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World Leaders Admit The Planet Is Screwed


Well, world leaders are finally fessing up to Einstein’s folly – that the spread of nuclear weapons and technology of mass destruction cannot be controlled.

Eventually, there are going to be very big explosions in a city near you.

So party while you can, and be a good human. That means trying to help other communities so they don’t blow you up, and vice-versa.

This means all kids on earth need to get along or we will certainly witness one of mother nature’s big bangs.

Merry Christmas!


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Do You Know How To Conquer The Ether?


I am writing a new book, called “Conquering The Ether“.

It’s about how to fix the world. Sort of.

You see, I am a marketer, just like everyone else. I try to be as ethical as possible while making a living, but every single person is in sales. We spend our lives trying to convince other people of our worldview so we can maximize our experience on planet earth. After all, we humans are all born as consumers. While some of us are born into wealth and privilege, most of us have to claw our way through life trying to just survive and thrive in the slog. It’s scary out there, and we had better get a hold of chaos again before we wipe ourselves out.

But, it seems there will always be arguing over what kind of dinosaur Jesus used to ride or who’s God and beat up the other people’s false God and belief system. But if we got past religion and hate, we would realize the things we humans all universally have in common are amazing and simple.

We all pop out of our mother, eat, drink, pee, poop, mate, and hope our IRA doesn’t tank* before we die.

It’s all the stuff in-between that is the Ether.

Just what is the Ether, and how does one conquer it?

The Ether is the new world. It lost its virginity when radio was invented, picked up new territory when television first broadcast, and now is as big as the finite universe with the Internet. I contend that the election of Barrack Obama to the position of President of the United States was a great battle between the combined power of TV and Radio against the Internet.

We now know which major technology reigns supreme over the Ether, don’t we?

It’s you and me. We won. We won the battle – the collective human spirit is closer and closer to freedom than ever before. But the mental prisons we allow ourselves to remain in are there, as is laziness. So we continue to allow a very small amount of people to control the world – but all of that is quickly changing.

Thanks to human ingenuity – the Internet has become the de facto way to control pieces of both the real physical world and the telepathic electrically charged world. If you are creative, have the right team of people, and a valuable human and ecological cause – you can conquer anything your mind can project. Like money, for instance. People love to hoard money. But what happens when money is only an idea?

What is selling?

You tell me what they are selling. And how. And what feelings it emits inside you. It is only one example of conquering the Ether. Anyone can own it, actually. It is only a matter of time before some kid living on a few dollars a day owns a part of the Ether.

You can certainly own it – anyone with enough brainpower can own the ether, because it is cheap to own the Internet. That’s why Internet Domain name sales are still going strong, even in a crap economy. All you do is take out a plastic card, type in some numbers, and PRESTO! You own something that both exists and does not exist at the same time. Take Google. They own the Ether. They have mentally hacked your brain – and when they change something, it affects your brain patterns that have become life habit. When they change their interface, it changes the consciousness of millions of people at once. The same with other pillars like MySpace, Facebook, etc.

What will mental hackers do with these new powers?

When you make a recommendation to someone, does he or she listen and act based on what you said? If you can get people to do things you suggest – you are a power referrer. It’s when you have the power to refer and are respected for your status in the community that you wield additional power in the Ether. Your community can be reached with e-mail messages – because e-mail is an ingrained life operation for modern humans. But what does e-mailing your community mean these days? Defining community in a globalized, mentally connected world is difficult. What is community? Is it the amount of people you know where you live, or is it the size of your mailing list? Is it that starving child digging through trash for food in Zimbabwe, or is it your next door neighbor? Perhaps it is both?

The more people come online, the more important it is to be able to groom your real life interactions, as well as those that only take place in the Ether. Throw in that we are told the planet is running out of food, water, natural, unmolested ecosystems and money – and we have serious problems.

Especially when our global economies demand that we sell, sell, sell – whether it is a seminar or a candy bar – we are stuck in a world of consumptions. We can’t possibly pay back all the debts accumulated via the present money system. Because our present money system also lives in the Ether.

It didn’t used to be that way. Money used to be the thing of value itself. Remember fur traders? What is the key to understanding money that lies in the words fur traders? And what is the reason that the only sustainable option for human continuity is to go back to zero, everyone is where they are presently at on the game board, and we divvy up a fair system where able bodied people take part in various labor? But that won’t happen without massive violence – I can hardly see home owners opening the doors to any old stranger.

So what will happen to prior debts and agreements of ownership? Capitalism as we have known it is dead. I am open to anyone’s suggestions of how to navigate these new waters with so many prior debts and rules. The whole world is at tabula rasa.

But did you know about a system of farm tenancy once common in some parts of the United States called sharecropping? In the United States the institution arose at the end of the Civil War out of the plantation system. Many planters had ample land but little money for wages. At the same time most of the former slaves were uneducated and impoverished. The solution was the sharecropping system, which continued the workers in the routine of cotton cultivation under rigid supervision.

Economic features of the system were gradually extended to poor white farmers. The cropper brought to the farm only his own and his family’s labor. Most other requirements—land, animals, equipment, and seed—were provided by the landlord, who generally also advanced credit to meet the living expenses of the cropper family. Most croppers worked under the close direction of the landlord, and he marketed the crop and kept accounts. Normally in return for their work they received a share (usually half) of the money realized. From this share was deducted the debt to the landlord. High interest charges, emphasis on production of a single cash crop, slipshod accounting, and chronic cropper irresponsibility were among the abuses of the system. Farm mechanization and a marked reduction in cotton acreage have virtually put an end to the system.

My question is – who is responsible for screwing up the entire system, and now who owns what?

It is guns, law, debts, and order that keep us in line. The law and order in the United States since 1913 has been the Federal Reserve, and they have the guns, the laws, and used to own the debts. Now they owe the debts. In 1913, they took over the gold system of money, then the oil system of money, and now guess what we don’t have enough of to cover our debts to the world?

We are trillions of dollars in debt here in the United States. Most humans can’t even fathom what that truly means. Tell me how America can ever pay that back, especially when the market has decided that it can’t afford any more new gasoline powered cars?

That’s why I learned how to grow food at home. Because things of real value will always matter. You know what will always have value?

Food. Smokes. Booze. Drugs. Sex. Influence. Rock and Roll.

Man, that sounds like living to me! Except when you die from too much of any of it. But you will die from something, so you may as well be a good person and have a good time while helping other people live a better life. You’ll live longer that way.

All in all, I am enjoying the launch of Bright Neighbor. Portland is responding very well to our new sharing system that removes money from the equation. It’s a virtual commune, money saver, neighbor greeter, business network, skills database, transportation solution, and ecological sustainability technology system. I am pleased with it so far, and there is much more of the Ether and the real planet to tend to as we grow and perfect the system.

I have very busy days now, and I write when I can. If you want to get a signed copy of my book, you can pre-order “Conquering The Ether” now.


Randy White
Founder, Bright Neighbor

* Obviously not everyone has an IRA.

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There is New Money in Growing Food in Yards, Lawns, and Backyards

David Blume

Peak oil has arrived, and so now we kick in peak oil / post-petroleum market solutions.

Congratulations to you, entrepreneurial city farmers. You are leading the way in the new green economy. Forget carbon credits – look out for new LLCs forming farming partnerships.

We are even seeing the beginnings of people doing yard sharing, lawn sharing, and sharecropping in Portland. Bright Neighbor helps facilitate such partnerships between farmers, gardeners, land owners, volunteers, and customers.

If you live in Portland, join today! If you live elsewhere, let’s talk about getting Bright Neighbor set up where you live.

Yee haw everyone, here we go!

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America, Prepare To Learn From The Hippies

Hippy geek techno culture

Hey America.

Capitalism as it was working ain’t working so good anymore. Our financial system is about to go through hell. A ‘Post-US Capitalism World’ is being planned, and Americans are the last to know. Russia and China are shaking hands on the new global financial order, and lots of others are in the club. We are hated around the world, folks – and we owe everyone money.

Russia China partnership

So right now, money is not as important as learning new skills, sharing what knowledge and things you have to help other people, and talking about how you feel. We have not been properly prepared by our government. Like bad parents, they have screwed up royally, and the kids are about to get stuck with the results. You are in for a traumatic shock. You will grieve. You will mourn. You will learn how awesome it is to be a techno-hippie.

Remain vigilant as we head into some cosmic storms. We were supposed to construct heaven and the architects had us build hell instead – OOPS! Americans are smart people, we just need to stick a lever in the ground and switch the direction of our ship. We have plenty of stuff to make new things out of and survive to have a happy populace, so all you rough and tough guys who own construction companies and big trucks don’t have any excuses to get violent.

Garbage mining

There are many, many cool things happening that will help people get through this mess just fine, and be happier for it when we get through the first few phases. So everyone needs to know things suck, and the future is going to be different than what you were told it was going to be. America’s future looks a lot more like the Oregon Country Fair than it does anything else.

Man make fire

So all of you Nascar lovers who are about to get the shock of your life as America falls in the world, it is not a sign of weakness to talk about your feelings. You and your buddies can talk about how fucked everything is over beer, but at least be open to what the hippies and geeks have to say. We do have answers and a clear path to get America through this so everyone can be happy, eat, and learn new skills. Think about it this way – you get to goof off like you are in school again. Yee haw!

New university

Because our universities have failed us, and America needs to go back to school and lean about making rain barrels, aquaculture, windmills, alcohol fuel, urban farming, passive solar – the whole works.

Rain barrel

In each of our local communities, we can all pitch in and help fix the ship, there are lots of ways we will pull through this. I am so excited to show people all the cool things in store for transitioning to a radically sustainable culture. It will be better than Willy Wonka’s Factory!

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How Well Are You Surviving?

rich VS poor

So, how are you making it out there?

Still have your job? Still have food on the table?

I hope so. We have it pretty good here in America, even if we are homeless. We pretty much keep ourselves in line because we live in a “civil” place in the world. Maybe if gas prices keep going lower, everything will be okay again, right?


As oil and gas see-saw back and forth in price, do not be fooled. Excessive dependence upon a non-constant energy resource makes life precarious, especially when that resource runs out. And if you look at the historical record, gas prices always drop around election time. Duh.

Gas Price manipulation

But that isn’t what’s important. What is important is that you are doing well. It’s getting tougher out there, and we are in for some rough times ahead. But if you are fed, you are ok. Everyone crashes and burns at some point, just look at the Irish.

So if the shit hits the fan and the whole thing goes “KABLOOEY!”, we still have people that care. Instead of acting like idiots, there are lots of plans in place and people ready to help as a back-up in the event of a total system failure of America’s government and business infrastructure.

That’s because we are now entering the phase when America’s third backup takes over. And that means when business and government fail, you can count on the power of community to help save America.

We live in a country, where no matter what your politics or religion, there are people that care about other people, and they volunteer. They are community leaders and workers. They are nurses. Fire responders. Medical technicians. Social workers. HAM radio operators. Community farmers. There are too many to name here. These are the people who will still show up to help other people, even if the financial system crashes, we have hyper-inflation, and people’s money loses its value and meaning.

And that would give us enough time to stay calm, listen to the smarter leaders, and rebuild a new American economy. The main man with the plan is David Blume. David Blume is America’s new George Washington, only he doesn’t advocate killing. His book Alcohol Can Be A Gas is already creating big, positive waves throughout the country.

In Portland, members of government, the community, and business are using Bright Neighbor to solidify the social glue. We are growing a community that is working together self-organize, share resources and knowledge, and team up to do everything in Dave Blume’s book. Right now we have businesses starting up to build alcohol stills, broker deals between suppliers and new customers, and community members going in together to implement change at the local level.

We aren’t jumping ship, rather switching ships.

We are embarking on a journey with ecological business, and its new entrepreneurs are succeeding as they take care of the earth and her inhabitants. What we really need are for bankers to give loans to entrepreneurs that are willing to take risks as newby ecologically smart upstarts. The winners in America’s new economy are, for example, permaculture-based business entrepreneurs. Also, ecologically trained teachers can use Bright Neighbor to teach large classes of new business people. For real estate agents looking for a new career that pays well, “Alcohol Can Be A Gas” is the smartest book they can read on how to make money right now.

David Blume is empowering his readers in a wide variety of industries, including tech, automotive, urban farmers, restaurants, real estate, politicians, and bankers as they learn about new growth business opportunities.

I am now making a good living because of David Blume’s book, and if you want to know where the money is, it lies within those pages.

PS – Hey musicians! Learn how to share gear with one another – we need you to keep people’s spirits up! Hey painters – start painting some awesome murals on drab stuff! Hey poets! Get a real job!

Just kidding.

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Living On Earth In 2008

We produce atoms and electrons

It is 2008, and things are just fine on planet earth. Right.

Here we are, a supposedly highly evolved animal, busy producing both electrons and atoms. And we are at an important stage of life’s evolution. It is a beautiful awakening, and I can now imagine what it feels like to be a butterfly cracking open the chrysalis to begin a new life.

We did it folks! We won! We beat ourselves…. we created an amazing round of cities, cultures, and connections. We found methods to light our own way like fireflies providing their own electricity. We have broken free from energy constraints, and have freed our minds from the clutches of fantasy.

A great understanding is sweeping the land, a new recognition of human problems as a whole, realizing that we can stop killing each other if we give everyone positive activities that help to feed and power ourselves. Imagine all the new lives we will each explore as we learn about the wonders of the planet’s truths and laws.

Yes, in 2008 – we can thank the gods of creativity for the i-Phone. We can thank Google for providing us logistical support. We can thank our organic farmers who stand at the ready to teach us how to live beautiful, healthy, nutritious lives. We can thank all the hippies who are more than happy to show everyone the way.

Evolution can be a violent process, and human violence can be behind us. We have gone through enough pain, shed enough blood, and destroyed enough families. War is obviously not the answer we seek.

Corporations are realizing they must now allow us to work with one another, rather than only for them. They realize that we are thinking more than ever, and we must be allowed more free time to volunteer for community projects, skills training classes, talk about our feelings, and for converting our homes to deal with the crash of excess.

Imagine if our homes became producers instead of consumers. If where we live helped produce oxygen, sequester carbon, produce more electricity than it used, contributed to fixing soil, and featured its own water harvest and cleansing system.

All of this is possible, if we aren’t too lazy and stupid. There are many lazy humans who given the opportunity, choose to suck off the life force of others instead of contributing to the effort of the whole. This is the great shake-down, and mother earth is in no mood for playing favorites.

And so, as the truth becomes evident that we must all contribute to our our own salvation through smarter food production, intelligent water usage, and weaning ourselves from relying on so many technologies. In the times head, we are bound to experience everything from immense spiritual awakening to the dark realities of nuclear explosions.

There is potential for unlimited love and unlimited hatred in this world. The way to begin to extinguish evil is to make sure people are fed. This must be the top policy of world and local government. And by feeding the world, we must abstain from meat as much as we can, to make room for more fruits, nuts, and vegetables.

There are enough cookbooks around the world and online recipe sites to help everyone make vegetarian dishes that send God into orgasm. There is enough land that everyone can take part in rebuilding our planet’s soils. There are enough vehicles for people to slow down and take the time to share rides. There is enough of everything, except trust and love.

So let 2008 be the year that humans begin to learn to share more than they ever have known before, and to be good people. Good means caring about more than just yourself and your family… it means caring about the whole.

I very much look forward to helping in the effort.

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Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?: Economic Collapse Edition

Economic collapse

Americans like games.

It’s the reason that even as the financial markets collapse around us in the Peak Oil Crash of 2008, football is still front and center in people’s faces. Whether it is at your local high school track or broadcast on national television, the illusion that all is well with the national psyche is still being upheld because of efforts to preserve the status quo by the power players in the world.

So they will make some more hocus-pocus deals to literally buy more time, when what we really need to address this economic meltdown is nothing less than immediate changes in school room curriculums. In order to survive a food system collapse, kids need to be taught about how to respect earth and how to grow food. This is a must shift in student learning – focusing the time students are gathered in school to learning about the soil-food-web ASAP.

But still we watch TV shows meant to numb us from the pain of reality. Meanwhile, we should be creating local community plans for conserving food stores while we shift to immediate learning, teamwork, and labor to rectify local living soil.

And it really comes down to – are you smarter than a 5th grader? Because kids are learning sponges – and they want a role in shaping society. They are eager beavers, ready to spend their high amounts of energy.

Let me repeat that – kids offer high amounts of energy.

So what if the grid goes down? We have technology and can locally build pedal-powered electricity generators from spare parts – the plans are on the Internet. Put high-energy kids on exercise bikes and presto – they stay healthy, have a fun activity to do with others, and generate much needed power. Each town just needs to organize its technician and core geek base to build solar and human powered communications terminals. Add in community wi-fi nodes and tada! We have free wireless Internet for the whole community.

We have everything we need to keep our shit together in America. But do we have the will to succeed? Do we have the smarts to let the geeks run the ship for a while? Because it’s the local organizers that are shaping up our communities, and they are the cosmic keepers of your local tribes.

And that means taking action to secure food for everyone – that way there is no real reason to fight one another. Sure, people are angry, and will become more upset as they learn the level of trauma being inflicted on us all at once. Talk about shock therapy. People are stunned they will soon not voluntarily reducing meat consumption. Americans are addicted to meat. It’s the taste of blood that we love to slap onto our grills. Neanderthals went extinct because they ate one another rather than enjoying the delicacies of nature. Go figure.

Now, I don’t know if it makes you smarter than a 5th grader, but here are what smart Americans are doing as part of their crash plan:

Cooperative efforts with friends and neighbors.
We are a bunch of spoiled brats in America. It’s high time we grow up as a country, and start to build real community where we live. Neanderthals got by with stone tools, we can get by just fine with i-pods, solar panels, and board games. Bright Neighbor is helping lead the way with this effort.

Friends are a consistent winning formula. Good times, laughs, spirits, food together, and board games. Even if by candle light with music playing via battery operated music players – your friends love you and cherish your company. Cherish theirs.

Cooperative dinners
Those who cook together, stay together. One of the earliest books I ever read was called “Stone Soup” where everyone pitches in and is fed. There is no reason to hoard food, we all have to eat and people will know you have a hold out. So get friendly now and start enjoying food, music, drinks and fun!

Cooperative gardening
Do you know how to do everything yourself, Mr. or Mrs. Farmer? I didn’t think so. You can tap into your local neighborhood know-how and meet neighbors with skills you only dreamed you could have. They can share that knowledge with you now. It’s fun to learn new things anyway. You will be amazed at the wonderful world of insects. Kids are fascinated by it!

Lending lists
We have plenty of stuff in America. We can easily share things with one another and help people who are down and out. Yeah, it sucks – we are all in this together though, and we have to help those contributing to the effort. Just keep track of who borrowed what.

Citizen Patrols
This is America. We are armed to the teeth, and the powers that be are afraid of Americans getting organized and working together. There is no need for violence, we just need to be sure that everyone is fed and clothed, and can work out the details from there. But not that there isn’t reason to be on guard in our communities, taking turns to watch the neighborhoods and work together to keep the community safe. That means collaborating schedules and having team meetings with your neighbors.

You decide your own local leadership. But the time for people to make a choice as to the type of person they are – do you give life or take it? There is no reason to mistreat one another right now. We all have a responsibility to at least TRY and save America by starting in our own communities first. Don’t just give up without trying. Everyone wants us to succeed… so what are you afraid of? What can you do to help the effort? Be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

It’s time to realize that the economic and energy crash has caught most everyone by surprise, and sometimes surprises are a very scary thing. This is the greatest opportunity America has ever had to get its act together. It’s time to be a volunteer, be a nice person, and get organized with your neighbors. Like nude crowd surfing – it starts out as awkward, but you get used to it and it becomes fun.

Let’s start by making sure we are all fed and in communications with one another. Every smart 5th grader knows that.

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