applications that send you Bart Simpson quotes and other stupid Facebook widgets need to die.

Die! Die! Die!

We have the technology to create the all-in-one save our asses application. It needs to be out there, PRONTO. I mean, society is about to go through a massively rough period, and when people get scared, they do stupid things.

We don’t need new technology. We need new uses for existing technology. Technology people already have, because the ability for consumers to acquire new things is greatly diminished. The dollar keeps losing value, prices keep rising, and we are probably going to start seeing spot shortages of stuff.

So I guess what I mean to say with this headline is that Google should give me the ten million bucks. I have that killer Android application they want so badly. Come and get it fellas.

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