America, Prepare To Learn From The Hippies

October 30, 2008 at 11:06 am Leave a comment

Hippy geek techno culture

Hey America.

Capitalism as it was working ain’t working so good anymore. Our financial system is about to go through hell. A ‘Post-US Capitalism World’ is being planned, and Americans are the last to know. Russia and China are shaking hands on the new global financial order, and lots of others are in the club. We are hated around the world, folks – and we owe everyone money.

Russia China partnership

So right now, money is not as important as learning new skills, sharing what knowledge and things you have to help other people, and talking about how you feel. We have not been properly prepared by our government. Like bad parents, they have screwed up royally, and the kids are about to get stuck with the results. You are in for a traumatic shock. You will grieve. You will mourn. You will learn how awesome it is to be a techno-hippie.

Remain vigilant as we head into some cosmic storms. We were supposed to construct heaven and the architects had us build hell instead – OOPS! Americans are smart people, we just need to stick a lever in the ground and switch the direction of our ship. We have plenty of stuff to make new things out of and survive to have a happy populace, so all you rough and tough guys who own construction companies and big trucks don’t have any excuses to get violent.

Garbage mining

There are many, many cool things happening that will help people get through this mess just fine, and be happier for it when we get through the first few phases. So everyone needs to know things suck, and the future is going to be different than what you were told it was going to be. America’s future looks a lot more like the Oregon Country Fair than it does anything else.

Man make fire

So all of you Nascar lovers who are about to get the shock of your life as America falls in the world, it is not a sign of weakness to talk about your feelings. You and your buddies can talk about how fucked everything is over beer, but at least be open to what the hippies and geeks have to say. We do have answers and a clear path to get America through this so everyone can be happy, eat, and learn new skills. Think about it this way – you get to goof off like you are in school again. Yee haw!

New university

Because our universities have failed us, and America needs to go back to school and lean about making rain barrels, aquaculture, windmills, alcohol fuel, urban farming, passive solar – the whole works.

Rain barrel

In each of our local communities, we can all pitch in and help fix the ship, there are lots of ways we will pull through this. I am so excited to show people all the cool things in store for transitioning to a radically sustainable culture. It will be better than Willy Wonka’s Factory!

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