Lessons In Social Media Etiquette & Graces

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Imagine this. You have created a hot new social network that promises to give Facebook a run for their money, or at least serve as a model for them to steal ideas from. You get invited to speak to an awesome group of cool movers and shakers in Portland – and when you show up, assuming you still lug around thousands of pounds of steel you when you transport yourself from A to B, you find an open parking spot right next to venue. “SWEET!” you say, as you head inside to tear it up and yack about your new technology thingamajig.

And when you enter the room, there are already panelists deep in conversation about Twitter and Facebook, and you think “awesome, I can’t wait to rock that conversation!”, only to find out that you were supposed to arrive an hour ago to speak on that VERY panel.

Welcome to my day today.

Since Bright Neighbor launched in November, I get to speak on a number of panels. At Portland’s awesome SHOP Symposium 09, I was coming prepared to talk about social media influence on real communities, and had several points to make about how Facebook is the presently king, how Twitter is irritating but necessary, and how Bright Neighbor is applied sustainability for growing local economies. I was prepared to tell five secrets of social:

1) You are what you publish online, and what you do offline

2) People like to keep in touch with the person who is always throwing cool events

3) Be fun, informed, and natural

4) Be open to making new friends

5) Help other people. That means helping the environment while doing good business.

Now, after somehow putting on my calendar that the panel I was supposed to be on started at 4pm when on the itinerary it CLEARLY states 3:15, I completely blew it and I owe Ericka Dickey an apology. And so of course like any lecturer who seizes an opportunity, I will use a variety of social media platforms to project project an experience that has revealed lessons to be learned from screwing up a talk about using a variety of social media platforms.

LESSON 1: No Matter What Your Reason For Your Screw Up, You Still Look Stupid
Everyone screws up, but what about when it’s you who flubbed things up? You can have a nice, shiny excuse, but when your malfunction affects other people, reality reigns, and you don’t do yourself any favors by not being the best you can be.

LESSON 2: For Every Screw Up, Multiply it by the Number of People You Know You Missed
Today, I could have made a connection with a business reporter, a hot blogger, a small business owner, a community organizer, and other event promoters. The room was full of potential contacts and people to make great things happen. So when you place your head in the hood of the car and start banging it into your head, make sure to do it enough until you learn to verify your calendar

LESSON 3: Make Sure You Make Up For It By Working Harder At Social Media and Real World Events
We could all be depressed about the economy and how any screw up can bring us closer to financial ruin. Everyone needs money to survive in the manner that we are used to. Grocery stores, unlimited gasoline, comfortable temperate home climates, and whiz-bang appliances and consumer electronics. Which is why when you blow it, you had better say you are sorry and get back to work doing what you do, and that means working your network and making things happen that need to happen.

LESSON 4: Triple Check Your Calendar
It’s only four words, but oh-so necessary to heed.

BONUS: Twitter joke


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