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Lawns to Gardens Episode 4: Homeless Survival Tips

DD Desade - Homeless In Portland

In this episode, we head out with Railer guitarist DD Desade who lived on the streets of Portland for eight months. More and more people will be adding to the streets as Peak Oil kicks poor people in the teeth even harder. It is a worldwide problem.

DD is an entertaining tour guide for the ultimate in street living and homeless survival tips. Watch and learn! He told me he had absolutely nothing to his name. He ate out of trash cans. He begged for money. And he was free.

He was free from any responsibility – and if he could tolerate the cold and wet conditions, he could survive and just get drunk all day. It was bittersweet – and he knows over five Iraq veterans who have taken the same path – choosing freedom and drugs/alcohol over rejoining society.

Maybe some of the homeless are just trying to work things out and they will figure out ways to deal with their pain. For now, why don’t you watch this 15 minute documentary on Homeless Survival Tips. You might just learn something.

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Revolution Comes In A Jug

How To Make Moonshine and Alcohol

One thing is a constant fact in America. Everyone drinks. Even people who are homeless without a penny to their name find the need to drink. And like in times of depression, alcohol is always in demand.

Now, anyone can learn how to make alcohol at home. If you are broke and in debt, remember that alcohol will always be in demand. You can trade it for just about anything – it’s poor man’s gold! That’s why I love author and farmer Dave Blume. He is a pissed-off moonshiner who has unleashed the secrets to making alcohol in batches at home.

Imagine a well known magician spills the beans on how each magic trick is performed at all the Las Vegas shows. Well, there are lots of secret societies, and moonshiners and bootleggers have “code words” they use to talk to one another about the business. This secret language was used to protect them from the law during Prohibition. (If you read the Prohibition article, note the cute anti-alcohol quote from America’s Original Oil Man, wealthy industrialist John D. Rockefeller.) It is essential to get in on their lingo in order to understand the moonshine culture. You know, the good stuff – 200 Proof and it can run just about any car in America.

Sure, the car and oil companies tell you that you can’t run alcohol as a fuel for your gas powered car, but they are lying. I am running a 50/50 ethanol and gasoline mix in my Honda Civic, and it runs beautifully!

I got Dave Blume’s book, “Alcohol Can Be A Gas“, and now I know how to make moonshine. They will probably end up banning this book because it has the potential to free America from the clutches of big oil.

You can brew 200 proof alcohol and get the legal permits to operate your own alcohol still. Why let all the big companies get away with having a monopoly on booze and fuel? You are a free American, so brew your own!

– It’s sustainable
– You get paid 61 cents per gallon just to USE the stuff.
– You can use alcohol to run your car, and even convert it to run 100% alcohol and stop using gasoline

So go ahead… learn how to make moonshine! The government will even pay you to do it. If people would take action, we can free ourselves from oil.

Everything you need is in Dave Blume’s book.
I suggest you order a copy and get started.

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The Big Recession Is Here: Should You Learn Martial Arts?

Peak Oil Learn Martial Arts and how to fight

Do you know how to kick someone’s ass?

I mean a knock-down, drag out brawl to the very end… bloody fists and a lump of beaten flesh falling as you hear the dull thud of your competitor’s body hitting the pavement.

Many people are beginning to realize just how screwed we are as Mother Earth ceases the ability to feed us all. So brothers and sisters around the planet are going to have to eventually choose to be Garden Warriors or predators. Sure, no one can predict the way things are going to go down, but they certainly are going to go down. How long you survive depends on too many variables to predict.

The question is how well you are prepared for the changes that happen in society. Not everyone is going to be nice, and just like in Nature, the weak and untrained will die off first. As much as you may hate the idea of some meathead killing you for whatever reason as laws fall by the wayside, unless you can defend yourself – it will probably happen.

It makes me wonder how much time people have to truly prepare themselves in the ways of the warrior. I can’t pretend to be an expert in this area, especially since I never spent time training in the jungle getting beat up by ninjas the way Hollywood would have us believe it goes.

No, most people with warrior skills understand that the desire to survive comes down to will power and past experience. If you have military training and equipment, you will certainly have an advantage over a white collar worker with virgin fists. But there are more and more people waking up to the “Fight Club” mentality – realizing that materialism is bunk and coming back to the principles of reality.

The fact is, as simple as we learn to live while preparing to do more with less, unless law and order is maintained and people remain civil, you might consider getting into shape sooner rather than later.

If you live in Portland, I recommend visiting Kurtis Goodwin.


I thought I might be able to get a dodge dealer to sponsor this kind of ad. I wonder if they will ever become risk takers and buy into the idea since car sales are slowing down?

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Researchers: Ethanol Blends Provide Better Fuel Economy Than Gasoline


Sweet victory! Lawns to Gardens has long been making the case that David Blume’s work “Alcohol Can Be A Gas” is a definitive “How To” plan for helping ween America off of oil, fix our food system, and slow down global warming. Now there is proof to back it up.


Newly released research suggests certain ethanol blends provide better fuel economy than gasoline, despite biofuel’s lower energy content. The research findings released show that mid-range ethanol blends – fuel mixtures with more ethanol than E10 but less than E85 – can in some cases provide better fuel economy than regular unleaded gasoline, even in standard, non-flex-fuel vehicles and despite the biofuel’s lower energy content. The University of North Dakota Energy & Environmental Research Center (EERC) and the Minnesota Center for Automotive Research (MnCAR) conducted the tests, results of which are published in the report titled Optimal Ethanol Blend-Level Investigation.

Previous assumptions held that ethanol’s lower energy content – around 30% lower than gasoline – directly correlates with lower fuel economy for drivers. Those assumptions were found to be incorrect. Instead, the new research suggests that there is an ‘optimal blend level’ of ethanol and gasoline – most likely E20 or E30 – at which cars will get better mileage than predicted based strictly on the fuel’s per-gallon Btu content. The new study, cosponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy and the American Coalition for Ethanol (ACE), also found that mid-range ethanol blends reduce harmful tailpipe emissions.

“This is a compelling argument for more research on the promise of higher ethanol blends in gasoline. There is strong evidence that the optimal ethanol-gasoline blend for standard, non-flex-fuel vehicles is greater than E10 and instead may be E20 or E30. We encourage the federal government to move swiftly to research the use of higher ethanol blends and make necessary approvals so that American motorists can have the cost-effective ethanol choices they deserve at the pump.”

– Brian Jennings, executive vice president of the American Coalition for Ethanol

The University of North Dakota Energy & Environmental Research Center (EERC) and the Minnesota Center for Automotive Research (MnCAR) conducted the research using four 2007 model vehicles: a Toyota Camry, a Ford Fusion, and two Chevrolet Impalas, one flex-fuel and one non-flex-fuel. Researchers used the Environmental Protection Agency’s Highway Fuel Economy Test (HWFET) to examine a range of ethanol-gasoline blends from straight Tier 2 gasoline up to 85 percent ethanol. All of the vehicles got better mileage with ethanol blends than the ethanol’s energy content would predict, and three out of four traveled farther on a mid-level ethanol blend than on unleaded gasoline.

In addition to the favorable fuel economy findings, the research provides strong evidence that standard, non-flex-fuel vehicles can operate on ethanol blends beyond 10 percent. The three non-flex-fuel vehicles tested operated on levels as high as E65 before any engine fault codes were displayed.

Emissions results for the ethanol blends were also favorable for nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide and non-methane organic gases, showing an especially significant reduction in CO2 emissions for each vehicle’s “optimal” ethanol blend.


University of North Dakota Energy & Environmental Research Center (EERC), Minnesota Center for Automotive Research (MnCAR), Optimal Ethanol Blend-Level Investigation, December 2007.

American Coalition for Ethanol: Groundbreaking study finds that certain ethanol blends can provide better fuel economy than gasoline – December 5, 2007.

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How to Develop a Peak Oil Risk Management Plan

Peak Oil Risk Management Plan

The earth did not come without a way for the planet to heal itself and stay well. You can still live a good, happy life on planet earth while you live on it and while other people make war.

The fact is, you will not be able to escape the effects of the energy & ecosystem crash happening all around us. But you can still make smart moves for your city and family.

1) Get Over Yourself
You are not number one, no matter how many times your momma told you so.

2) Accept That Life Is Both Fair And Not Fair
You can learn something useful instead of watching TV. Are you paralyzed? Don’t blame others, blame yourself for not making smarter decisions. Do something positive besides bitching and moaning.

3) Take Care Of Your Health
The cost of living won’t be going down soon, so stop eating junk food and get a lot of exercise. Go do it with friends if you can’t motivate yourself.

4) Re-read #2
You have to INTERNALIZE this as truth. You are responsible for you.

5) Don’t Hurt Other People
Love is stronger than hate. It helps you win more often.

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A Cool Peak Oil Communications Video

How will you ride the slide?

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How To Have A Green Christmas

Eco Green Christmas Tree

My wife suggested that we buy a living Christmas tree in a pot this year and plant it after the holiday. “Woo hoo!” I thought – what a great topic to write about on Lawns to Gardens.

So I Googled “Green Christmas” and it seems Newsweek beat me to the punch while also adding many more ideas. So, I encourage you to read their Eco-Christmas article instead.

PS – Instead of tinsel, buying silver coins not only doubles as a great gift, but they could go up in value as the US Economy plummets.

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