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How Corporate Owned Media Misleads You About High Gas Prices

Oil Company and Corporate Media myths

Want to see an example of how Corporate media continues their brazen attack on gas price reality?

Check out this completely misleading headline: “Next Round Of Gas Hikes Won’t Be Due To Oil“.

I call bullshit. The corporate media have a lot of balls to keep misleading you the way they do. Here is how they do it in this particular article:

1) They lead with a headline that sounds like a factual statement
Ask yourself – who benefits from you believing our fuel problems are due to a gas additive instead of the real reason? In this article, the corporate media blame the next round of rising gas prices on the additive alkylate (a byproduct of the oil refining process), which they claim is needed to replace MTBE.

What they DON’T tell you is that alcohol (ethanol) can be used instead of alkylate! Oh sure, it’s buried deep in the article, but they try really hard to get you to think rising gas prices are because of some chemical additive rather than peak oil.

2) They tell a teeny, tiny bit of truth
Here is the very small and buried truth in the article that they printed:

“The federal government long ago required refiners to boost the oxygen content of summer-blend gasoline to make it burn more completely, a problem that was solved by adding MTBE and, more recently, ethanol.”

Ho ho! So they admit alcohol is a substitute they can use instead of alkylate, the culprit they would have you believe is the cause of $4-a-gallon gas. But then they try to discredit the fact that they can simply add alcohol to fix the supply problem. Watch this next slick move they make:

“But ethanol also has a high evaporation rate, so refiners increasingly have turned to alkylate, which Tom Kloza, publisher and chief oil analyst at the Oil Price Information Service in Wall, N.J., calls the “magic bullet” in making summer gasoline.”

3) They tell you to get used to $4-a-gallon gas prices

“if production (of alkylate) doesn’t rise, American motorists will be faced with big jumps in spring gas prices for years to come.”

See how they do it?

Let’s review:
1) Blame high gas prices on an additive in short supply
2) Discredit market substitutes
3) Tell you to get used to high prices

America, the truth is that the world is now past peak oil. We are running out, and oil companies are currently shifting global fuel shortages around to their “less affluent” customers. If you live in a poor country somewhere in Africa, your economy will only crash further as America continues to suck resources dry.

Sorry, it’s the way it is. I wish you the best of luck. In the meantime, the west will continue to be able to fill up our vehicles, but not without paying political and oil company prices.

I suggest people wake up and learn the truth – which is that we can help reverse global warming by decentralizing control over fuel and make it ourselves in small batches. This is possible, and it pisses off the oil companies to no end. Rather than believe the crap these corporate media folks are pushing, America can run it’s auto fleet on moonshine made from potatoes, used donuts, mesquite, and a wide variety of crops.

The problem for oil companies and central banks is that when America starts learning that truth, these old codgers will lose control of money and the political system. They truly are a greedy old establishment, and the fact is they want to control you and everyone else. Hell, once you taste power, control, and hot American dollar sponsored orgies – you tend not to let go easily.

Suggestion for those of you in power – learn to let go. Sure, you will keep lying, but eventually people will wise up and rise up – you can’t hide reality forever.


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Do They Teach Home Economics Anymore?

As the new depression continues to grow, Americans can expect the abundance of available foods to return to the ways of old. While farmers will have to deal with rising input costs, the smart farmers using permaculture techniques can keep their costs lower than fertilizer-addicted mono-croppers.

This video serves as a reminder of how a century of advertising de-programmed humans from having to think about their food – and food means survival.

Suggestion: If you get laid off, volunteer to help Farmers Market vendors and get to know them!

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Calling It For What It Is

Let’s offend everyone at the same time, shall we?

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Stop Worrying About Peak Oil

Stop Worrying About Peak Oil

Is everyone on this planet just a big pussy? Are there so few humans willing to face their own demons and do what it takes to help out their fellow species before so many perish?

Are you just going to allow yourselves to keep getting punched in the face by your government captors? How many lumps are you going to allow yourself to take before you fight back for yourselves? When are you going to take control of your own futures – or are you going to just sit there and let yourself suffer from financial and emotional ruin?

Solution – Find your inner warrior! Be brave, stand up and fight for yourselves! I don’t mean literally fight – I mean get off your ass and help save this place by adding to the cause. You can start by looking for a job in earth-friendly growth sectors such as:

– Small scale farming
– Small scale alcohol still production
– Converting gasoline engines to run on pure alcohol (just like race cars do!)

You are such pussies! You are too stupid to invest in the right new markets to solve Peak Oil even though there is tons of money to be made! You would rather invest in the tried-and-true weapons of war to make profits, and that market means the end of us all.

Solution – Invest in brave young entrepreneurs, and don’t stifle their creative class with your old and broken system. Finance the ones offering substitutes

Hey you, FARMERS!
You suck so hard, your grandfather would switch your ass until it bled pints for selling out so easily to monoculture driven food corporations and home developers.

Solution – Learn the amazing profitable benefits of growing multiple crops using permaculture!

Hey, all you POLITICIANS!
Every single one of you carries the rotten odor of week-old-cheese or worse. Even if you are convinced your showers have cleansed you. By running for office, you serve yourself while supposedly serving the people.

Solution – Offer REAL platform issues that matter, such as supporting micro-level food production, offer crossover vocational training for making alcohol fuel, and help support programs that assist in eradicating unbridled consumerism. We have to come up with ways to save ourselves from the effects of global temperature increases, not just talk about it.

I want to apologize for offending anyone, but not really. Unless you are actively engaged in helping save yourself, your family, and your friends by departing from your old self, you might not make it.

Now think: What can you do to be a better you?

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The Year 2007 In Review (By JibJab)

All is never lost! No time for despair, only for fixing problems in the world. Have fun!

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Using Sex To Communicate Peak Oil

My name is Randy, and I approve these ads.

The good news is that we can overcome Peak Oil. We can remember the past, and move forward with the present to ensure a joyful future. That means getting over our wasteful ways, learning how to participate in hyper-local living, and taking part in building our communities.

We can do this. We MUST do this. Now.

January 10, 2008 at 8:26 am 8 comments

How The Markets Can Solve Peak Oil

So by now many of you probably know I am convinced that by reinventing ourselves, we can survive peak oil.

I’m writing a Hollywood blockbuster about someone I know who is making a software program that will solve many of the problems we face with the implications of a crashing economy based on peak oil / peak energy. The cool part is I am writing it based on a pirate movie analogy. Enjoy!

Peak Oil Pirates

The Blue Ocean, 1553

A young sailor with ambitions to be a ship captain receives a treasure map and a golden coin from an older dying sailor. According to the sailor, the coin came from the treasure itself. Before he dies in front of the lad, the ailing map giver tells him the treasure will make him wealthy beyond his wildest dreams, and that the entire treasure is still in place. There is a catch, however.

There are a few known copies of the map, and the dying man tells him at least one other ship captain has a gold coin and knows the location of the island. The older sailor tells the lad that it would take about two months to make preparations, set sail, and arrive at the island. This means there is still time to beat the other map holder to the treasure!

But Alas! He has no boat of his own to sail to the island where it is buried. He lives in a coastal sea town back in 1553. The young lad’s love interest wants him to find a nice job carrying fish from the docks to the processing house. He shares the map with her, and she tells him they can’t afford to hire a boat to chase what could possibly break them and get them tossed from their small home. He reassures her he knows the treasure will be there when he gets there, and that he can beat the other map holder. His years of sailing experience has taught him all he needs to know to be a sea captain of his own ship.

He tells her he will find investors who can finance his adventure. Until then, he will try and negotiate a deal with a local ship owner, but she will need to keep sewing dresses to support him while he makes preparations to sail. She begrudgingly agrees, and tells him he has one month to find a ship if they are to not be kicked out of their comfortable little home.

He writes a letter to a former sailing friend who had successfully sailed with him through rough waters and former trade route adventures, thinking he might have access to a ship. He then shares the map with some local friends who advise him to take up the journey and go for the gold, but to be wary of showing the map to people he doesn’t trust. Thus, he decides to embark on a journey to get to the island with their help. One problem – he doesn’t have his own boat or the money to hire a boat and crew!

There are many local taverns where the young lad ventures to try to hire a ship and crew. He will have to hire them based on the promise of treasure at the end of the journey. He tries to hire a well known captain and crew, who tricks him into revealing the general location of the island and then quotes him too high a percentage of the bounty. Throwing back a few drinks at a tavern, the discouraged hero runs into a couple of boat owners. Wary of hiring pirates, the lad does his best to describe what is needed to make the journey. If the young lad shows them the whole map, they could just set sail off on their own without him. He approaches a local governor asking for protection on the seas. Sensing a large tax opportunity, the lad gets a decree from the local governor that guarantees the ship owner would be pursued and arrested if he copied the map and tried to recover the treasure himself.

Finally, he locates a man who has stories to boast about his ability to take on such an adventure. He is an abrasive captain with a small crew, and the young lad strikes a deal with him after they ink a contract that says the lad will be captain of the ship. The lad attends a gathering with some friends, and he is introduced to an acquaintance who has come into a small sum of money, but enough to finance a small venture. By this time, a couple weeks have passed when the lad learns that another ship has set sail for the island to recover the bounty.

Will he get there in time to beat the other ship?!

Impassioned by the desire to win the race, the lad receives a letter back from his sailing friend, who is now a co-owner of a large sailing vessel that hires its crew for such journeys. Luckily, the friend included a general fee structure that his crew charges for such adventures. With more hands on deck, the lad realizes they can be more efficient and save time on their journey. He writes back to his friend requesting his assistance and runs the idea by his ship’s present crew. The abrasive captain grumbles at the idea of leaving his smaller ship behind to work as crew leader on a stranger’s ship, which seems to be the perfect answer for rapidly setting to the sea.

And that’s where the story sits thus far. I will add to the story as my friend reports how his adventure is going along.

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