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Lawns to Gardens (The Energy Crisis Show): EPISODE 2

Here is Episode 2!


April 25, 2007 at 9:29 am 3 comments

Is Nature or God Kicking Us Off The Earth?

Awwwww, shit. We may have screwed up too much.

The way I see it at this point, is that we are gonna snap soon. Too many people fighting for the last slice of pizza. I wonder if we the people of earth don’t actually blow ourselves to Kingdom come, and we manage to somehow work out our differences… is there enough energy in the world to sustain life on this planet? Is there enough life left on earth to hold the people in it? Has earth already turned into hell? Man, the good part of the ride never seems to last long enough.

So as the world goes to complete shit, I want to believe that the world is basically a good place, to be used wisely by humanity, to be treasured, where people can equally rejoice in life. I want to believe that as we live together, we develop as human beings, not by forsaking the world, but by cooperating with nature and each other to preserve and perfect it, respecting the environment while we’re ecologically responsible.

I want to believe that you and I are different expressions of the same life on earth, and whatever good or bad happens to either of us happens to both of us—our well-being is linked. We are all in this together, and if you help your neighbor, you thereby help yourself.

I believe disharmony and evil are the result of ignorance and selfishness: live in harmony and goodness so as to teach others by your life as well as by your words.

But I also believe that we are all imperfect, and there are always chances to redeem your sense of self worth, and pour into a noble cause of:

1) Peace first – the world needs a time out, without Religion involved. We need to stop the shouting and make a business case for peace. Peace has to work for everyone, or it won’t work, you dig?

2) Recognition that we have way too many weapons in the hands of way too many people that have way too many problems with one another for stability or survival to work at this point. Someone’s gonna make a stupid.

3) Finding the ways we can work together to solve our differences so we can establish a power-down program. The rich need to come clean, and help contribute to the whole of society right now. Our well-being is linked, and even you will go extinct unless you start helping fix the problems of energy hoarding and violence.

So it’s coming down to the wire, folks. I’m trying to do the best I can. I’m trying to dump energy and learn ways to live with less of a footprint. But even if you buy local, ride a bike, carpool, ride a scooter, grow your own food at home, turn out the lights, unplug your appliances and insulate your house… you are still stuck.

All of society is built around energy including oil, natural gas, nuclear and other planetary wonders. I mean, this stuff has allowed us to power our society to levels never imagined. We have learned and learned and learned and we’ve been sex-hungry little monkeys and have fed and bred, and now look at us.

Holy SHIT there are a lot of the people on this planet! I mean, TONS! This place is damn full man! We’re running out of shit! OIl, it’s all the fucking way across the world man! And we NEED that stuff… is our country so fucking STUPID we can’t see that we need to switch brands to something else… like complete renewable energy?

We need to ban incandescent light bulbs! We need to institute communications programs across the entire United States right now to prepare people for the shock of their lives! This is going to be traumatic, folks! And as shitty as it gets, you had better learn to smile, because it doesn’t get better from here. In fact, many people you know and love will probably die, and so will you.

If you start acting like a good little human being from now on and do your part to help other people, no matter what their sex, social status, color, race or favorite porn site is – you had better be ready to help others when the shit hits the fan – which is right about now.

Something’s gonna give, and you had better be prepared… because the earth is starting to kill us.

April 9, 2007 at 10:08 pm 1 comment

Lawns to Gardens – My new infotainment show on the web

So, here it is in all its amateur glory! I don’t know what I’m doing other than turning on a camera and recording / discussing life. Episode 1 sets the stage for the show… (10 minutes long). Enjoy / criticize / whatever!

March 28, 2007 at 8:56 am 4 comments

A Reason to Dance: Portland Adopts A Peak Oil Strategy!

Aw yeah

I love the city of Portland, Oregon. Today, the City Council adopted a resolution to cut our oil use by 50%, among other great steps towards powering down our energy use.

Expect a lot more attention to be paid to carpooling, purchase efficiencies, relocalizing, and general lifestyle changes for the new world outlook. It is a great day for Portland and other municipalities throughout the USA.

March 7, 2007 at 2:45 pm 3 comments

We Have Reached Peak Oil. Now What?

I’m writing this post today to wish everyone good luck.

Over at the Oil Drum, the world’s energy geeks are chiming in that Saudi Arabia has started a steep decline in oil production. There are all sorts of nifty graphs showing that to make up for the decline in oil production, the Saudis have propped up tons of new oil rigs to pretend they are still able to pump, pump, pump. But in 2006, their oil production abilities declined by 8%. Oopsy!
Saudi Oil Decline

This should be front page news for every media outlet in the world, because it means that by the summer we will be seeing huge price increases for just about everything. Time to learn how to start living differently… and as always, I encourage you to start meeting your neighbors and to use this nifty website to easily carpool.

I’m glad I have a lot of vegetable seeds, and you should see how wormy the compost pile is in the back yard! Look for lots of urban farming “How to” videos to start popping up on YouTube soon.

March 4, 2007 at 12:15 pm 4 comments

Greetings, Professor Falken

Well, we keep on inching closer and closer to Nuclear War 2.0. I know I keep on revisiting this, but damnit, this is *THE* topic. All roads of bitching and moaning lead back to this:

Only now it’s not just the US and Russia anymore. There are too many players at the Saloon’s poker table with their fingers on the triggers – and they all know our status as the most aggressive Cowboy. The problem is, if everyone knows how to make and use the same big gun, then it’s just a matter of time before someone uses it, right?

So why not destroy the guns instead of inevitably using them? Oh yeah, duh. We’re human. And humans are greedy – though we have the potential for peace. It would of course, have start with the world accepting that we are all doomed unless we begin to live another way. Just ask any truly reformed alcoholic.

I wish there was better news. I am getting exhausted from thinking about it all the time. But while I still drive to work, buy food from the grocery store, think about buying a new digital camera, and participate in American society in general, I am a contributor to the problem.

We are one people, one planet. As an organism at war with itself, if anyone has a real solution for world peace, I’m all ears.

March 1, 2007 at 1:01 pm 3 comments

Why Is The Whitehouse Afraid of Carpooling?

Did anyone see this? It appears the White House has decided Carpooling is for pinko commies. I mean, we certainly don’t want the terrorists to win when neighbors pile into cars to go do shopping and go to work?

I thought the president said we were SUPPOSED to go shopping and work multiple jobs. Come on dudes… make up your minds!

Here is their stellar case against carpooling: Based on the latest data supplied by the White House, only about 13 percent of motorists carpooled to work in 2000. That compared with 20 percent of daily American commuters in 1980. “This trend makes it unlikely that initiatives focused on carpooling will make large strides in reducing vehicle use,” the White House said.

Gee… since gas prices shot up in the 70’s, people got the clue back in the day and learned that carpooling with neighbors and other people is fun, saves money, and is generally a cool thing to do. But once Reagan took office and struck the deals he needed with his sultry Saudi buds, oil prices fell and Americans forgot they had a future problem. So with cheap gas, they started back on their paths to “ME ME ME!” and SUVs. From the early 80’s to 2000, people forgot what an energy crisis means.

What Peak Oil means is more war, high prices for everything, and the end of convenient, modern living. The only question is how it’s all going to go down. One this that is for certain is that we have peaked, and the rates of oil’s decline are already making the markets jittery.

But there they go… the White House says a better solution would be to ‘build new highways and charge drivers fees to use them’. Say what? That’s as dumb as buying a surfboard for a trip to the desert.

This deal stinks of kickbacks and back scratches. I wonder what companies would score those lucrative road contracts? And do you know how much OIL is used to build and maintain roadways? If you have friends in the construction business, they will make boatloads of Americans’ hard earned cash from road contruction projects and payment schemes.

Mmmmmmmmmmmm. I see how well these guys suggestions work in other areas… maybe they should keep their hands out of carpooling’s cupboard.

Carpooling Is Awesome.

February 14, 2007 at 12:17 am 1 comment

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