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The Sexual Politics of Overpopulation


Alright, let’s get to it.

There are too many of us on planet earth to live the way we do, and no US Presidential candidate has the balls to talk about addressing overpopulation. They are busy with G rated “religion” conversations in an R rated world.
Take away the suits, and we are just monkeys with missiles. So how can the US and the world address the issue when our country is so sexually repressed?

You and I are animals that seek health and the preservation of life. We like food. Sleep. Money and the things money can buy. Life after death (for believers). The well being of our children. A feeling of importance. And sexual gratification.

No matter what your religion or sense of values, it feels good when your netherbits get tickled. I feel this is relevant to Peak Oil in that we are at the peak of population, right before some nasty things start happening as modern thinking meets the 4th Law of Thermodynamics.

While there is nothing sexy about entropy, we should keep that in mind the world now has a virtual sex machine called the Internet. Sex crimes decrease since people can find whatever they are looking for online (A 10 percent increase in Net access yields about a 7.3 percent decrease in reported rapes).

Normal people, either as couples or singles, seek sexual experiences from the magical sex box. It’s world wide, from India to Iraq to wherever. I’ll bet there are Taliban fighters whacking off in Wi-Fi enabled caves somewhere.

The point is that we are at the point with peak oil where the Zero Sum game starts to have definite losers. Right now it is starting in the poorest countries, and people are dying. Food prices will only continue to rise, and if the Ice Shelf slips into the ocean we are all fucked, no matter how many carbon credits you buy.

As long as we continue to breed and developing countries try to keep up with the Joneses (the West), we will continue to witness a decline in living conditions. As long as we continue to be prudish and deny that we are sexual monkeys, there will be fighting over the remaining bananas.

You may think I’m trying to be funny. I’m not. As the economic collapse speeds up and more people are in their own personal dire straights, they will be freaked out and depressed. Attitude is key now as things get bad.

I believe we are entering a period of time when an intervention is needed and social programs will become overwhelmed. This Thanksgiving, food banks reported huge drops in inventory and the ability to help feed people.

Hungry, desperate people are no joke. But somehow through despair, sex always breaks through, and no matter what you have been told, God won’t get mad if you take care of your needs. Do whatever you have to do to keep up a good attitude and stay positive.

It’s about to become a very rough ride.


November 27, 2007 at 12:57 pm 3 comments

How Would You Spend $150 Billion Dollars?

Money for war

Our intelligent money spenders in Congress are out to spend another $150 Billion dollars of our collective hard-earned money to keep paying contractors to shoot people in the Middle East.

My question is… instead of spending that money on continued warfare, how would you spend $150 Billion?

Things to consider:

– We have the technology to free ourselves from the needs of oil.
– We could create great paying jobs used to implement the technology used to free ourselves from oil

I’m open to suggestions.

October 2, 2007 at 12:57 pm 2 comments

Secrets To Making Money With Peak Oil

Secrets of How To Make Money With Peak Oil

Hear Ye, Hear Ye, there are ways thou shalt be able to maketh ends meet while the economy takes a crappeth on itself!

Know a Baby Boomer with a bank account?

Seriously. You might be able to siphon off of them for a bit longer while they can still muster the cash to fill their RVs and motor coaches with affordable fuel. After all, it’s the older crowd that has most of the money (resorts are full of them), while the younger crowd is starting to feel the burn of debt. No doubt hordes of twenty-somethings will be moving back in with mom and dad soon (if mom and dad still have a house). I don’t want to brow beat people anymore though. It’s too late for that… the crash is already happening, and the stage is set for some big event to fully usher in a completely totalitarian state. People didn’t have the backbone, temerity, or organizational skills to stop that from happening. That’s the power of TV entertainment for ya.

For those that tried, kudos to ya. It’s hard to spark change when even peaceful protesters are being shot and killed these days. But if people REALLY wanted to change the system, it could be done.

The problem is there is no leader able to break through to the world able to convince enough people that the world is everyone’s oyster to share. Everyone is clinging to what little pieces they think are theirs, which just goes to prove that there are lots and lots of people on the planet who think highly of themselves, controlled by a tiny percentage at the top. But now as the reality of Peak Oil really gets under way, we each have to think critically about ways to keep putting food on the table, making a living, and not getting desperate and turning to crime.

Here We Are
First comes economic pain – as we are seeing right now. Mortgage defaults, layoffs, and rising costs of living. Sales declines of all kinds are contributing to the recession, while some niche companies like survival goods are seeing spikes in sales. An ominous sign of things to come for sure.

It really is going to come down to coming to terms with reality, and making lemonade from the fact that your future may not be going according to plan. Life gets pretty scary when your monthly bills multiply like rabbits on E. Pressures will rise at work, and you might be coming home and taking it out on (Insert person or pet here). It might have been that new car you bought, or that massive mortgage. It could be the fact that you bought whatever advertisers made you and your friends think was cool, so everyone got the latest ‘thingamajig’ in different colors, with awesome add-on accessories to boot.

That’s what we’ll call “The Former Economy“. It’s all our collective fault, not any single person’s – so why not start making yourself more valuable? Now is as good a time as any to turn those useful skills you have into the ability to be happy while learning to live with less.

Can you farm?
Can you build or create useful things that help people?
Can you sell those useful things?

Now is the perfect time to learn new skills
You’ll need them. I sure see a lot of “For Sale” signs these days, and it’s only going to multiply (HINT: maybe you should wait to buy whatever you are planning on buying and get a killer deal later on.)

No matter what, remember that scarcity is a frame of mind. You still have much more than many other people, even if you have to downsize or you lose possessions. If you lose your job or your house, you are still alive and kicking enough to go earn an honest living, even if it means a temporary setback in your living standards. I’m just as vulnerable as you.

The best part about suffering is when you realize how awesome it is to redeem yourself and become a do-gooder.

Fun Bonus!
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September 27, 2007 at 3:48 pm 3 comments

Can 6.5 Billion Humans Find Happiness?

Yogananda Paramhansa

I was just reading Paramahansa Yogananda‘s “How to Be Happy All The Time”. Yup, I’m a spiritual guy, and I believe we are at the point just before we head into a new period of either:

1) Harmony with one another and mother earth
2) Complete and total destruction

I’m not sure how a mix of the two would look, but I must wonder: Can 6.5 billion people be happy?

After all, the people dying every day from bombs, starvation, disease, and other assortments of unfair circumstances must not be happy. But are the people who ignore such suffering to watch the latest episode of whatever on mindless TV happy either?

When one realizes that happiness is more a state of mind rather than tally of possessions, it often is a moment of clarity allowing a person to step outside of themselves to examine the real world. There are poor people with very little that pity miserable kings with golden castles. Seriously.. don’t we have enough stuff already?

We are using up too much of the earth. The real world we live in does not care about your beliefs or mine. The real world, however, does rely on a certain set of natural rules that goes something along the lines of “Don’t shit in your own nest“.

My brothers and sisters, we have been pooping a lot, since the discovery of agriculture and locomotives. And while the capitalists of the world would very much enjoy for you to keep consuming, we have pretty much messed up the planet and overpopulated the place.

There are too many people that don’t care about enough other people. Too many selfish folks on the planet to stop the aggression – and when the news announces that we’re gearing up to attack Iran and no one even cares to protest… wow. I guess since congress told Americans to screw themselves and the current leadership is set on more military adventures… we have just given up and gone back to our TV dinners.

Just for the record, we could have tried a lot harder. “I had to take the kids to school” or “There’s nothing we can do about it” are piss poor excuses, and you should be ashamed.

Am I out of line here? Are people waking up, or is this world headed for constant warfare over oil and water, bringing on untold billions of deaths? Is anyone out there?

August 15, 2007 at 9:53 pm 6 comments

Presidents, Politicians, And Priests: False Gods

False Gods

Insomnia. It’s a frequency thing these days.

I just can’t help thinking about which of the people in this world with the power to end it will do so, and I’m not sure we’re gonna colonize space in time. Let’s face it – as oil, natural gas, fresh water, and farmland runs out, we are entering a deeper phase of scarcity, increased confusion, and rising violence. Throw in that global warming thing and we have ourselves a recipe for catastrophe soup.

Right now, we must choose whether as people of the world we will collectively fix this planet, or we will all perish. I mean, the system that keeps us fed, clothed, and transported is breaking, no matter where you live. It’s a global system, and we’re all in this together. Meanwhile, the United Nations has been reduced to a beacon of false hope as the big player countries are quickly making new alliances based on their geography, resources, and information awareness.

Here’s a thinking exercise for you: Imagine dividing up a classroom of students, and assigning them each the role of a country. The kids that are picked as China and Russia start huddling, pooling together their armies and create their own little cooperation agreements to take a stand against the kids representing the US, Mexico and Canada.

I don’t even know how to ponder the Middle East thing. Good luck to you leaders with that.

But one thing is for sure… we had better quickly figure out how to keep feeding ourselves as the oil crash kicks in – or some false God is going to end life on this planet. Or who knows, maybe we are supposed to do it by design. I don’t subscribe to any religion other than that all things are energy, and the Universe has defined sets of laws.

You don’t need to be the smartest monkey to figure out that there are too many people on the planet. Or as Phil Collins puts it:

Too many men
Too many people
Making too many problems
And not much love to go round
Can’t you see
This is a land of confusion.

I guess I’m just seeing too much violence in the world as some people are cheering on Armageddon. As far as I know, all religious texts tell you to mind your own business and if it does come, it’s not for you to say when.

And it’s not for some President of a nuclear armed nation to say when, either. Or a group of politicians. Or priests. Or a set of people who have a certain religious world view and are blind to any suggestions otherwise. Anyone can latch onto and internalize verses from books that have been translated many times, have had words and meaning twisted, and that contain cultural views from a long time ago.

But if you go deep, deep to the core of all of them, even the ones you read – the ultimate truths are presented clear as day. I choose to live by those truths, which means that even if you hate me for pointing out that humans have the smarts to fix the world rather than destroy it, I still love you too.

And for cryin’ out loud… start growing food at home, get to know your neighbors, and actively work for peace in this world.

August 13, 2007 at 2:16 am Leave a comment

Why the Neocons Should Start to Love Liberals

Neocon Liberals

Ok, maybe I’m too deep into my head today, but there’s a marble rolling around in there that won’t go away.

Here’s the gist: Neocons should start embracing Liberal ideas, even if they are back-room deals. There are, after all, a bunch of smart hippies that can make rich people even more filthy, stinking rich.

So why not join camps and look at the next market? We all know Peak Oil is here, and America cannot sustain itself as a “Consumer” economy any longer. The credit bubble has popped and while the markets are just starting to understand the all-night coke binge just got busted by the reality cops – there is still a lot of money to be made.

For instance, while odds seem to point to the war expanding rather than contracting, the neoconservatives can invest in things that have more than a one-time expenditure so their returns are greater. A windmill can make more money than a one-time bomb. Besides, if any of the US, Russia, China and any other “Nuke club” members pull the atomic trigger, no one wins.


Zero sum games suck… so why not fess up to the way the game board is stacked? Known energy reserves are stored in places outside the USA, so we HAVE TO create a renewable energy infrastructure here in the US… it’s being done elsewhere.

Someone commented on this blog about all the jobs that would be lost if we retooled the Industrial Weapons complex in the US… how the people making bomb casings wouldn’t be able to feed their kids anymore. Well, why not put those talented craftsmen to work on making cool things that create energy rather than killing people to extract the remaining go-go juice that everyone thinks they need?

Industry doesn’t need to collapse, it just needs to find a methadone equivalent for oil. Until we have leadership that gives America’s entrepreneurs real chances to show the money holders how they can get even richer, we are stuck in this quagmire.

I don’t want to see this war expand… come on world leaders… do you guys want to live in bunkers? No one wants to do that. We can have the adult conversation about population growth that needs to cease… yes, we all agree, entropy and too many humans. Got it.

That whole thing about the Bible introducing the “Be fruitful and multiply” combined with “End Times” prophesy scrambles the synapses of many people, that’s for sure. But the story can be tweaked… you just need to show people a better interpretation of the story.

That story is one of great prosperity to come from the crash we are just now beginning to experience. Money will be devalued, jobs will be lost, mortgages will default, new cars will remain on the lots, housing prices will crash… yup, that really sucks.

But what doesn’t suck is the fact that people are resolute, and no matter what country you live in or what religion you subscribe to, can we all agree most people just want a secure, peaceful way to enjoy their lives, family, and friends? A chance to discover their own purpose in life? A chance to contribute the great experiment called Humanity that we are each a part of?

Frankly, I think I’m becoming more jaded, because I’ve stopped handing out money to people with cardboard signs. While I believe everyone should have a chance to redeem themselves and fix their lives for the better, it’s time that people start taking care of themselves.

The notion that the government should take care of everyone is beginning to stink. While I believe in socialized healthcare, medicine, programs for the elderly and disabled, and other social safety nets – if you are able bodied and just lazy – my sympathy ends there.

There are hard times ahead folks… like nothing most of us have ever experienced in this country. And everyone will need to do their part to keep the social fabric together. If crime starts to rise because people lose their jobs and feel forced to break the law to survive, I have a feeling the police system will be overwhelmed and justice may start being delivered in the form of shotgun barrels.

I would hope that we are better than that though. I would hope that collectively, we can pull together as a nation, put aside religious and political differences (I know I’m dreaming here) – and do what is needed to get America and the world back on track.

We don’t need oil as much as you think – we just need to get over the idea we need so much oil. To survive, all we really need is food, shelter, water, and some nookie now and then (am I projecting?). I don’t claim to know what things make you happy in life, but I do claim that we are in the deepest of shit as a species.

If the rich want to keep getting richer, maybe it’s about time they start heavy investments into people with ideas that will spread, creating markets that redefine consumerism. It’s a lot better than anarchy in the streets.

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You Can’t Beat Mother Nature

Mother Nature

This one is pretty simple.

Rich people mad. Other rich people with better business model teaming up to fight back against mad rich people.

All money that all rich people using going *poof*.

Dumb rich people about to do something really stupid using many war toys.

Average human have no say in rich people war because rich people ignore plea of the not-rich people.

Summary: Rich people unable to learn to let go of the old world and live in agrarian society based on love will kill billions in this world and the next.

Have a nice day!

August 10, 2007 at 8:52 am 5 comments

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