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How Corporate Owned Media Misleads You About High Gas Prices

Oil Company and Corporate Media myths

Want to see an example of how Corporate media continues their brazen attack on gas price reality?

Check out this completely misleading headline: “Next Round Of Gas Hikes Won’t Be Due To Oil“.

I call bullshit. The corporate media have a lot of balls to keep misleading you the way they do. Here is how they do it in this particular article:

1) They lead with a headline that sounds like a factual statement
Ask yourself – who benefits from you believing our fuel problems are due to a gas additive instead of the real reason? In this article, the corporate media blame the next round of rising gas prices on the additive alkylate (a byproduct of the oil refining process), which they claim is needed to replace MTBE.

What they DON’T tell you is that alcohol (ethanol) can be used instead of alkylate! Oh sure, it’s buried deep in the article, but they try really hard to get you to think rising gas prices are because of some chemical additive rather than peak oil.

2) They tell a teeny, tiny bit of truth
Here is the very small and buried truth in the article that they printed:

“The federal government long ago required refiners to boost the oxygen content of summer-blend gasoline to make it burn more completely, a problem that was solved by adding MTBE and, more recently, ethanol.”

Ho ho! So they admit alcohol is a substitute they can use instead of alkylate, the culprit they would have you believe is the cause of $4-a-gallon gas. But then they try to discredit the fact that they can simply add alcohol to fix the supply problem. Watch this next slick move they make:

“But ethanol also has a high evaporation rate, so refiners increasingly have turned to alkylate, which Tom Kloza, publisher and chief oil analyst at the Oil Price Information Service in Wall, N.J., calls the “magic bullet” in making summer gasoline.”

3) They tell you to get used to $4-a-gallon gas prices

“if production (of alkylate) doesn’t rise, American motorists will be faced with big jumps in spring gas prices for years to come.”

See how they do it?

Let’s review:
1) Blame high gas prices on an additive in short supply
2) Discredit market substitutes
3) Tell you to get used to high prices

America, the truth is that the world is now past peak oil. We are running out, and oil companies are currently shifting global fuel shortages around to their “less affluent” customers. If you live in a poor country somewhere in Africa, your economy will only crash further as America continues to suck resources dry.

Sorry, it’s the way it is. I wish you the best of luck. In the meantime, the west will continue to be able to fill up our vehicles, but not without paying political and oil company prices.

I suggest people wake up and learn the truth – which is that we can help reverse global warming by decentralizing control over fuel and make it ourselves in small batches. This is possible, and it pisses off the oil companies to no end. Rather than believe the crap these corporate media folks are pushing, America can run it’s auto fleet on moonshine made from potatoes, used donuts, mesquite, and a wide variety of crops.

The problem for oil companies and central banks is that when America starts learning that truth, these old codgers will lose control of money and the political system. They truly are a greedy old establishment, and the fact is they want to control you and everyone else. Hell, once you taste power, control, and hot American dollar sponsored orgies – you tend not to let go easily.

Suggestion for those of you in power – learn to let go. Sure, you will keep lying, but eventually people will wise up and rise up – you can’t hide reality forever.


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Do They Teach Home Economics Anymore?

As the new depression continues to grow, Americans can expect the abundance of available foods to return to the ways of old. While farmers will have to deal with rising input costs, the smart farmers using permaculture techniques can keep their costs lower than fertilizer-addicted mono-croppers.

This video serves as a reminder of how a century of advertising de-programmed humans from having to think about their food – and food means survival.

Suggestion: If you get laid off, volunteer to help Farmers Market vendors and get to know them!

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