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December 21, 2007 at 9:21 pm 3 comments

How To Make Moonshine and Alcohol

One thing is a constant fact in America. Everyone drinks. Even people who are homeless without a penny to their name find the need to drink. And like in times of depression, alcohol is always in demand.

Now, anyone can learn how to make alcohol at home. If you are broke and in debt, remember that alcohol will always be in demand. You can trade it for just about anything – it’s poor man’s gold! That’s why I love author and farmer Dave Blume. He is a pissed-off moonshiner who has unleashed the secrets to making alcohol in batches at home.

Imagine a well known magician spills the beans on how each magic trick is performed at all the Las Vegas shows. Well, there are lots of secret societies, and moonshiners and bootleggers have “code words” they use to talk to one another about the business. This secret language was used to protect them from the law during Prohibition. (If you read the Prohibition article, note the cute anti-alcohol quote from America’s Original Oil Man, wealthy industrialist John D. Rockefeller.) It is essential to get in on their lingo in order to understand the moonshine culture. You know, the good stuff – 200 Proof and it can run just about any car in America.

Sure, the car and oil companies tell you that you can’t run alcohol as a fuel for your gas powered car, but they are lying. I am running a 50/50 ethanol and gasoline mix in my Honda Civic, and it runs beautifully!

I got Dave Blume’s book, “Alcohol Can Be A Gas“, and now I know how to make moonshine. They will probably end up banning this book because it has the potential to free America from the clutches of big oil.

You can brew 200 proof alcohol and get the legal permits to operate your own alcohol still. Why let all the big companies get away with having a monopoly on booze and fuel? You are a free American, so brew your own!

– It’s sustainable
– You get paid 61 cents per gallon just to USE the stuff.
– You can use alcohol to run your car, and even convert it to run 100% alcohol and stop using gasoline

So go ahead… learn how to make moonshine! The government will even pay you to do it. If people would take action, we can free ourselves from oil.

Everything you need is in Dave Blume’s book.
I suggest you order a copy and get started.


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  • 2. Mark S  |  May 23, 2008 at 9:54 am

    Hi, and yes it’s a great book. It’s HUGE. I was waiting for over a year for him to finally get it from the printers. I’m wondering how many people are reading it? You wouldn’t happen to know of any internets “book clubs” devoted to it would you? I would love to build up an online reference / reading guide for it with other people as excited about it as I am.

    My favorite part is the ecological systems engineering coverage. Past few years I was following this guy’s writings on synergistic systems (combined cycles of plants, mushrooms, worms, fish etc):

    When I was a kid I read a Nigel Calder book titled Green Machines about the covergence between planetary crisis, political liberty and technological knowledge in the year 2030. Real cute Eco-Utopia stuff that’s coming true today. Published in 1986 the crisis was about Nuclear War; just strikethrough nuclear war and replace with Peak Oil today. Ah, then again…

    Couple of other books that influenced me back then as a teen were Kirkpatrick Sale’s Human Scale and K. Eric Drexler’s Engines of Creation. ( Human Scale was my intro to Small is Beautiful Liberation Technology, and Drexler’s EOC you probably recognize being a software designer.

  • 3. Doug Becker  |  June 29, 2008 at 5:52 pm

    I loved this book “Alcohol Can Be a Gas”.

    Hi, I’m Doug from Ohio…I actually picked up this book out of desperation for fuel. You see, I’m in the carpet cleaning business (24 years) and its a matter of time that I’ll have to close it down due to rising fuel cost.
    Now after reading “Alcohol Can Be a Gas” I want to learn more about the permaculture concept. I’m hoping to attend the class that David is offering. In the mean time, I would love to talk, visit or work with anyone that has micro ethanol plant.

    Thanks Doug


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