Living On Earth In 2008

October 19, 2008 at 1:51 pm Leave a comment

We produce atoms and electrons

It is 2008, and things are just fine on planet earth. Right.

Here we are, a supposedly highly evolved animal, busy producing both electrons and atoms. And we are at an important stage of life’s evolution. It is a beautiful awakening, and I can now imagine what it feels like to be a butterfly cracking open the chrysalis to begin a new life.

We did it folks! We won! We beat ourselves…. we created an amazing round of cities, cultures, and connections. We found methods to light our own way like fireflies providing their own electricity. We have broken free from energy constraints, and have freed our minds from the clutches of fantasy.

A great understanding is sweeping the land, a new recognition of human problems as a whole, realizing that we can stop killing each other if we give everyone positive activities that help to feed and power ourselves. Imagine all the new lives we will each explore as we learn about the wonders of the planet’s truths and laws.

Yes, in 2008 – we can thank the gods of creativity for the i-Phone. We can thank Google for providing us logistical support. We can thank our organic farmers who stand at the ready to teach us how to live beautiful, healthy, nutritious lives. We can thank all the hippies who are more than happy to show everyone the way.

Evolution can be a violent process, and human violence can be behind us. We have gone through enough pain, shed enough blood, and destroyed enough families. War is obviously not the answer we seek.

Corporations are realizing they must now allow us to work with one another, rather than only for them. They realize that we are thinking more than ever, and we must be allowed more free time to volunteer for community projects, skills training classes, talk about our feelings, and for converting our homes to deal with the crash of excess.

Imagine if our homes became producers instead of consumers. If where we live helped produce oxygen, sequester carbon, produce more electricity than it used, contributed to fixing soil, and featured its own water harvest and cleansing system.

All of this is possible, if we aren’t too lazy and stupid. There are many lazy humans who given the opportunity, choose to suck off the life force of others instead of contributing to the effort of the whole. This is the great shake-down, and mother earth is in no mood for playing favorites.

And so, as the truth becomes evident that we must all contribute to our our own salvation through smarter food production, intelligent water usage, and weaning ourselves from relying on so many technologies. In the times head, we are bound to experience everything from immense spiritual awakening to the dark realities of nuclear explosions.

There is potential for unlimited love and unlimited hatred in this world. The way to begin to extinguish evil is to make sure people are fed. This must be the top policy of world and local government. And by feeding the world, we must abstain from meat as much as we can, to make room for more fruits, nuts, and vegetables.

There are enough cookbooks around the world and online recipe sites to help everyone make vegetarian dishes that send God into orgasm. There is enough land that everyone can take part in rebuilding our planet’s soils. There are enough vehicles for people to slow down and take the time to share rides. There is enough of everything, except trust and love.

So let 2008 be the year that humans begin to learn to share more than they ever have known before, and to be good people. Good means caring about more than just yourself and your family… it means caring about the whole.

I very much look forward to helping in the effort.


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