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Why The Hell Are We Alive Anyway?

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I can’t believe it’s been just over a year since posting. Sorry – been out trying to save the planet for future generations. It’s a hard job, you know. Especially when people have limited attention spans thanks to Facebook and Twitter. Unless your point fits in a paragraph – you are too much reading.

How ya doin? I’m hanging in there, amidst all the bullshit – we are all swimming in the toilet bowl now, eh?

Even the elites – the top of the top, the most nefarious motherfuckers on planet earth must be sitting back going “Whoa… look at our plans in action. We… we… we’re WINNING!”

Yeah, they have been winning since their grandparents were fucking goats in secret chambers of secret societies in secret locations, and since corporations were declared as people back in the 1800’s – the most recent decisions are mere reminders.

So, when money trumps survival, what else can you do but just try to make and store as much of the stuff as you can while actively working against the same system in your free hours? That’s what I do.

What have you been up to the past year? I have been working with farmers to help large, conventional farms switch to organic farming methods that use less water, fossil fuels, and actually rebuild soils and local food systems.

It’s hard work to shift business, culture, technology, and politics at the same time when you have no budget. Especially when there are so many channels on TV and unlimited Internet sites / Apps to use. So much content, so little time on planet earth!

So we must shake it off and realize that there is so much rough road ahead, unless we grow up as a global civilization and make mandatory farm work a part of every citizens’ life in some capacity, people will be lost wondering why the fuck so many riots are taking place all over the world.

Truly – I believe that amidst all the golfing that politicians take part in, they should be required to take a soil science course and have a test at the end, just like school students. Because everyone knows man… the fix is in. Your machine-based voting and money-based elections only empower those who seek more power – not the people.

And people are PISSED OFF.

The money system is fake and corrupt. Yet workers show up to earn enough credits to pay their bills, if they can even land a gig somewhere.

So, expect more of the same. I am enjoying biking around, working with farmers, and life in general, even though I want to smash my own TV screen when I see the likes of any candidates for President. I expect no leadership at the Federal level – only state levels from now on. Fuck the Fed. Fuck the Legislative, Judicial, and Executive branches of the corrupt United States Government. You are all scum, save a very, VERY few heroes that still believe in the merits of what democracy means. Especially you, Bernie Sanders. Love you man.

As for us, the working class folk – so long as we have money, we can buy whatever we want – but one day, we just may need to know someone close to us who can make or service what we need. So take your tablets, take your pills – whatever you need to cope. But realize we are all in this fight together – even you cops that smash the faces in of those who are just trying to better their lives in the face of religious crazies that welcome the nuclear destruction of planet earth to fulfill their death wishes so they can say “See! We told you so!” – that kind of politics is taking over, and needs to be stopped before we perish from their psychosis.

So, remember to go sailing, dancing, and make a meal from food you have grown your very self now and then – this fight is happening for the rest of your life!


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