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America’s Alternative Diet Plan

This will be short and quick. CNN has a report on raw foods and how they are helping people retain their health and weight.

Yes, sexy bitches like it raw.


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Congress Just Had Its “Oh Shit” Moment

Community Cooperation

Well folks – all the stuff I have been blogging about for so long seems to be coming to pass. Congress just received America’s financial death prognosis from the Feds.

Can’t say we didn’t know this was coming for years, and I blame the entire government for their failings – as well as the rest of us for being too comfortable with our electricity and easy food options.

I hope you know some folks with solar panels on their house, seeds to plant ASAP, and gardening books in their library. Good luck everyone!

Remember – we have lots of stuff we can share with one another – including our labor to ready any and all available land for conversion to productive crops. Except baseball fields – gotta kave kickball through the crash. It’s free!

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Backyard Agriculture – Bringing Community To Life

September 20, 2008 at 6:58 pm 1 comment

We Need Leaders That Still Enjoy Making Sweet Love

Bush not getting any Bush

Pardon me for saying so, but I don’t think President Bush and the first lady get it on much.

The president is out there touting that America’s economy is safe and strong. No it isn’t – don’t be an idiot. Even Wall Street bounce-backs do not mean the economy is safe.

We have had enough lies from our leaders. Are they honest enough to have the tough “world family” conversation we really need to have, from the US, to Iran to Russia – to the local community at the street level? It’s time to grow up, shake off the violence, and learn to work together as a global community. But without leaders that still enjoy life and all the wonderful beauty of existing on planet earth, we will remain in a state of violence and planetary imbalance.

And part of that enjoyment is getting it on. You know, firing up all the cylinders in your netherbits, tickling your pleasure zone, getting all hot and bothered.

Now, I would have to guess that French President Nicolas Sarkozy, who is so happy of a guy he got drunk at the G8 summit, enjoys spending time with his hot wife.

French President's wife

Also, take a look at Putin’s new babe.

Putin wife

These are happy men. They don’t want to blow up the world – they just want to party and throw each other around a Judo mat.

By the way, in no way am I insinuating that leaders should be men. I think it’s high time we have many, many more women leading the way. But no matter male or female, you had better have a positive vision of how to ensure continuity of local communities, meaning having serious leadership abilities but also a real love of living.

And part of that means shedding the Puritan mask that we so badly try to wear in this country. Politicians and group leaders are caught in sex scandals every day. My hypothesis is that we are facing inner-turmoil inside ourselves, ashamed that we dig hot sex even though our religions tell us we should shun it. We are so angry and ready for violence because of sexual frustration that we refuse to free ourselves from the grips of oil companies.

So I wonder…. are our own leaders too sexually frustrated to handle the converging crisis of climate change and peak oil?

Laura Bush

All I can say is that I hope the president and his wife are happy people. And the next president as well, for that matter.

We have a lot of problems, and if people would get laid more, we would be a lot happier of a planet. Maybe then we could start addressing our real, deep problems and work together as local communities to fix each place on earth, starting where we each live. In order to have resilient communities that thrive, we must each start in our homes.

In America, we can’t can’t help what someone in China is doing, but we can grow a garden at home here in the US. We can ride share with our friends and neighbors. We can swap and share with them, legally make our own auto fuel, lend out tools, books, labor and anything to help one another out. We can even create community classes and learn together.

We can set up solar powered Internet servers that are off-grid, so that we can connect using Bright Neighbor and wi/fi systems via public Internet kiosks. This way, no matter if the electricity grid goes down, friends, families, businesses, and the government can still easily communicate with one another and self-organize.

Here in Portland, people are connecting via Bright Neighbor and working together to build a resilient community across all 95 Portland neighborhoods. We have plenty of stuff among all of us, we just need to move it around better. So now you can find who around you has a ladder, saw, drill, food – you name it. It will be more fun than camping!

It’s possible to fix this place without worrying whether Wall street survives or not. They key is to take action in each of our communities so we can remain resilient across the United States and the world, for that matter.

Here is our Federal government’s strategic plan for keeping you secure. They get an “E” for “Effort”, but I say just make sure that your local leaders still like to dance, love, and most of all… get it on. Ready everyone? Here we go…


September 18, 2008 at 11:13 am 3 comments

Learning to Live With Chronic Economic Pain

Peak Oil Chronic Pain

Well, here we are.

No matter what pills the American government prescribes to try and fix our economy, we seem to keep getting worse and worse. The Fannie Mae Freddie Mac takeover is just one more pill shoved into the decaying capitalist body lying on a gurney in America.

The problem patients, of course, are economies spread out all over the world. The chronic black plagues called energy depletion and entropy have slipped some economies into a coma already, and world leaders are scrambling around like doctors on medi-flights to intervene.

Of course, what does it matter if we end up with a leader just itching to be the one to welcome in the end times? It really doesn’t matter what your outlook is on abortion when you abort the entire planet.

But this is what happens when you have a populace brainwashed by TV commercials promising them an easy life. TV numbs the pain of having to think critically, and it’s much easier to just trust that what the talking picture box tells you is true.

But boy, do I enjoy “Man VS Wild” and “Mythbusters”. Awesome stuff.

So we are all hypocrites, spouting off what we think we know as truth, when most of us fail to realize the real limitations of matter. That’s why “Drill! Drill! Drill!” sounds so appealing – as if more oil will solve our woes and bring back the rainforests we’ve cut down, or will reduce the human appetite for eating animal flesh. The following graph somewhat depicts our current trajectory:

Peak Oil Hindenburg

So there is the prognosis for our economy. Our problems run so deep that injecting more money into a corpse of an economy will only provide us with short-term relief. And this is why chronic pain sufferers seek support groups. Because eventually, they stop denying that their pain will go away and rearrange their lives around their pain – managing it. Even if the prognosis is death, you can still have a period of acceptance and live a joyful life.

So if you need some help dealing with your pain, here is a good place to get started.

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