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How Well Are You Surviving?

rich VS poor

So, how are you making it out there?

Still have your job? Still have food on the table?

I hope so. We have it pretty good here in America, even if we are homeless. We pretty much keep ourselves in line because we live in a “civil” place in the world. Maybe if gas prices keep going lower, everything will be okay again, right?


As oil and gas see-saw back and forth in price, do not be fooled. Excessive dependence upon a non-constant energy resource makes life precarious, especially when that resource runs out. And if you look at the historical record, gas prices always drop around election time. Duh.

Gas Price manipulation

But that isn’t what’s important. What is important is that you are doing well. It’s getting tougher out there, and we are in for some rough times ahead. But if you are fed, you are ok. Everyone crashes and burns at some point, just look at the Irish.

So if the shit hits the fan and the whole thing goes “KABLOOEY!”, we still have people that care. Instead of acting like idiots, there are lots of plans in place and people ready to help as a back-up in the event of a total system failure of America’s government and business infrastructure.

That’s because we are now entering the phase when America’s third backup takes over. And that means when business and government fail, you can count on the power of community to help save America.

We live in a country, where no matter what your politics or religion, there are people that care about other people, and they volunteer. They are community leaders and workers. They are nurses. Fire responders. Medical technicians. Social workers. HAM radio operators. Community farmers. There are too many to name here. These are the people who will still show up to help other people, even if the financial system crashes, we have hyper-inflation, and people’s money loses its value and meaning.

And that would give us enough time to stay calm, listen to the smarter leaders, and rebuild a new American economy. The main man with the plan is David Blume. David Blume is America’s new George Washington, only he doesn’t advocate killing. His book Alcohol Can Be A Gas is already creating big, positive waves throughout the country.

In Portland, members of government, the community, and business are using Bright Neighbor to solidify the social glue. We are growing a community that is working together self-organize, share resources and knowledge, and team up to do everything in Dave Blume’s book. Right now we have businesses starting up to build alcohol stills, broker deals between suppliers and new customers, and community members going in together to implement change at the local level.

We aren’t jumping ship, rather switching ships.

We are embarking on a journey with ecological business, and its new entrepreneurs are succeeding as they take care of the earth and her inhabitants. What we really need are for bankers to give loans to entrepreneurs that are willing to take risks as newby ecologically smart upstarts. The winners in America’s new economy are, for example, permaculture-based business entrepreneurs. Also, ecologically trained teachers can use Bright Neighbor to teach large classes of new business people. For real estate agents looking for a new career that pays well, “Alcohol Can Be A Gas” is the smartest book they can read on how to make money right now.

David Blume is empowering his readers in a wide variety of industries, including tech, automotive, urban farmers, restaurants, real estate, politicians, and bankers as they learn about new growth business opportunities.

I am now making a good living because of David Blume’s book, and if you want to know where the money is, it lies within those pages.

PS – Hey musicians! Learn how to share gear with one another – we need you to keep people’s spirits up! Hey painters – start painting some awesome murals on drab stuff! Hey poets! Get a real job!

Just kidding.


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