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There is New Money in Growing Food in Yards, Lawns, and Backyards

David Blume

Peak oil has arrived, and so now we kick in peak oil / post-petroleum market solutions.

Congratulations to you, entrepreneurial city farmers. You are leading the way in the new green economy. Forget carbon credits – look out for new LLCs forming farming partnerships.

We are even seeing the beginnings of people doing yard sharing, lawn sharing, and sharecropping in Portland. Bright Neighbor helps facilitate such partnerships between farmers, gardeners, land owners, volunteers, and customers.

If you live in Portland, join today! If you live elsewhere, let’s talk about getting Bright Neighbor set up where you live.

Yee haw everyone, here we go!


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How Well Are You Surviving?

rich VS poor

So, how are you making it out there?

Still have your job? Still have food on the table?

I hope so. We have it pretty good here in America, even if we are homeless. We pretty much keep ourselves in line because we live in a “civil” place in the world. Maybe if gas prices keep going lower, everything will be okay again, right?


As oil and gas see-saw back and forth in price, do not be fooled. Excessive dependence upon a non-constant energy resource makes life precarious, especially when that resource runs out. And if you look at the historical record, gas prices always drop around election time. Duh.

Gas Price manipulation

But that isn’t what’s important. What is important is that you are doing well. It’s getting tougher out there, and we are in for some rough times ahead. But if you are fed, you are ok. Everyone crashes and burns at some point, just look at the Irish.

So if the shit hits the fan and the whole thing goes “KABLOOEY!”, we still have people that care. Instead of acting like idiots, there are lots of plans in place and people ready to help as a back-up in the event of a total system failure of America’s government and business infrastructure.

That’s because we are now entering the phase when America’s third backup takes over. And that means when business and government fail, you can count on the power of community to help save America.

We live in a country, where no matter what your politics or religion, there are people that care about other people, and they volunteer. They are community leaders and workers. They are nurses. Fire responders. Medical technicians. Social workers. HAM radio operators. Community farmers. There are too many to name here. These are the people who will still show up to help other people, even if the financial system crashes, we have hyper-inflation, and people’s money loses its value and meaning.

And that would give us enough time to stay calm, listen to the smarter leaders, and rebuild a new American economy. The main man with the plan is David Blume. David Blume is America’s new George Washington, only he doesn’t advocate killing. His book Alcohol Can Be A Gas is already creating big, positive waves throughout the country.

In Portland, members of government, the community, and business are using Bright Neighbor to solidify the social glue. We are growing a community that is working together self-organize, share resources and knowledge, and team up to do everything in Dave Blume’s book. Right now we have businesses starting up to build alcohol stills, broker deals between suppliers and new customers, and community members going in together to implement change at the local level.

We aren’t jumping ship, rather switching ships.

We are embarking on a journey with ecological business, and its new entrepreneurs are succeeding as they take care of the earth and her inhabitants. What we really need are for bankers to give loans to entrepreneurs that are willing to take risks as newby ecologically smart upstarts. The winners in America’s new economy are, for example, permaculture-based business entrepreneurs. Also, ecologically trained teachers can use Bright Neighbor to teach large classes of new business people. For real estate agents looking for a new career that pays well, “Alcohol Can Be A Gas” is the smartest book they can read on how to make money right now.

David Blume is empowering his readers in a wide variety of industries, including tech, automotive, urban farmers, restaurants, real estate, politicians, and bankers as they learn about new growth business opportunities.

I am now making a good living because of David Blume’s book, and if you want to know where the money is, it lies within those pages.

PS – Hey musicians! Learn how to share gear with one another – we need you to keep people’s spirits up! Hey painters – start painting some awesome murals on drab stuff! Hey poets! Get a real job!

Just kidding.

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The Three “L”s of Peak Oil

Living With Less

The energy crisis is hastening its speed in whipping America into shape. Regardless of who or what is to blame for our present energy and economic woes, the media is now being forced to report on the repercussions of bad government decisions and rampant consumerism. And from the looks of things, Americans had better quickly embrace the three “L”s of peak oil: Learning To Live With Less.

This doesn’t necessary mean less of ‘things’. It could mean less quality of produce as we learn about waste and food storage from our gardening experiences. It can mean less car transportation. Less, less, less.

At the same time, however, it means more. More riding your bike, walking, and carpooling. More meeting your neighbors. More time in the garden and not in front of the TV or computer. But to get back to my point, let’s connect a few recent dots:

Vulnerable populations are being squeezed out of existence. My neighbor receives food from “Loaves & Fishes” and she reports over 300 elderly in the area rely on them – but their volunteers have had to stop due to fuel prices.

Homeowners experiencing foreclosure are gutting their own houses to sell everything from copper pipes to whatever they can salvage.

Fuel theft is now a booming business. NOTE* If you are buying gasoline from the Black Market, you are only encouraging thieves to steal more gas from other drivers and you are hurting yourself and others.

Oh, and watch out for foofie going missing as well.

As we predicted in our groundbreaking report: “Descending Peak Oil: Navigating The Transition From Oil and Natural Gas”, America is witnessing behaviors that define peak oil’s arrival. In terms of the social fabric and economic victims, here is what we wrote would happen:

Vulnerable and marginalized populations will grow and will be the first and hardest hit by peak oil. The impacts of increasing oil and natural gas costs are felt first and deepest among vulnerable and marginalized populations. Rising oil and natural gas prices increase the cost of transportation, housing, food, and other goods and services. The sharp rise in gasoline prices in 2005 provided direct evidence of the effects of increasing fuel costs as people shifted their budgets from food to fuel.

As a consequence of this, demands on food banks increased dramatically. In addition, the disabled, elderly, and people with the least economic resources are more likely to depend on public transportation. Increasing fuel costs and decreased social program funding may price even public transportation out of reach, or decrease special public transportation options. This can dramatically impact mobility and may lead to loss of jobs for some and further isolation for others.

Vulnerable and marginalized populations are already among the most at-risk members of society. They are least likely to have information or understanding about peak oil or to see it as a pressing issue. This population has the fewest resources to meet increased costs stemming from peak oil. Their housing and vehicles are often the least efficient, and they have little control over housing improvements or access to programs that would help.

In addition, these populations are the least likely to have the resources needed to protect their rights. Many are already vulnerable to being displaced by growth and development. Lack of integration or isolation of people and populations within Portland places them on the outside of both communication and information networks, as well as having fewer resources to adapt to changing circumstances. These are groups who are also frequently not represented in policy and planning discussions.”

So obviously we have a lot of work to do. I have a feeling we will be hearing stories out of Texas soon as gas thieves get blown away by gun owners with RVs. That means, unless we want to disintegrate into social chaos, Americans are going to have to embrace the three “L”s: Learning To Live With Less.

Now is the time to find the hero within each of ourselves and get to work to fix this place, but in the meantime – we must learn how to be more humble. It sucks “losing” things like loved friends and family – and lifestyles as people have known them have been a comfortable “friend”. Our ability to live as wastefully as we have in America, however, is changing whether we want it to or not.

The best prescription I can think of at the moment is to busy yourself over the next few weeks reading three books guaranteed to arm you with the knowledge you need from this point forward:

Food Not Lawns

Alcohol Can Be A Gas

So Easy To Preserve

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Floyd Butterfield – A Natural Leader Grows The Alcohol Fuel Market

I first read about Floyd Butterfield in David Blume’s book “Alcohol Can Be A Gas“. Knowing the history of Alcohol in America will leave you feeling pretty duped by the oil companies. You can be sure that the alcohol fuel and permaculture revolution is well under way in America – the rest of Americans are just now starting to play catch up to reality.

In the first video, you get a quick introduction to Floyd.

The following video introduces their home-alcohol fuel still called the Efuel-100. While it is impressive, it has drawbacks in it’s feedstock and output limitations. Wait until you see the amazing still that Still Energy Solutions are about to introduce to the market. It’s time to make a lot of money while helping save the planet. Let new, earth-positive markets flourish!

And if my usually-correct hunch is right, I think this company’s stock is going to skyrocket in the next year.

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Ethanol Smear Campaign Exposed By US Senator

The Truth About Ethanol


A US Senator has outed the Grocery Manufacturers Association’s well planned and executed smear campaign against ethanol.

Senator Chuck Grassley says “Ethanol and alternative fuels are being made the scapegoat for a whole variety of problems. Never before have the virtuous benefits of ethanol and renewable fuels been so questioned and criticized. The problem is, none of these criticisms are based on sound science, economics or even common sense.”

Senator Grassley has unveiled the the dirty, nitty-gritty details of the Grocery Manufacturers Associations’ smear campaign:

“Some of my colleagues here in the Senate have also gotten involved in this misinformation campaign. It seems there is a “group-think” mentality when it comes to scapegoating ethanol for everything from high gas prices, global food shortages, global warming and deforestation. But, as was recently reported, this anti-ethanol campaign is not a coincidence. It turns out that a $300,000, six-month retainer of a beltway public relations firm is behind the smear campaign, hired by the Grocery Manufacturers Association.”


Isn’t that what David Blume has been saying all along? Ask yourself – who runs the Grocery Manufacturers Association and why would those people not want you to know the truth about ethanol?

Oil is at $145 today. Last Independence Day weekend, drivers were paying just $2.95 a gallon for gas, about $1.15 less than today. Oil prices are up more than 50 percent since the start of the year. Prices rose by a similar amount in 2007 — but it took almost the entire year for them to make that trip.

Just this week alone, the price on a barrel of oil jumped 3.6 percent. So please keep in mind right now oil barons are laughing and spending your money on $80 million dollar paintings. Wake the hell up, folks!.

I happen to be involved with some folks brewing their own car fuel, and it’s actually pretty easy once you get the still up and running. Try sticking your nose into a vat of fermenting yeast sometime. POW!

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It’s a Fact: Alcohol Fuel Can Help Offset Peak Oil

Ethanol VS Oil

Ok folks… here it is, the ultimate truth. There are people coming out right now saying that biofuels can’t offset the dangers of Peak Oil and I call BS. Lies Lies Lies to keep oil going as long as possible, and we don’t have time to mess around anymore – there is a real danger to America without smart solutions getting implemented right now. Take a look at this video of David Blume educating local news man Wayne Garcia.

Quite the brave newscaster to allow the truth to come out in the mainstream media! Expect the nay-sayers to try and convince you that we can’t overcome our challenges. See for yourself how we can do it and get Alcohol Can Be A Gas!

If you want to stop whining about rising gas prices, pick up your copy of “Alcohol Can Be A Gas” by clicking here.

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