Tired of The Bullshit?

October 28, 2008 at 7:44 am 1 comment


People of the world, hear this now.

All you need is Jango and Bright Neighbor.

With those elements, life and work can be fun. If you want it to be. But the world operates like a company, and we as global employees aren’t getting along.

Some of us don’t like to work.

Some of us don’t like to contribute.

Some of us think God wants to blow up the planet, and are actively trying to help it along.

Some of us take advantage of others.

Some of us have more money than others.

Some of us have less money than others.

Some of us don’t give a shit.

Some of us give too much of a shit.

Some of us believe all you need is love.

Some of us hate and call it love.

Some of us know how to grow our own food and fix the soil.

Some of us are afraid we’ll never learn it all and give up early.

Some of us never give up and go down kicking and screaming.

Some of us have or had great parents.

Some of us do not have or did not.

Some of us are willing to hurt or kill other people.

Some of us are not.

Some of us do not realize life is an expression of each of our own sexualities.

I do not know where you fit in at Earth, Inc, but I am telling you, our human story is far from over.

We do need to make sure people keep helping other people. We need to re-examine how we are helping people that choose to do nothing, yet get easy handouts and support.

After all, I run companies for a living. And Earth, Inc, as a company – is failing.

We are failing to see what is killing our operation. And humans are hardly the only employees here. There are billions of workers, and we are killing off the divisions that support our company.

We are not taking care of the bees, which pollinate the flowers that give us fruits and vegetables. We need them, or we die.

We are cutting down earth’s trees – decaying our collective lungs faster than people who keep smoking, knowing it will kill them and then getting mad when they realize they are going to die.

We are not getting along as employees – because our religious and political views differ so much.

We are not getting along, because there are people who think they are better than other people because they think or truly believe they are right.

And not everyone is always right. But small-minded people can’t get over their own egos.

Small-minded people get insulted too easily.

Small-minded people are not open to change, new ideas, or the possibility that they might be wrong.

And right now, there is the wrong leadership across the many divisions of our entire company.

The South Korea and North Korea division are at odds, dangerously.

The Iranian division wants resources that the Board of Directors says they can’t have – and the strike looks very real and could end up shutting down our entire operation.

And we cannot fail as a company, folks.

That means your family won’t be fed, and that can’t be allowed to happen.

The old and the infirm still need assistance – we need to help people in real need. But those of us that are able bodied need to get to work around the world. There is plenty for everyone to do to fix the company – we have much patch work needed.

And there is good news – we have the expertise to help lead Earth, Inc. out of this rut. I have put together the best team on earth – a team who can help fix the planet’s climate, soil, food, transportation, and energy challenges. We can’t fix religion and hate – that is something you have to work on yourself.

And we can create jobs for everyone – even kids like to help as long as they are learning and it is not forced labor.

Remember – go check out Jango. Listen to some music – create your own stations. And calm down, because new leadership is taking over. We need to put the weapons down and fix this place – and everyone needs to help. If you are violent – you will be dealt with early.

Remember kids – radioactive fallout loses 90 percent of it’s lethal intensity in the first seven hours and 99 percent of it in two days! For those requiring sheltering from fallout, the majority would only need a couple or three days of hunkering down, not weeks on end.


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