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2009 Is Your Time To Be A Superhero

Bright Neighbor Heroes

America, kiss goodbye to your old self, and make love to your new self-image in 2009… and join the League Of New American Superheroes!

America, my predictions from 2006, 2007, and 2008 have proven highly accurate. I do not have a crystal ball. I just have the facts, which are proving true as We The People begin to take back over as government and markets simultaneously falter.


I predicted that we would see more and more Americans finding their inner superhero, making sure we don’t lose this great country we love.

The sad fact is, other countries are betting that we tear ourselves apart, and that we forget what it means to be an American.

So now, I predict 2009 will be OUR YEAR – the year of Bright Neighbor and the League of New American Superheroes.

This is when we prove to ourselves and the rest of the world that even though our present government leaders have screwed us, and many in congress are guilty of treasonous taxation without representation, we can lead our own way out of the mess we are in. Now is the time to retake our country, because there is technology available that can:

1) Throw out the problem banks,
2) Help us save money, grow our own food, and replace gasoline while helping reduce carbon emissions at the same time,
3) Help communities build local, resilient systems to help us get through these hard times and reconnect with our communities,
4) Build local jobs while rebuilding local economies and militias.

I didn’t ask China for trillions of dollars to fight a lost cause war – did you?

I didn’t ask for such horrible, crappy programming on television airwaves and the destruction of Home Economics classes – did you?

I didn’t ask for our government to dismantle civil defense – did you?

I didn’t ask for greedy, spineless politician pigs focused more on themselves than America – did you?

How many American soldiers have died to protect the freedoms we cherish and take for granted? How shameful it is that we have so many of our young people hooked on drugs and unable to understand the absolute national security emergency we are in? (Full disclosure – I have seen my share of rock and roll shows, but never have been so weak as to let drugs get in the way of progress).

This is the year when every American had better damn well look deep down inside and realize who they really are, how fast we need to rebuild the social glue in our local communities, and what we each need to do to take our country back from International Bankers, the oil cartels, and corporate dominance of the world. This is our chance to cast off our lazy, apathetic selves and be reborn as Red-Blooded American Patriots 2.0.

It’s time for us to love and support one another in our communities. We need become local do-gooders, volunteering our time and labor, while supporting our local heroes such as nurses, doctors, fire fighters, police and others who protect you. It’s time for you to protect more than yourself and your family.

It’s time to protect your community, America.

If you live in Portland, sign up for Bright Neighbor!

Yes kids, it’s true! Your time has come! It’s time to join the League Of New American Superheroes! Come to the first meeting!

Here are the kinds of heroes we need:

Farming / Gardening Heroes!

General Contractor Heroes!

Alcohol Fuel Still heroes!

Cooking & Food Prep / storage heroes!

Medical and elderly assistance Heroes!

And many, many more people needed in our community!

So what will YOUR hero’s team look like?

team a

Bright Neighbor steampunk


nintendo geek


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World Leaders Admit The Planet Is Screwed


Well, world leaders are finally fessing up to Einstein’s folly – that the spread of nuclear weapons and technology of mass destruction cannot be controlled.

Eventually, there are going to be very big explosions in a city near you.

So party while you can, and be a good human. That means trying to help other communities so they don’t blow you up, and vice-versa.

This means all kids on earth need to get along or we will certainly witness one of mother nature’s big bangs.

Merry Christmas!

December 17, 2008 at 6:16 pm 1 comment

The Recession and Depression of Plenty

Homeless Cell Phone

Have you noticed how even homeless people have cell phones?

The peak oil community, for the longest time, has been freaked out about running out of resources. There have been all sorts of efforts to help people prepare for a society fighting over the remaining resources. The problem with our society and economic system, however, is the opposite of the normal peak oil argument – we actually have too much stuff, not the other way around. Granted – there are people that go without things like ipods – but they make due.

Poor man Wii

In general, we have created an over abundance of cars, toasters, programmers, and advertising sales people. The problem isn’t ‘stuff’ depletion as much as money depletion. We have plenty of stuff. Which is why with food available, people aren’t trying to learn how to garden – they are just trying to land another job to pay their bills.

The fight is really between human laws and mother nature’s laws. We are at the peak of everything, but the cash is scarce – having been sucked into corporate officers’ pockets. Right now, CEOs and lawyers are still fat and happy, while your average worker is getting laid off due to their redundancy. The system hasn’t collapsed – it has retracted. Without any money in savings, the ability for people to live at the same level of comfort is what is threatened, not the monetary construct. We haven’t created a new economic system to replace the old one, so suffering is occurring as the old system ceases like an engine without oil.

If we all defaulted on our debts to banks – could the banks kick everyone out of their homes at once? We aren’t there yet, we are still in the peak oil ‘collections period’.

This means while jobs and money become more scarce, we are back to people trying to sell off their goods and services to make ends meet – creating a surplus of Nintendo Wii consoles on Craigslist. All the people with money have to do is wait longer, and the prices will come down even further. Yes, the general population has been fattened for the slaughter, and the feasting has begun.

So, what to do?

Well, I created a sharing system for friends and neighbors (or anyone in a geographic region or community for that matter) to share resources. If groups of people would inventory their stuff, they could share things. But sharing stuff only helps save money – it doesn’t generate it, unless you rent out your stuff when you let someone borrow it.

For instance – many people have tools. The stores have plenty of tools, too. So when someone needs a drill, they can either borrow one or they can buy one. But lots of people already have drills – and the folks at the drill factory are being laid off as the realization that we have materialized enough stuff for everyone kicks into our consciousness.

And when there is no more market demand for cars, toasters, or whatever has been produced enough – people get laid off. Those workers still need to make payments for bills and debts, however. So they ask for assistance from the government – racking up more claims and causing a drain on government resources.

How long can the government hand out food stamps and heating assistance before it is overwhelmed and more people are taking than adding to it? We are seeing it happen in front of our eyes.

So as this recession continues, it is the quest for continued sources of money – not the quest for ‘stuff’ that is the way the average person is experiencing peak oil. I think we will continue to see more people living together rather than having their own private nests.

At least we have lots of Nintendos to play.

December 15, 2008 at 2:32 pm 2 comments

Bright Neighbor in the News


Our Portland community has been receiving some press lately – mostly about the Bright Neighbor launch. It feels awesome to get press regarding the amazing community beginning to share resources with one another.

Here are some articles:

The Oregonian

The Portland Tribune

I hope, over time, the full vision of Bright Neighbor will be realized as the community learns how to best use the variety of tools Bright Neighbor offers all in one place.

We are in super challenging times – when people are looking for work and there is less money to go around. By collaborating with friends and neighbors, we can set up virtual cooperatives and share stuff so we can save money.

And users can use Bright Neighbor to connect around just about anything. You can use Bright Neighbor to set up events and make money teaching people stuff you know how to do. You can locate people with the same interests as you, and see how close they live to you. Of all the ways to connect with Bright Neighbor, I hope you succeed with your goals.

– Randy White

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America Has Lost The War For Oil

Government failure

Well folks, George Bush just signed our “Game Over” papers for us.

Most Americans still don’t know what the SOFA agreement is, or what it means. I would say it means you won’t be able to as easily lay your ass around the couch anymore, but there is a more adult explanation going around the media.

The key elements of the President Bush signed SOFA agreement are the requirement that U.S. forces leave all Iraqi cities and towns by June 2009, and leave Iraq entirely by December 2011. In addition, all U.S. military action must now be coordinated in advance with the Iraqis, and the United States may not use Iraq as a base to attack neighbors (that is, Syria and Iran).

The terms of the SOFA pact contain some vague language and the U.S. military says it’s counting on its ability to interpret the language in ways that it prefers. It is said that Bush has thereby gotten a better deal than Obama’s 16-month withdrawal plan. This is a big, fat lie. Obama definitely had the better withdrawal plan. Obama’s proposal had been that U.S. combat forces leave in 16 months, but had set no date for “training” forces, leaving open the possibility of indefinite stationing of some U.S. forces. The SOFA agreement gets all forces out by December 2011. And Bush, not Obama, signed off on this.

Even Michael Moore has issued his “Oh Shit” proclamation. Regarding the collapse of the Big Three US automakers, Moore proclaims:

“You might assume that I couldn’t give a rat’s ass about these miserably inept crapmobile makers down the road in Detroit city. But I do care. I care about the millions whose lives and livelihoods depend on these car companies. I care about the security and defense of this country because the world is running out of oil — and when it runs out, the calamity and collapse that will take place will make the current recession/depression look like a Tommy Tune musical. “

The good news is that we don’t need oil to survive – there are lots of ways to live a tip-top life without oil. The people who run the world know this – they just want to keep everyone convinced to keep using their products to run cars that are cheaply built.

We can fuel America’s vehicles on the 70 million acres if mesquite that grows in the southwestern united states without using a single ear of corn. We can grow kelp farms that cool the ocean temperature while rebuilding living ocean ecosystems that help fix the planet. You can make ethanol from the kelp, which grows and regrows every time you harvest it (it grows about a foot a day).

So the real question for Americans is what they will do about losing the war for oil. We are getting our military out of the place with lots of oil. We have no choice but to move to alternatives, which I have listed time and time again on this blog.

Luckily, Bright Neighbor has already been deployed and is ready to help any city or community inside or outside the US. As times get really tough, we will be helping people gorw their own food and fuel, move things around better, share resources, share rides and transportation, as well as help community organizers as communities relocalize.

If we get hit with oil shortages in the US, we stand ready to work together – we just need real leadership and for each of us to focus on work that matters – including rebuilding our infrasructure so we are no longer dependent on oil. The work has already begun, and there is certainly lots of opportunities to start a profitable new business right now.

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