The Internet As A Form of Martial Arts

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How often do you deal with incoming and outgoing messages these days?

Whether it’s e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or any of these, we are all getting bombarded with a constant stream of information that we are expected to receive, process, understand, and act on.

It seems that we can’t escape the buzz-buzz-buss of messages, images, experiences, and realities to process with so much technology happening at once. But if your phone isn’t ringing, or your e-mail is idle, then you aren’t happening. We aren’t allowed to have peace and serenity in our lives anymore, because we have to keep up in the social networks which never allow us to escape into our own caves. There is a human addiction to machines, and some people don’t know how to turn them off for their own good.

The Internet is a living and breathing organism now. Like a baby, it is churning in the womb, growing every day and discovering itself. It pees and poops in it’s own sac of development, mixing all of life together as we are doing globally. It is the connection of human minds from around the planet, as we craft new ways to communicate for free, face-to-face with people on our computers and mobile devices.

There is so much information in this living data stream of our lives, we can have a video chat with mom while keeping up with friends and knowing exactly what the weather forecast is. Or whatever we want. If you want vintage German nun porn, you can have that. Free. If you want free communications tools, they are at your beck and call. Free. And if you know how to use the Internet right – you can also get food – free.

The collective living organism has achieved a critical mass of knowledge amongst itself and has learned how to multi-task between searching the past and living in the present.

How people use the Internet is equivalent the level of martial arts they know, meaning constant practice and exploration. It’s tough to keep up and in shape, and the rate of innovation is going so fast that recently-launched technologies are being rendered obsolete instantly by better mousetraps or innovations elsewhere the next week.

And so the great apps will continue to rise to the top and merge. Over time, people will harness their use in everyday lives as humans are doing with Facebook on such a massive scale across the planet.

So yes, three cheers to Facebook, it wins the “Platform Of The Times” award. For now. It could get tossed to the side like a one-night groupie if something better comes along that gives us what we need and desire.

And that means Facebook will need to evolve in a way that allows humanity to achieve singularity – something that is truly possible. Perhaps then, we wouldn’t need to know real martial arts as we all get along and relocalize our consumption. This means fixing local supply chains for food, water, and transportation.

I’m sure Facebook and the Internet will continue to do a great job as we learn how to dance with living datastreams and rebuild economies in a fair and balanced manner.

So no matter how you use the Internet, your martial arts skills need to continuously sharpen to keep up. You never know when technology will throw a new zinger at you.

BONUS: Here’s a great example of the power of the Internet combined with human efforts to get a job done.


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